Jonathan Majors' Workout Routine and Diet Plan For Kang and Creed 3

(Image via Instagram/Jonathan Majors)
Jonathan Majors' Workout Routine and Diet Plan For Kang and Creed 3 (Image via Instagram/Jonathan Majors)

Jonathan Majors’ workout regimen is doing all the talk, all thanks to his rigorous regimen that has been subsequently paying off. Majors shot to fame for his role in the movie 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' and earned more recognition with his roles in 'Loki' and 'Atticus Freeman'.

Major's pictures have been breaking the internet because of his jacked physique that's certainly too hot. He has been following an intense diet and workout routine to get a chiseled body, shredded abs, ripped upper body, and massive arms.

Let's take a deep dive into Jonathan Majors’ workout routine and diet plan that helped him achieve this dream body.

What is Jonathan Majors Working Out For?

Jonathan Majors’ workout follows intense preparations for some of the major projects that are set to hit the big screens. He will next be seen as Michael B. Jordan in the upcoming movie Creed III. He will also be seen in the MCU’S next big movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as Kang.

Jonathan Majors will star as a bodybuilder in the movie Magazine Dreams and aviator in the movie Devotion.

Majors has been training for about a year for these movies and has gained about 21 pounds in his body while reducing his fat percentage to below ten.

Jonathan Majors’ workout routine and dedication are not just for his upcoming projects and the big screen; it's also a source of self-expression for him. He says:

"Training and working out are very important to me. I try to challenge myself to get to a place to express things in the gym the same way that I do in my line of work.”

Jonathan Majors’ Back Building Workout

Jonathan Majors’ workout is nothing short of intense. Here's a look at Majors’ back-building workout that has helped him attain his newly jacked physique. Jonathan Majors’ workout ideally consists of three sets from all the exercises, with an average of ten repetitions. The exercises involved in his back-building routine are :

The Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

Straight arm lat pull down is a prominent exercise in Majors' workout routine. It promotes muscle growth by targeting the major muscles in the arms and shoulders. It can also help in enhancing posture.

This is an exercise that can help you enhance your posture

Close Grip Pull-up

A close grip pull-up enables Majors to target the muscles of his chest and biceps. This is a fabulous upper body exercise that helps in building strength and muscle in the core, back and arms.

Leg Raise

Leg raises are an important exercise in Majors' backbuilding workout. They help in enhancing strength by working on the lower body and core. This exercise also helps in both strengthening and toning the muscles and increasing the range of motion. Here are some more benefits of leg raises.

Oblique Knee Raise

It's a pull-up variation that helps build abdominal strength and increases the muscle size. This exercise also helps in improving midline stability.

The Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Single Arm Dumbbell Row is another prominent exercise in Jonathan Majors’ workout routine. This compound exercise helps build upper body strength by targeting the back, upper arms, shoulders, and core.

Dumbbell Shrug

Dumbbell shrugs also form as one of the most important exercises in Jonathan's back building routine, as it targets the trapezius and shoulder muscles. It also helps in correcting shoulder imbalance and building strength in the upper body.

These exercises target his back, chest, biceps, trapezius, shoulder muscles, core, and arms.

Jonathan Majors' Diet Plan

Majors’ diet is a crucial part of his fitness regime. He primarily focuses on consuming a high-protein and low-carb diet to aid muscle growth and reduce body fat. He also incorporates healthy fats and vegetables in his diet plan.


Jonathan Majors’ workout and diet plan to achieve a shredded physique is like no other. He focuses on consuming high-protein, low-carb, healthy fats, and vegetables with high-intensity workouts.

He's involved in a few major and upcoming projects, including Creed III, Ant Man, Devotion, and Magazine Dreams.

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