Strongman Eddie Hall Tackles NFL Combine, Impresses Pro Athletes

Eddie Hall (Image via Instagram @eddiehallwsm)
Eddie Hall (Image via Instagram @eddiehallwsm)

The 2017 World's Strongest Man and five-time Britain's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, has repeatedly proven that his athletic skills are not limited to the strongman sport.

On Sunday, October 23, Eddie shared a video titled Trying Out For the NFL!!! on his YouTube Channel, where he took on the NFL Combine challenge. Eddie Hall has the typical size and strength reminiscent of many NFL linebackers and used the opportunity to display his brute strength, speed, and mobility.

Eddie took on various tests, including the 5-10-5 shuttle drill, the broad jump, and the 40-yard dash. He also tried his hand at the 30-yard field goal and touchdown practice.

"Where's my contract?": Eddie Hall asks as he takes on NFL combine

The video kicked off at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, which is often considered the home of the NFL in the United Kingdom. He was joined by former pro players Christian Scotland-Williamson and Jack Crawford, who coached Eddie regarding the rules and regulations concerning the NFL combine.

Eddie began the video with his usual comedic touch, predicting the outcome of his performance:

“I can’t catch, I can’t throw, I can’t run,but I’m probably good at mowing people down.”


He went on to try the protective gear, only to find that it barely fit him. Calling it "bondage gear," Eddie performed the 5-10-5 shuttle drill. Although Hall was concerned about his speed and agility, he set a time of 5.15 seconds - impressive for a man of his size. In 2001, Wide Receiver Kevin Kasper set the fastest 5-10-5 agility time in history - a whopping 3.73 seconds!

The broad jump was next. It is a test of lower body strength, explosion, and power that measures how far you can jump from a standing position. Despite the additional protective gear weighing him down, Eddie managed a jump between 6.5 and 7 feet. The unofficial world record for this event was set at the 2015 NFL Combine by Bryan Jones - an insane jump of 12' 3" (3.73m)!

Up next was the 40-yard dash, an event often considered the most important NFL combine drill. Eddie set off like a bullet train, covering the distance in 5.73 seconds. Both Christian and Jack were surprised by his explosive run and remarked:

"That's better than a lot of offensive linemen in the NFL"

The next drill was supposed to be the 225 lb bench press for repetitions. However, given that Eddie had benched that weight 44 times in training just a week prior (and to a full lockout instead of the half-repping that is rampant in the NFL), they decided to move on to some tackle drills.

While the metrics from the NFL combine drills provide valuable information regarding athletic potential, it all comes down to technical expertise and performance on the field.

Former NFL football defensive end Jack Crawford demonstrated various tackling techniques and tricks, which Eddie performed to near perfection. Running through the practice dummies with ease, Eddie managed to impress both the pros, yet again.

Eddie Hall scored a 30-yard field goal on his second try and asked:

"Seriously, where's my contract?"

Moving on to the final part of the video, Eddie Hall tried his hand at scoring a touchdown. After fumbling a couple of attempts, he finished strong with a perfect touchdown and celebrated in his unique comedic fashion - by pretending to pull down his shorts. Later, Eddie admitted that the drills were quite taxing, especially on the joints.

"It looks easier on TV."

The video ended on a lighter note, with Eddie Hall thanking both athletes for taking the time to show him the basics of NFL training. Eddie explained that he has taken a liking to the defensive aspect of the sport, to which Jack responds:

"I think he's ready."

All about Eddie Hall's Past Achievements and Future Plans

Eddie Hall entered the fitness world through his competitive swimming career as a teenager. Following the abrupt end of his swimming career, Hall took up bodybuilding, eventually transitioning to strongman.

After retiring from the strongman sport in 2018, Eddie Hall conquered the YouTube and social media space. With 2.16 million subscribers on YouTube, Eddie is among the most popular fitness personalities in the world.

The 6'3" 140 kg giant has tried his hand at a number of challenges, including the Navy Seal Fitness Test, the Ninja Warrior challenge, ice swimming, golf, shotput, rugby, and arm wrestling.

However, his biggest trial was in the boxing ring against Icelandic strongman and fellow competitor Hafthor Julius Bjornsson. The fight, which occurred over a longstanding dispute regarding the 2017 World's Strongest Man Finals, reached its conclusion on March 19, 2022, when the two met to settle their disputes in a boxing match titled The Heaviest Boxing Match in History.

While Eddie Hall relied on brute strength, Hafthor Bjornsson focused on the basics - footwork, technique, and stamina. Hafthor knocked down Eddie twice to win the fight via a unanimous decision.

Both Eddie Hall and Hafthor have lost interest in boxing and moved on to different ventures. While Thor is planning a record-breaking re-entry into strongman, Eddie is focusing on his YouTube channel, business ventures, and family.

Despite his retirement from strongman in 2018, Eddie Hall has revealed plans to compete again for one last time. He will return for the first edition of the World's Strongest Nation, which is set to take place on November 26, 2022, at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England.

The event will see strongmen and strongwomen from the USA and United Kingdom go head-to-head - with Team USA led by Robert Oberst and Team UK led by Eddie Hall.

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