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Nutritional Value And Benefits Of Almond Milk That You Must Know

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Published 28 Jul 2018, 17:24 IST
28 Jul 2018, 17:24 IST

With people becoming more and more concerned about what they eat and drink, there is a new product on the market that has been given a lot of attention lately. It is almond milk. With people opting for vegan and lactose-free options, almond milk is seen as a healthier alternative to cow’s milk. But before you adapt to it, is it not important to know the nutritional value and the health benefits of consuming almond milk?

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Nutritional aspect:

Since almond milk is made from almonds and water, the nutritional value of almond milk remains almost the same, just a little lower, as that of almonds. They have vitamin E (35 per cent of daily value), magnesium (20 per cent of daily value), calcium (8-9 per cent of daily value) and potassium (5 per cent of daily value), riboflavin (20 per cent of daily value), about 1 gram of protein (in one cup) and 4-5 grams of fiber. One cup of almond milk contains about 40 calories and 3 grams of fat.

Benefits of using almond milk:

1.    Firstly, almond milk is not a dairy product and is lactose-free. More and more people are identifying themselves as lactose intolerant. Almond milk is a great substitute for regular cow’s milk. With specific diets like vegan diets and gluten-free diets entering the picture, almonds provide a few great products that are perfect substitutes. Even though the nutrition content is not as great as regular cow milk, it works well in dietary plans.

2.    The fat content is very limited in almond milk. When you compare it to regular milk, it is way lower. Hence, all those who wish to lose weight and yet not give up on their daily morning coffee or smoothies can easily opt for almond milk. Most of the almond milk brands load their products with nutrients, too. Hence when you compare almond milk with regular milk, the calories to nutrient ratio is better in case of almond milk. One point that you must remember is that this correlation does not remain the same for all brands and hence you must be cautious enough to check the label. 

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