What is Kendall Jenner’s Workout Routine to Maintain Her Great Abs?

Workout routine of Kendall Jenner to maintain her great abs and lean physique. (Image via Messika/Chris Colls)
Workout routine of Kendall Jenner to maintain her great abs and lean physique. (Image via Messika/Chris Colls)

At the age of 26, Kendall Jenner is a well-renowned media personality and American supermodel. She started her career at the age of fourteen and has since then appeared for various high-end brands such as Vogue, Victoria's Secret, and Calvin Klein. Jenner is a brand ambassador for the luxury skin care brand Estee Lauder.

Kendall Jenner takes great care of her body by including an expertly crafted workout routine and balanced diet in her lifestyle. Her workout regimen integrates agility and strength training along with exercises that target glutes and abs. This is how Jenner maintains her lithe figure and great abs.

Her workouts generally consist of kickboxing, hot yoga, and ab workouts under the guidance of celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Her diet involves nutritious and whole foods along with treats twice a week.

Routine Workout like Kendall Jenner to Maintain Abs

Kendall prefers working out in the morning, and her workout typically lasts for about an hour. She works out five days a week and takes her exercise regime seriously. According to Peterson, her workout typically includes full-body workouts and ab workouts along with kickboxing. He also included some weight-lifting exercises in Kendall Jenner's workout. Jenner occasionally does cardio workouts, but she prefers resistance training.

Abs Workout

Kendall loves working on her abs and they are often the focus of her workouts. Her ab workouts mostly involve bodyweight exercises that help in maintaining her toned and lean physique. Jenner alternates between her moves for thirty seconds before moving on to the next move. She finishes her workout with glute exercises which help in toning the legs.

She also shared her at-home abs workout routine of eleven minutes that consisted of different variations of planks, crunches, and lifts. Crunches help in tightening abs while planks help in strengthening the core muscles. She also enjoys taking kickboxing classes occasionally to tone and strengthen her lower body. She amps up her daily workout routine during the runway and shooting seasons.

Hot Yoga

According to Gunnar Peterson, Jenner is blessed with an athletic body due to her genetics but she works hard to maintain her lean and toned physique. She keeps challenging herself with training and heat-infused workouts.

Kendall Jenner absolutely loves doing hot yoga to maintain her abs and legs. Hot yoga is a kind of spirited yoga that is done in hot and humid conditions. Since Kendall likes sweating, she is obsessed with hot yoga.

Cardio Interval Training

Kendall does not really like cardio workouts, but that does not mean that she has eliminated them from her lifestyle. According to Peterson, she includes some types of cardio exercise in her daily routine.

Jenner also leans more towards high-intensity cardio workouts as she prepares for fashion shows such as Victoria's Secret. She does lots of track running, lateral banded workouts, and sled pushing during this time.

Weight Training Exercise

Gunnar Peterson has said that he includes some type of weight-lifting exercises in the workout routine of Kendall Jenner. However, he makes sure that the weight is low enough that Jenner can do at least nine repetitions of the exercise. This weight training exercise helps Kendall build muscles and burn more fat. It also helps the model to tone her body along with improving balance and stability.

The Victoria's Secret model has confirmed that she prefers lifting weights any day over running and other aerobic exercises.

That’s about it for Kendall Jenner's workout routine, which she then complements with a well-rounded diet. Jenner does not stick to any strict rules for dieting; instead, she includes a variety of food into her diet to make it sustainable for a longer period. The model also drinks a good amount of water throughout the day and absolutely loves detox tea.

Bottom Line

A strict workout regime and a balanced diet are the key factors that have helped Kendall Jenner maintain her great abs. She works out five days a week with different fitness classes and bodyweight exercises to maintain her lean and defined physique.

Jenner does not have an overly restrictive diet and enjoys frozen yogurt every now and then. She treats herself to sushi, pasta, and pizza when going out with friends. Her regular diet is rich in protein and fiber while she avoids cheese for clear skin.

Kendall Jenner's workout routine may help you in gaining great abs, but it will surely require consistency and dedication from your side. Also, you should modify it according to your needs and preferences. As Peterson said, it always comes down to being your own best self.

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