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India's World Cup Dream Over? Spain thrashs India 5-2!

674   //    04 Mar 2010, 22:30 IST

Dear friends Its another disappointing performance by team India.It seems that Indian team has learnt little from their past mistakes.After the intial euphoria over the victory over Pakistan India has suffered its second consecutive defeat by identical margin of 5-2.

What frustrates me and all the hockey lovers is the way Indian team plays like a school boys.The defense don’t come up therefore leaving gaps in midfield.Our penalty corners conversions has also been pathetic;Sandeep Singh has turn out to be dud while taking Penalty corners the conversion rate in today’s match was very poor 1 out of 8!!!Even we have forgotten basic trapping skill while taking penalty corners!!!

FIH Hero Honda-World Cup

FIH Hero Honda-World Cup

Also our forward line is missing seaters!There was lot of good opportunities squandered by Tushar Khandekar, Arjun Hallappa ,Prabhjot Singh & biggest culprit today was Deepak Thakur missing easy chances to go ahead.

Some serious introspection is needed by the team about how it should play the game.Look at the Aussies who have bounced back after the first defeat.I am seeing same mistakes repeated by Indian team over last 15 years or so.If we want to regain the lost glory we have to have a holistic approach to the game rather than simple rhetoric or euphoria which sometimes luckily helps as in game against Pakistan.

Spain was outstanding today with scoring on counter-attacks and exploiting gaps in Indian defense.We should take a leaf out from Pol Amot’s game play and learn to control and have ball possession.Its been frustrating for all hockey lovers to see India play in this fashion.

Can India Win World Cup? Certainly NOT ;no matter how great a coach you give for the team ,how good facilities you give unless and until you do basic right which we are not doing since last 15-20 years!!!!

For the future of game and all hockey lovers I expect India to learn from its defeat and play well in remaining matches and salvage some pride!!!


am what i am coz GOD had a "A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON" the result is in front of you!!!! I am die hard sports lover!!! For me sports is like what water is to fish!!!
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