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Now when...Indian hockey?

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816   //    12 Mar 2011, 23:42 IST

The Cricket World Cup has mesmerized the country. The Indian cricket team is doing well and the country has forgotten the sad and pathetic plight of Indian hockey. Or so it would seem.

Hockey India and the Indian Hockey Federation have definitely forgotten Indian hockey – as expected. The geriatric” The Gill” and his sycophantic cronies are putting a nail in the Indian hockey coffin everyday by using delay tactics to disrupt hockey progress in India. And the Supreme Court is proving to be impotent – a drooping plant, bereft of life, judicial courage and national interest. The moot decision as to who would be the governing body is being passed around in a comical game of musical chairs with the Sports Ministry being the other lame player along with the Supreme Court.

India seriously lacking in coaching talent, has not been able to attract a top coach – Indian or foreign. We now hear that Harender or Joachim could be chosen to guide the team to glory! Could things get any worse?

To top it all, there is no Indian team (not chosen as yet). And lastly, the last team that played in the Asian games has not had serious macth practice for over 3 months. Even top athletes suffer from atrophied muscle and loss of rythm, reflexes and robustness when their training and match play is disrupted.

Is this end of India’s dreams of finding a place in the 2012 Olympic Games? Is this the return of shame for Indian hcokey when they don’t find a berth at the OG’s? Again?

To me it looks like I might as well turn-coat and take up Cricket as passionatey as I have favoured hockey for all my life. The situation is hopeless and India hockey, which could be the FIH’s golden goose, may just wither, wimper and wasteaway, for now atleast.

Will the phoenix rise from the ashes? Will Indian hockey gain the world’s respect? Will we qualify for the 2012 OGs? Will the young pick a stick in the future and hope fervently to represent India with pride in it’s national game? Will we ever see India emerge to beat the top teams again?

If any of you answer any of the questions with a yes, then…when? This is the million-dollar question now.

Get your heads out of your behinds – all you Pargat’s, Batra’s and Maken’s. Do a decent days work for once and make firm decisons, adopt a long term plan and work…honestly. Time is running out, for you, Indian Hockey and us.


An impassioned hockey fan, who dabbles in cycling, swimming, gymming, hiking, skiing and camping. Aspiring triathlete (for many decades now). Other interests include football (of the soccer kind), squash, badminton, boxing and recreational chess. In a nutshell; an undecided hockey nut. Pure and unadulterated.
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