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What happens when one disobeys the first 5 laws of Hockey?

A look at how decision making can turn the game of Hockey on its head.

11 Jul 2016, 00:46 IST

Which are the 7 Laws of the game?

#1 Ball Travels Faster than the Player
#2 Play First time. One-Touch Hockey. Give & Go
#3 Attack from the Right & Score from the Left
#4 Keep Switching the Focus of play from Left to Right, and Vice Versa
#5 Play in Triangles, Utilizing the Width & Depth of the Field
#6 The Passer is Free 9 out of 10 times
#7 Use Centre-Half &Sweeper Back as a Base -Axle -of the Team

For more in-depth analysis of the seven laws, click here.

Space Awareness

4 quadrants of the field

various zones

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