Is Josh Alexander destined to be the next IMPACT World Champion?

After cashing in 'Option C', Josh Alexander wants to capture IMPACT Wrestling's ultimate prize.
After cashing in 'Option C', Josh Alexander wants to capture IMPACT Wrestling's ultimate prize.

Josh Alexander isn't called 'The Walking Weapon' for no reason.

Alexander, the Canadian-born grappler who is a force to be reckoned with in the ring, is integral to IMPACT Wrestling. He's also on a collision course with his fellow countryman, Christian Cage.

The prize this hunter has set his sights on is one thing, Captain Charisma's IMPACT World Heavyweight title. He will get his opportunity at Bound for Glory on October 23rd in Las Vegas.

Josh Alexander decided to exercise 'Option C'. This means he handed away his vaunted reign as the X-Division titleholder to take a gamble and challenge for the big belt.

The title is currently owned by Christian and formerly held by Kenny Omega. It has some of the biggest names in wrestling history attached to it. Legends like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles are part of that lineage.

Josh Alexander would like to etch his name right alongside all of theirs.

There's no doubt that Alexander has the skills to stake his claim as the IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion.

Since debuting with IMPACT Wrestling in 2019, has been a force to be reckoned with in the promotion. He and his partner, Ethan Page, formed The North, although the tandem had been a tag team for eight years together at that point.

Alexander and Page were highly successful and still own the longest IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship reign in the company's history.

The North disbanded when Page's contract expired, and he eventually signed with AEW. Many believed this would leave Alexander relegated to mid-card status, but 'The Walking Weapon' rebounded and found new life in the X-Division. He eventually captured the title and held it for 145 days.

That is, until now.

Alexander has cashed in on the X-Division crown in hopes that he will be the man to de-throne Christian Cage.

There are many reasons to believe that Josh Alexander will walk out of Bound for Glory with the world title.

For one, he's a credible worker who has shown that he can have a good match with any opponent. He's also got the momentum right now and the crowd on his side.

And even though he's had thirteen years of experience before he signed with the promotion, he's still considered a 'homegrown talent' and an 'IMPACT Wrestling guy.'

It makes sense that if management decides to take the belt off Christian, they would do it with a credible competitor who the fanbase considers one of their own.

Christian is an AEW talent, working in another promotion, and there's always a timetable for those type of talent swaps. So, it also seems reasonable that he will need to drop the strap soon anyway and get back to business in his home promotion.

Bound for Glory is IMPACT Wrestling's biggest event of the year, so it makes sense they would want to do something amazing to finish off the show.

That closing image could very well be Josh Alexander hoisting the IMPACT World Heavyweight championship.

Do you think Josh Alexander will bring the IMPACT Wrestling World Title back home? Sound off in the comments section.

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