Ace Austin discusses ABC's rapid ascension under Bullet Club in TNA Wrestling (Exclusive)

ABC's rise in IMPACT Wrestling has been breathtaking!

Ace Austin has opened up on the incredible year he's had, alongside Chris Bey in TNA Wrestling, where the duo, better known as ABC, won the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Championship twice!

Austin and Bey won the titles for the first time in February, beating the legendary Motor City Machine Guns. Their second win came at Bound For Glory in October against The Rascalz, after having lost the titles at Slammiversary in July.

Speaking to Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Ace Austin discussed his and Bey's success, despite their relative inexperience as a tag team:

"We're still pretty fresh as a team, I think. You look at the Motor City Machine Guns and they have so much behind them. But we're still pretty fresh as a team. It's really hard for people to recognize how good somebody is in the moment. It's not gonna be until our time has come and passed that people really realize how good we were. And how quickly we did it." [2:18 onwards]

Ace Austin went on to reminisce about their incredible achievements over the past year, and how long he thinks they can carry on as a team:

"We've only been a team for a little over a year and we were #6 in PWI. We're the only team ever to defeat the Motor City Machine Guns in Ultimate X. We did that. Us coming together just sort of fell into place and it just started working. Sometimes, you just find that spark, you know? It's been working, and we're going to run it until the wheels fall off, until we can." [12:48 onwards]

Ace Austin and Chris Bey recently retained their IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Championship against Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards at Final Resolution 2023.

IMPACT Wrestling's Ace Austin spoke about ABC's potential in international tournaments and what makes TNA 'special'

At the end of Bound for Glory, IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D'Amore took the mic and announced the return of TNA. A groundbreaking statement that rocked fans in attendance and those watching at home.

Speaking about what makes TNA Wrestling so special, Ace Austin believes it has to do with the freedom. He discusses how it's not just the freedom wrestlers enjoy on-screen, but off it in their lives as well:

"I think the freedom is unmatched in TNA. If you watch a lot of the other products, there is a lot of positioning and poising of guys to be in certain positions. There's a lot of things you can expect when you're watching other products. When you come to TNA, whatever you show is what you're going to get rewarded for."

Ace Austin even discussed the return of Kazuchika Okada to TNA Wrestling, and why he believes international superstars stand to benefit:

"Anybody can pop in at TNA and do something spectacular and then put themselves in a position to be on top. There is so much freedom to do what works for you, and not be written into certain situations. There's just less of a mold to have to fit into, less of a guideline to follow. There's just so much to do that everybody sees the benefit of that." [From 13:44 - 14:34]

New Japan Pro-Wrestling megastar Kazuchika Okada is set to take TNA Wrestling by storm when he returns to the promotion after over 12 years. A two-time IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and the reigning NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Champion, Okada will return to TNA at Snake Eyes on January 14th, 2024.

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