IMPACT World Champion Moose comments on his epic promo, denies taking shots at rival promotions

IMPACT! Wrestling's Moose makes comments about his recent explosive promo
IMPACT! Wrestling's Moose makes comments about his recent explosive promo
Nick Lombardi

Moose made waves when he dropped a massive promo on his first official night as IMPACT Wrestling's World Champion.

Following his surprising title win at IMPACT's Bound of Glory pay-per-view, Moose claimed he was the top champion in all of professional wrestling. He also took sly digs at other champions throughout the industry.

However, in an interview with Juice Pro Wrestling, Moose discussed the now-viral promo saying he was told he had limited time and knew he wanted to cause a significant buzz:

"They told me I'd have three minutes to cut a promo and to think about what I wanted to say and that it was good because it was my first time talking as champion. I could have cut the typical bullshit promo about being a fighting champion. Everything I thought about saying, I was just saying stuff that champions before me had said. What could I say that would make a statement?" (h/t Fightful)
"In today's era of wrestling, social media is where it's at because social media runs the world. In my mind, I had to cut a promo that was going to have the internet buzzing and be controversial without being controversial or saying anything bad about anybody. I grabbed my paper and sat for 20 minutes and it was kind of like writing a rap song. As I was done I was, like, 'Holy sh*t, this could be really f**king good.' Before I thought about saying it, I wanted to make sure I had the clearance to say it. I gotta get a paycheck. I told the writers and they f**king loved it." (h/t Fightful)
"It doesn't matter how elite you are, it doesn't matter what tribe you're chief to, it doesn't matter if you're the boss, the man...hell you can add a new day to the week - I'm still the greatest champion in all of professional wrestling." #IMPACTonAXSTV @TheMooseNation

Furthermore, Moose spoke about the suggestion that the promo was intended to take shots. The world champion said that he never took a shot at anyone, and his goal was simply to put him and IMPACT over:

"Everyone was like I shot at WWE or AEW. I never took a shot at anybody. I never said one bad thing about anybody. If anything, I put them all over. I just said I'm better than all of them. I hate to put this guy over, but Don Callis used to work with me on my promos and he would tell me, 'One thing you don't want to do is put anybody down in your promos. Put them over and then when you put yourself over, you seem greater than all of them.'"

AEW has worked with IMPACT over the past year. Moose has even competed against current AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. His fiery promo makes fans wonder if Moose will make his way over to AEW Dynamite again.

The IMPACT World Champion was surprised by how many people reached out to him following his promo

In the same interview, the IMPACT World Champion was taken aback by how many wrestlers and fans enjoyed his promo.

Moose says he hopes the promo will go down in IMPACT as one of the best ever. Moose compared it to Jay Lethal's iconic "Woo off" promo alongside Ric Flair and Scott Steiner's famous "Math" promo.

One of wrestling's greatest promo. This ALWAYS makes me laugh. Scott Steiner is a national treasure. His math skills are impeccable.

What did you think of Moose's promo? Where do you rank it amongst the best promos in IMPACT? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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