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"It's a little bit of transition, but it's a lot of the same job" - D-Lo Brown on differences between being a producer and commentator (Exclusive)

D-Lo Brown has made a strong showing for himself in his new role for IMPACT Wrestling as commentator.
D-Lo Brown has made a strong showing for himself in his new role for IMPACT Wrestling as commentator.
Modified 05 Feb 2021

IMPACT Wrestling kicked off a huge week heading into their latest pay-per-view, Hard To Kill, by announcing that Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown would become the new commentary team.

D-Lo Brown was a former WWE Intercontinental and European Champion as well as backstage producer for IMPACT Wrestling. This made his second big transition.

D-Lo Brown is in his transition period currently, having just took on the role last month. Speaking to SK Wrestling during today's IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, the former Nation of Domination member addressed the differences in being a producer and commentator as well as how he is transitioning.

"Literally, you're looking for the same stuff. I want to find things that are going to excite the audience at home when the wrestlers put on their match. I want to be able to paint the picture and tell the story they are trying to convey. And that's literally the same thing you do as an agent. But it's just now audible and I get to explain it to the world now as opposed to just the talent in the back. It's a little bit of a transition, but it's a lot of the same job."

It seems that D-Lo Brown gets what he needs to accomplish and is enjoying the ride in getting better in his new role. He will be back behind the commentary desk next week on IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV/Twitch.

The commentators D-Lo Brown wants to model himself after

With D-Lo Brown's new role as commentator, many wondered who would the former WWE Superstar model himself after. D-Lo has an abundance of knowledge of his many years in the business and many different talents that he has come across himself over his career.


During the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, he name-dropped Jim Ross and Gordon Solie as individuals that he has modeled himself after or would like to base his commentary career after. Two of the greatest commentators of all time is not a bad place to base things off of at all.

D-Lo Brown has accomplished a lot in the ring and has contributed greatly to the development of the younger IMPACT Wrestling talent during his time with the promotion behind the scenes as a producer. Fans will see if he can enhance the talent as greatly on commentary as he did in his two previous roles.

Published 05 Feb 2021, 06:10 IST
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