Josh Alexander speaks about Bound for Glory, his opportunity at the IMPACT World title and more (Exclusive)

Josh Alexander will face off against Christian Cage for the IMPACT World title at Bound for Glory
Josh Alexander will face off against Christian Cage for the IMPACT World title at Bound for Glory
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Josh Alexander seems to be standing on the brink of destiny.

The man known as The Walking Weapon will square off with Christian Cage on October 23rd at IMPACT Wrestling's marquee event, Bound for Glory. Josh Alexander will have his eyes on the prize as he looks to capture his ultimate goal, the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Alexander spoke about what the match with Captain Charisma means to him:

"This is easily the biggest match of my career," Josh Alexander said. "The inner child in me - the inner wrestling fan - knows what this means. It's the opportunity of a lifetime, and I plan to take advantage of it. The pressure's high right now, and the anticipation is building, so I guess we'll find out on October 23rd if I can rise to the occasion."

The Walking Weapon also talked about why he chose to cash in his coveted X-Division title for a chance to be the main man in IMPACT Wrestling:

"It was tough for me, because the X-Division title means so much to me. It's one of the most important titles in all of wrestling. It was something that I always aspired to become when I watched guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. It was a dream of mine to be the X-Division Champion someday," revealed Alexander. "But I knew that at some point, I knew that next step and [to] find out if I could achieve the level of being a world champion someday. I always believed in myself and I'm glad the fans seem to believe in me, as well."
Pro wrestling saved @Walking_Weapon, now he has the biggest match of his career and the opportunity to become IMPACT World Champion THIS SATURDAY at #BoundForGlory. #IMPACTonAXSTV

Josh Alexander went on to disclose what it would mean for him to hoist the world title over his head at Bound for Glory:

"It would mean everything to me. But at the same time I don't look past this match. It's not that I haven't put myself in the mindset of what happens if I don't win. If I'm able to hold that belt up at the end of the night, whatever reaction you see on my face will be 100% genuine. There will be nothing fake about it," admitted Alexander.

The Walking Weapon went on to discuss his wrestling journey and how he wants to be remembered:

"The ultimate goal, for me, is to continue to do what I've continued to do for the past 17 years," Josh Alexander said. "I would like to be remembered as someone who contributed to the wrestling business. Somebody who goes down in history who was a part of this community."

Josh Alexander's ascension to the top of the IMPACT Wrestling card

"As long as you're cashing a check from a billionaire that owns a different company you will never be the face of IMPACT Wrestling." #IMPACTonAXSTV @Walking_Weapon

Josh Alexander has become a fan favorite among the IMPACT crowd, with his throwback wrestling style in the ring and no-nonsense work ethic. His old school efforts have won over the audience during his time with the promotion.

The 34-year-old veteran is no stranger to the wrestling business. But after more than a decade in the industry, he looks set to make history. His opportunity will come when he faces off against a legendary competitor in Christian Cage.

Many IMPACT Wrestling fans believe that Josh Alexander will walk out of this weekend wearing the gold. Considering his storied track record with the promotion, it's hard to bet against him.

The Walking Weapon is loaded... and it seems like he will be coming to fire his best shot at Bound for Glory.

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