Matt Cardona's rival explains why he's popular among the fans [Exclusive]

Will Matt Cardona win the IMPACT world title at Hard to Kill?
Will Matt Cardona win the IMPACT world title at Hard to Kill?
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In a recent interview, IMPACT Wrestling star W. Morrissey recently shared his thoughts on Matt Cardona's popularity. Morrissey will be going up against Cardona in a match that'll also feature Moose this Saturday for the world title at Hard to Kill.

Will @TheMattCardona prove that he’s main event material in the #IMPACT World Title main event against @TheMooseNation & @TheCaZXL at #HardToKill? on on

In an interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Morrissey stated that Matt Cardona's passion has played a vital role in him excelling as a babyface.

"I think something that Cardona has that can't be taught is passion. It's the one thing in wrestling. You could teach people to do moves, you could teach people how to lift weights, you could teach people how to do an entrance, you can't teach somebody passion and I think the fans really appreciate that passion. You could see that in everything that Cardona does and you know, even in his backstory, he has been a huge fan (of wrestling) his whole life," said Morrissey.

Morrissey stated Matt Cardona's passion helps him connect with the audience

Morrissey believes that passion cannot be faked and praised Cardona for having it naturally.

"I think that something that's extremely underrated that connects with fans is passion. You cannot teach it and no matter how hard someone tries to pretend that they are passionate, (...) people behind the television screen at home know that something's not right. (...) they know something's not right and it's that passion. Cardona connects because he has that passion (...) and it really does separate the stars from the people that can potentially become stars but don't"

Matt Cardona also garnered praise from former world champion Josh Alexander for his work at IMPACT Wrestling. The latter stated that he would be rooting for him in the title match at Hard to Kill. The main show will air on FITE TV this Saturday, January 8th at 8 PM EST.

You can watch the entire interview below:


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