WWE veteran unhappy with Matt Cardona's latest gimmick [Exclusive]

Matt Cardona
Matt Cardona

Vince Russo has shared his opinion on Matt Cardona's recent deathmatch against Nick Gage, and the former WWE writer wondered whether the IMPACT Wrestling star will regularly compete in deathmatches going forward.

For those unaware, Cardona won the GCW Championship from Nick Gage at GCW Homecoming on July 24th. The match was a brutal affair, as it featured plenty of extreme violence. On social media, many of Matt Cardona's co-workers congratulated him on his first world championship win following the bout.

Still, speaking on Writing with Russo (hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone), Vince Russo expressed his reservations about Matt Cardona's deathmatch wrestling debut.

The former WWE writer questioned if the bout against Gage was just the beginning of Cardona's full-time transition to hardcore wrestling. Russo further stated that, going by how violent the GCW match was, he would have never participated in the contest if he was in Cardona's place.

"I don't get this whole movement, and I love Matt Cardona to death," said Russo. "And you said something very interesting. You know, you told us beloved on the internet, Long Island guy, the toys, I love this guy. He's been very nice to me, even had me on his show."
But you said now there's this transition to deathmatch guy," Russo continued. "And I'm watching this, and I'm like, 'Matt, are you gonna be like be a deathmatch guy all the time now? Bro, if you do this once, now is this gonna be expected of you?' Because bro, I gotta be honest with you. If it's me, and if I do it once, and this is going to be the expectation, I ain't doing it once, bro."

GCW fans aren't happy with Matt Cardona as their champion

Matt Cardona in GCW
Matt Cardona in GCW

Moments after Matt Cardona won the GCW Championship from Nick Gage, the fans in attendance began throwing garbage at the new champions to express their disdain over the match's outcome.

In the weeks leading up to the clash, Carona openly mocked the promotion's core fanbase to increasingly build more heat for himself. Given the way that fans have responded to Cardona's new persona, it's fair to say that he's doing the best heel work of his entire career.

It now remains to be seen how long Matt Cardona's run with GCW Championship will last and which performer will emerge as the next contender for his title.

Do you want to see Matt Cardona compete in more deathmatches going forward? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Edited by Colin Tessier
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