Sportians to conduct Central India’s biggest grassroots football league in Nagpur from June 5

Sportians Super Football League will be played from June 5 to 26 in Nagpur. (Picture credit: Sportians)
Sportians Super Football League will be played from June 5 to 26 in Nagpur. (Picture credit: Sportians)

Central India’s biggest grassroots football league, organized by the Sportians Soccer Schools, consisting of more than 300 players, will be held in Nagpur from June 5.

The second season of Sportians Super League will be played at the Joggers Park football ground in Nagpur on Sunday. Matches will be played on all Sundays of June. The final set of league matches will be held on June 26.

The Sportians Soccer Schools aim to nurture grassroots and young kids to give a positive introduction to the new entrants in sports. The objective of Sportians Soccer Schools is to offer a safe and enjoyable environment to build a footballing culture.

Shantanu Motghare, one of the chief members of the Sportians Soccer Schools, is optimistic about the success of the league. The Sportians was founded around four years ago to promote football in the region.

“Sportians Super League is going to be Central India’s biggest grassroots football league consisting of around 300 players across 4 weeks to give them more game time and exposure. We want to be a catalyst for their growth. Making an effort to achieve 40-50 matches for kids as per FIFA, AFC, and AIFF grassroots plan,” Shantanu Motghare told Sportskeeda on Thursday.

The tournament has been divided into five age groups – Under-8, Under-10, Under-12, Under-15, and Under-18. Matches will be in an all-play-all-league format.

Each team will play two matches on Sundays in Sportians Super League

Every Sunday, the teams will meet at Joggers Park, Sneh Nagar, where the competition will be held and each team will play two matches in a day. Both boys and girls will play together in the Under-8, Under-10 and Under 12 age groups. Matches will be played in the morning and evening sessions.

“Till now 35 teams from ages 6 to 18 have registered for the competition. Every week, the best performers will be felicitated, medals and trophies will be given to encourage children and develop a sense of achievement. The evening matches will be played under floodlights,” said Shantanu Motghare.

Any player wishing to join the league can contact Shantanu Motghare (+91 883-0385895).

Ninad Shelgaokar, Shantanu Motghare, Ashish Kalode, Gaurav Sarpe and Atul Pandit along with their team of event organizers are making efforts to make the event a successful one.

Format of the football league

Under 8: 3-a-side (20 minutes)

Under 10 and 12: 5-a-side (30 minutes)

Under 15 and 18: 7-a-side (30 minutes).

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