5 Pro Kabaddi League stars whose leadership makes them perfect role models


Google the meaning of the word, “leader” and this is what you get - the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Slowly but surely this definition no more holds water.

In today’s day and age, a leader isn’t just defined by the way he leads; he/she has to be extremely flexible and versatile in their approach to get the best out of their teammates. After all, a leader is only as good as his/her team.

As a sport, Kabaddi demands a tremendous amount of leadership and strength of character. Some of the players part of Pro Kabaddi League are great leaders on and off the mat, and help their teammates perform better.

We look at five such leaders from the Pro Kabaddi league who are an inspiration for millions of people in the country and the world.

Anup Kumar

 The U Mumba captain is a born leader on and off the mat. The manner in which he carries himself off the mat is truly what makes him a leader. He is open-minded, ready to listen and humble; traits every leader must possess.

At any press conference, the Indian captain walks around like how you and I would- without any air of arrogance about who he is. His fan following in the city of Mumbai is unparalleled.

At every post-match press conference, Anup always has numerous fans gathered outside waiting to catch a glimpse of him and if they are extremely lucky, they get a selfie with him. He makes sure he greets all his fans and does so with tremendous affection.

His approachable demeanour is what makes Anup Kumar an able leader. On the mat, Anup is a leader by virtue of his performances, having been U Mumba’s most important player throughout the history of Pro Kabaddi. In real life, Anup Kumar is a true gentleman and is a decorated police officer in his village in Gurgaon district.

He keeps his team calm throughout the match, helping give direction to the team’s focus, and is always ready to discuss strategy and improvise.

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