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Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan (FT: 31-38), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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Puneri paltan
Manjeet Chhillar of Puneri Paltan will be in action against Bengal Warriors

Best Defender of the Match – Manjeet Chhillar (Puneri Paltan)

Best Raider of the Match – Nitin Madane (Bengal Warriors)

FULL TIME Bengal Warriors 31 – 38 Puneri Paltan

40’ Bengal Warriors 31 – 38 Puneri Paltan – ALL OUT!!!!! Puneri Paltan have let Bengal Warriors back in the game as Sonu Narwal concedes a touch point to Nitin Madane and then the Bengal defence holds on to Manjeet Chhillar. However, the lead is 8 points and Pune need to just run down the clock. Nitin Madane gets one point for Bengal Warriors to salvage a point. GAME OVER

38’ Bengal Warriors 26 – 36 Puneri Paltan – Deepak Niwas Hooda comes on for a do or die raid after Bengal decide to cross the Baulk line and come back and it pays off as Nilesh brings the Pune raider down. Nitin Madane extends the good run by getting a touch point. Pune have two men remaining. Can Bengal effect an All Out here to have some sort of stake in the game??? Sonu Narwal comes on to raid but a stupid error by Ravi Kumar gives it away.

36’ Bengal Warriors 22 – 35 Puneri Paltan – Ravi Kumar tries to hold off Sonu Narwal but gets an excellent running touch off the Bengal defence. Nitin Madane follows it up with an empty raid and Deepak Niwas Hooda follows suit. C Arun gets saved by an error by the Pune defence on a do or die raid. The lead is 13 points as Bengal take another timeout. Jang Kun Lee is clearly not fit here.

33’ Bengal Warriors 21 – 34 Puneri Paltan – Bengal have reduced Puneri Paltan to three men here as Manjeet Chhillar is sent out and he is livid, gives some words of advice to Ajay Thakur. SUPER TACKLE by Puneri Paltan as they get hold of Jang Kun Lee, who is not looking in full flow tonight. The lead is now 13 points. Just 7 minutes to go and Bengal have to do something dramatic to get back. 

30’ Bengal Warriors 19 – 31 Puneri Paltan – Manjeet Chhillar gets his review right to deny a bonus point to Bengal but Nitin Madane gets a point through a running touch on Joginder Narwal, who turns his back. Ajay Thakur returns empty handed in his raid but that is followed by an excellent hold effected by Manjeet Chhillar. Nilesh Shinde then combines with his defenders to tackle Joginder Narwal. Ravinder Pahal gets hold of Nitin’s ankle but does not get any support. Bengal finding some rhythm here.

26’ Bengal Warriors 14 – 30 Puneri Paltan – This game is witnessing a lot of action as both teams are looking to attack right away. After both teams get a point each due to an error by Amit Chhillar, Vishal Mane makes another error on the night to give away a silly touch point. Manjeet Chhillar attakcks and tries to kick Nilesh but to bo avail. Nitin Madane gets the bonus for Bengal but Deepak gets a touch point off Jang Kun Lee. Is he completely fit? Jang ? Don’t think so

23’ Bengal Warriors 11 – 27 Puneri Paltan – Manjeet Chhillar starts the second half by effecting a second ALL OUT on Bengal Warriors to run into a 14 point lead. How good have they been today? Incredible. Puneri Paltan are running with the game here. Nitin Madane tries to get touch point along with the bonus but to no avail. Sonu attacks for Puneri with his long legs and makes Vishal Mane pay for his unsuccessful advance tackle.

HALF TIME Bengal Warriors 10 – 22 Puneri Paltan

20’ Bengal Warriors 10 – 22 Puneri Paltan - Joginder Narwal gets suspended for two minutes as some amazing action on display here. A Deepak Niwas Hooda raid sees one player forced off the mat and another conceding a touch point. Deepak redeems himself after that howler minutes back. Bengal attack through Jang Kun Lee but it is Manjeet’s night as roars and tackles him down to give

19’ Bengal Warriors 9 – 19 Puneri Paltan - Bengal Warrior get a techinical point as referee gives the decision against Pune but that does not matter as a huge Ajay Thakur shows his strength to prevent Jang Kun Lee from tackling him. Puneri Paltan are running away with this. Deepak comes on and tries to be so cool and Amit Chhillar sneaks from behind his back to pull him down. Moment of the match!!! Bengal get one more through Nitin Madane.

15’ Bengal Warriors 6 – 15 Puneri Paltan - Deepak Niwas Hooda is on fire tonight and gets a touch point off Vishal Mane with the Super Tackle on. Jang Kun Lee and Nilesh Shinde on the mat for Bengal as Deepak again gets a point to reduce Bengal to one point. Mahendra comes on for Bengal in place of Nilesh Shinde to get a point but Manjeet Chhillar will have none of it and gets a front block. 9 point lead.  ALL OUT!!!!

12’ Bengal Warriors 5 – 10 Puneri Paltan - The Pune defence is on fire tonight and Manjeet Chhillar gets down Nitin Madane yet again. Pune are leading the game with four points as Deepak Niwas Hooda enters into a tiff with Amit Chhillar. Deepak Niwas Hooda is confident that he has got the touch but Bengal challenge. He seems to be over the line here, this could spell trouble for the Bengal player. Review successful but defender is self out

9Bengal Warriors 4 – 7 Puneri Paltan - Bengal are making full use of Jang Kun Lee here but a terrific ankle hold from the Puneri defence gets him down on the mat on a do or die raid. Pune get one more point to extend their lead and then follow it up with Manjeet Chhillar tackling Nitin Madane low on the knee. Puneri Paltan are establishing their dominance early in the game here.

6’ Bengal Warriors 4 – 4 Puneri Paltan - Sonu Narwal with an incredible turn, almost Johan Cryuff like, to get a raid point for Puneri paltan. Nitin Madane comes on with the bonus on and Manjeet tries to tackle him but fails. Point to Bengal. The Bengal defence comes together to tackle Sonu Narwal. The teams are level here.

3’ Bengal Warriors 2 – 2 Puneri Paltan – Jang Kun Lee with the first raid of the night and straight away showing why he meant so much as he gets a touch point. Ajay Thakur then follows it up with an empty raid. Nitin Madane comes on with Manjeet Chhillar looking focused and he goes back empty handed. Star for Pune, Deepak Niwas Hooda, draws Pune level with an excellent touch point. The game is up and running here. Sonu Narwal gets a touch point as Jang Kun Lee tries an ankle hold but fails.

Puneri Paltan field a strong side featuring Manjeet Chhillar, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Ravinder Pahal, Joginder Narwal, Preetam Chhillar, Sonu Narwal and Ajay Thakur while Bengal Warriors start with Nilesh Shinde, Amit Chillar, Nitin Madane, Jang Kun Lee, Ravi Kumar, Vishal Mane and C Arun. Great news!!! We are about to start the game here and Bengal have made some changes. 

Manjeet Chhillar is going to be a big thorn in the side of Bengal Warriors here and if Jang Kun Lee does not appear again tonight, it would be tough for the team from the East to beat the team from the West. Nitin Madane and Ravi Dalal will need to step up tonight if Bengal are to beat Puneri Paltan and get on board with some points. 

Catch all the action and live commentary of this match in Hindi here

Good evening friends and welcome to the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 match between Bengal Warriors and Puneri Paltan from Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. This glorious tournament is in full flow with all teams having played atleast 5 matches and defending champion Patna Pirates have stamped their authority over proceedings with five stunning wins in as many matches. They have a chance to make it six when they take on Dabang Delhi tonight in the second game.

However, our focus right now is on Puneri Paltan, who have not played a game for almost five days and will be itching to get out there in the centre. Their task will tonight will be relatively easy considering that they will play Bengal Warriors, the worst team in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 at the moment. The word worst might be harsh but it certainly depicts the truth as far as points are concerned.

Both teams come into this game in the need of a win; albeit for really different causes and reasons. While Puneri Paltan need to win this game to get back into the top two, Bengal Warriors need to win in order to have some sense of survival in the tournament. While Pune will enter this match on the back of a long break but a loss to Bengaluru Bulls, Bengal are coming into the game after being drubbed by Patna Pirates only yesterday.

It would be quite interesting to see what is being said in the Bengal camp at the moment and what they would be doing to get their campaign back on track. Not only have they lost five consecutive games after winning the second one, Bengal have a negative score difference of 35, which is colossal and would be tough to recover from, should the Warriors attempt a revival.

The defensive pairing of Nilesh Shinde and Girish Ernak has looked out of sorts while the likes of Nitin Madane, Monu Goyat an Shrikant Jadhav have not been able to make much of a difference. Missing South Korean bombshell Jang Kun Lee through injury has massively affected things for Bengal Warriors and their new signing Vishal Mane has not been able to impact proceedings like he did with U Mumba.

Puneri Paltan, on the other hand, have had a mixed tournament and they have showed in patches why they are one of the contenders for the title. The tournament did not start well for them when they were robbed off playing at home but the Manjeet Chhillar-led side did not let that affect their performances as they had an exceptional home leg. However, their campaign has derailed a bit since then.

They lost their last game to Bengaluru Bulls and it was a defeat hard to digest. On the plus side, Deepak Niwas Hooda and Manjeet Chhillar have been in top form for the side from Maharashtra while Ravinder Pahal has been a dynamite in defence. Puneri Paltan are currently fourth on the table and a win could take them to second place, which is currently occupied by U Mumba.


Bengal Warriors

Bengal Warriors need their raiders to fire.Their leading raider, Nitin Madane will be in the danger zone as he will have to face the duo of Ravinder Pahal and Manjeet Chillar. Other Raiders, Monu Goyat and Ravi Dalal will have to do the bulk of the raiding tonight.

Puneri Paltan
Deepak Hooda has been great so far in raiding for Pune but he will need some support from Nitin Tomer and Ajay Thakur as well. Bengal's left corner is a weak link in their defense, so Ajay and Manjeet should target that position.

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