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Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi (FT: 20-40), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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Bengaluru Bulls Dabang Delhi
Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi LIVE

FULL TIME Bengaluru Bulls 20 – 40 Dabang Delhi

40’ Bengaluru Bulls 20 – 40 Dabang Delhi – What is it with Dabang Delhi? They are such an intriguing team to follow. One day they will play like Barcelona and the next moment they become Sunderland. Just two minutes to go and Delhi lead by 21 points. Bengaluru are heading towards yet another defeat and they will hold the unwanted record of losing all home games. Delhi get two more points and Bengaluru pull one back. Selvamani runs down the clock and Deepak Dahiya with the game’s final raid to get one point. FULL TIME and Delhi have demolished Bengalur here.

37’ Bengaluru Bulls 15 – 38 Dabang Delhi – This has turned otut to be an extremely one sided game here and Delhi are not letting Bengaluru breathe. Kashi comes on again and gets two points. Just three minutes to go and Delhi are leading by 23 points. Kashi has been like magic tonight and he has caused havoc in the home side’s half. TIMEOUT

36’ Bengaluru Bulls 14 – 36 Dabang Delhi – Bengaluru Bulls have just four men left on the mat here and Meraj attacks with a do or die raid but this time Ashish Sangwan blocks him. Meraj gets two points as he takes two defenders along with him out of the mat. This is not looking good at all for Bengaluru Bulls. Dabang Delhi get one more point and Kashi attacks with another all out on. He takes Mohit along with him to the Dabang Delhi half. Sumit is tackled. ALL OUT!!!!

32’ Bengaluru Bulls 12 – 29 Dabang Delhi – Ten minutes to go and Meraj Sheykh raids for Delhi but plays it safe. No need to do anything stupid as they can dictate the pace of the game. Do or die raid is forced by Bengaluru Bulls and an in form Kashiling Adake is too strong for Ajay Singh, who tries to get the Delhi raider’s ankle. Bengaluru Bulls’ do or die raid ends in a disappointment as Hooda is taken down. This is fast finishing for Bengaluru.

30’ Bengaluru Bulls 12 – 27 Dabang Delhi – Sachin Shingade gets his first tackle of the night and it is a phenomenal one. Delhi are ahead by 15 points and one more is added by Kashi, who gets the bonus. Bengaluru too get the bonus and that is followed by an empty Meraj Sheykh raid. TIME OUT by Bengaluru Bulls. They need to do some thinking but it is not likely to help. This is not their night.

28’ Bengaluru Bulls 11 – 26 Dabang Delhi – Do or die raid. Selvamani. point. That could actually become an algorithm given how this tall players attacks in ultimate raids. Yogesh Hooda gets a touch point and then tries for another. Umpire denies but Bengaluru review. SUCCESSFUL. Bengaluru get two points. The lead is still 13 points here as Kashiling Adake raids and gets the bonus point. Super from Kashi. He is on song tonight.

26’ Bengaluru Bulls 9 – 25 Dabang Delhi – SUPER RAID and an ALL OUT at the same time. Meraj Sheykh gets the better of Mohit Chillar and co. Delhi have raced into a 14 point lead here and Bengaluru Bulls are heading towards a defeat barring a miracle or a literal storm that stops the match. This has been really disappointing from the home side and they are really missing Surender Nada here.

23’ Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 18 Dabang Delhi – Meraj Sheykh raids to begin the second half but gets an empty raid. Rohit Kumar jumps around in his raid but does not get anything. He has been off tonight. Selvamani raids and continues his electric form to evade the Bengaluru defence, who cannot get his ankle. D Suresh Kumar follows Selvamani’s brilliance by showing his own to take down the Bengaluru raid. Rohit raids again but gets tackled.

Second half coming right up!! Stay tuned

HALF TIME Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 15 Dabang Delhi

20’ Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 15 Dabang Delhi - Finally a point for Rohit Kumar on the night and the lead for Delhi is reduced to six points. Just around one minute to go in the half as Selvamani comes on for his customary do or die raid and gets Yogesh Hooda. He is like a robot. Rohit Kumar raids for Bengaluru with the bonus on but decides to stay away. The final raid of the half is carried out by Meraj Sheykh and he happily runs down the clock to end the half. Delhi lead by 7 points.

18’ Bengaluru Bulls 7 – 14 Dabang Delhi - Meraj Sheykh raids with Bengaluru having just four men on the mat but decides to play it to his team’s strengths. Delhi attack through Kashiling after Ashish Kumar’s empty raid and stretches excellently to get a SUPER RAID. Three points. All Out on for Delhi here with one man remaining. What a tackle by Kashiling Adake. Suresh Kumar gets hold of Yogesh Hooda and it is an ALL OUT!! Delhi are on fire here. They have taken a seven point lead.

15’ Bengaluru Bulls 6 – 8 Dabang Delhi - The scores are level here with around six and a half minutes to go in the first half. Kashiling Adake raids in front of an alert Bengaluru defence but does not get anything. Rohit Kumar raids but he is held back by D Suresh Kumar. Takes him chest on and pins him down. Do or die raid again for Selvamani and he rightly picks up a point after Ajay Singh cannot get his ankle. Delhi lead.

12’ Bengaluru Bulls 6 – 6 Dabang Delhi - Ajay Singh holds on to Kashiling’s ankle and leg to get the tackle right and revive Rohit Kumar. Yogesh Hooda follows that up by picking his second point as Sanket Chavan fails to stop him. Bengaluru are in the lead and Rohit attacks, looking to get off the mark on the night, but decides to be intelligent and takes no risk. Meraj’s empty raid is followed by Pawan, who attacks with Delhi having five men on the mat. Empty raid. Do or die specialist Selvamani comes on w

9’ Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 4 Dabang Delhi - Meraj Sheykh with the do or die raid but Mohit Chillar waits and tackles him down, holding the Iranian like a baby. Delhi immediately get one back by tackling Pawan Kumar. The scores are level with around 8 minutes gone. Bengaluru Bulls raid again through Yogesh Hooda. They have entrusted responsibilities on other raiders to take the pressure off Rohit. Great move.

6’ Bengaluru Bulls 2 – 3 Dabang Delhi – Another defensive error on display as Ashish Kumar cannot get an ankle hold on Selvamani. Rohit comes on and gets the bonus but Delhi follow up with tackle to go into the lead here. The game has got off to an interesting start as a lot of energy prevalent on the court. One point game here and both teams are looking quite cautious here.

3’ Bengaluru Bulls 1 – 1 Dabang Delhi –  Yogesh Hooda raids for Bengaluru but gets nothing. Delhi send on T Selvamani to raid and the tall lad dances around but goes back without any points. A huge roar is heard as Rohit Kumar raids for Bengaluru but he too plays it safe. Meraj Sheykh, Delhi captain, raids and he follows suit like everyone else. Do or die raid for Bengaluru and Pawan Kumar gets a point off Meraj. Poor from the Iranian. Do or die for Delhi and Kashiling gets the bonus to draw his team level.

Bengaluru Bulls start with Rohit Kumar, Mohit Chillar, Yogesh Hooda, Pawan Sehrawat, Ashish Kumar and Ajay Singh while Dabang Delhi side features Meraj Sheykh, D Suresh Kumar, Kashiling Adake, T Selvamani, Sachin Shingade, Sanket Chavan and Prashant Chavan

For those of you who have just tuned in, Telugu Titans have shrugged off Puneri Paltan to claim a 32-29 win. Rahul Chaudhari and Sandeep Narwal were the destroyers in chief as the former got to 400 raid points in Pro Kabaddi history. But our focus is now on the game between Bengaluru Bulls and Dabang Delhi. We are nearing to the start of the game. Stay with us.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Hello and welcome to the second match of the day, which is going to see a North South clash as Bengaluru Bulls will take on the Dabang Delhi in their last home game. The teams are in desperate need for wins as they languish at 6th and 7th position in the league table. Bulls are running out of time as they are going to play their 11th game today and the last of their home fixture.

They have dented their chances significantly by losing the first three of their home games and are desperate need of pulling things back with a big win. They couldn’t have got a better opposition for that than the team from the capital who have looked woefully out of form in the first half of the season 4. The stats tell the story for Delhi who have won just 2 contests and lost two more than that to have never managed to climb to the top 4 of the table. If the team continues playing the way they did in the first half, the bottom half is where they are likely to end their season at as well.

Much of Delhi’s poor run has been caused by Kashiling Adake’s lost form this season. The management made a huge mistake by handling the best performing player of the team the captaincy armband and have paid for it by seeing him fail to conjure up any sort of form whatsoever in the first seven contests. The management might have repeated the mistake once again as Meraj Sheykh, who has looked a cut above the rest in the Delhi outfit, has been handed captaincy duties.

It will be interesting to see whether the Iranian can lift the team on his shoulders, something Kashiling Adake found difficult to. Besides, how long will Delhi have to wait for Kashiling Adake’s return to form? Will it be the night for one of the most accomplished raider of Pro Kabaddi?
Bengaluru Bulls, playing their 4th match in 4 days won’t have a lot of energy left in them but they know they can’t afford to lose today if they have to stay in the hunt for a place in the

first four on the place. The team’s problem of over reliance on Rohit Kumar hasn’t found any solution. Oppositions have figured it out that once Kumar is sent to the bench, the threat of the Bulls’ is reduced to less than half. The defence has come a cropper despite the presence of names like Surender Nada and Mohit Chhillar.

Both the teams, despite their dismal season have seen two youngsters grow in the 4th edition. Sachin Shingade for Dabang Delhi and Ashish Kumar for the Bulls have performed out of their skins and both the teams will be looking towards them to inspiration as the action unfolds in front of us in the next few minutes. Don’t go anywhere.


Bengaluru Bulls

Bulls would like to end their horrible home leg on a winning note. Tonight, their captain, Surender Nada at the left corner will be the key man for them as Delhi have two quality right side raiders in Kashiling Adake and Meraj Sheykh. Bengaluru's cover defenders has let their team down so far but their best defender Mohit Chillar has lived up to his expectations as he is leading the charts for Best Defenders.

Dabang Delhi

Delhi's left cover defender, Sachin Shingade has been the only bright spark for them this season. Bengaluru have 2 right plank raiders, Rohit Kumar and Deepak Dahiya that is, their right cover D. Suresh Kumar and left corner Anil Kumar should take the responsibilities of tackling tonight.

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