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Bengaluru Bulls vs Jaipur Pink Panthers (FT: 22-24), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

6.17K   //    13 Jul 2016, 18:18 IST
Bulls Panthers
Bengaluru Bulls vs Jaipur Pink Panthers LIVE

Best Defender of the Match – Amit Hooda (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

Best Raider of the Match – Jasvir Singh (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

FULL TIME – Bengaluru Bulls 22 – 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

40Bengaluru Bulls 22 – 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The tackle on Pawan Kumar by Jaipur Pink Panthers gives them the cushion to get the win and Jasvir Singh is tackled but to no avail. Bengaluru Bulls have nicked this by two points. What a game here. Bengaluru Bulls have let it slip yet again.

39’ Bengaluru Bulls 21 – 23 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Do or die raid for Rajesh Narwal resumes play after the Timeout and he thinks he has got the bonus. He does. Ashish Kumar with Bengaluru’s do or die raid and gets tackled by Ran Singh, who stands up for his team to put them to two points ahead. Jasvir Singh attacks and he will need to just kill time as he reshuffles the defence simultaneously. Rohit attacks with the bonus on but looks for the touch point. He gets nothing. Bulls playing it to the death here.

37’ Bengaluru Bulls 21 – 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The demeanour of Jasvir Singh suggests that he has ice flowing in his veins here. Four minutes to go as Ashish Kumar attacks and gets nothing. Timeout has been called. We are set for a photo finish in the game here. Can Jasvir produce a stunning moment of brilliance? Stay tuned to find out.

35’ Bengaluru Bulls 21 – 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Surender Nada mistimes an ankle hold but Rohit Kumar helps Mohit Chillar to pin down Ajay Kumar. Rohit then gets a touch point to put his team in the lead. He has been sensational tonight. What a raider!! Technical Timeout as both teams decide strategies for final 5 and a half minutes. Jaipur get a techinical point and we are level again. Rajesh Narwal raids with the bonus on but gets nothing. Five minutes to go

33’ Bengaluru Bulls 19 – 20 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The game resumes with Rohit Kumar looking to attack Jaipur, who have a high line defence. He goes back without anything. Jasvir Singh follows suit and Ashish Kumar raids for Bengaluru Bulls but he too is unable to get anything. A chess like game going on here as both teams are playing for the do or die raid. Jasvir forces a do or die raid on Bengaluru, who attack through Deepak Dahiya and he is tackled on the knee by Rajesh Narwal. Jaipur in the lead.

31’ Bengaluru Bulls 19 – 19 Jaipur Pink Panthers – This has been one of the most topsy-turvy games of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 and you simply cant choose between the two team. Jaipur are on the backfoot here but do well to take down Amit Rathi through an excellent ankle hold. Rajesh Narwal comes on for a do or die raid and gets right this time. The teams are level. TIMEOUT

29’ Bengaluru Bulls 19 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers - The away side draws level as an advance tackle on Jasvir Singh fails for the Bengaluru Bulls. Rohit’s empty raid is followed by a Jasvir Singh raid that yields nothing as well. Do or die raid for Rohit Kumar and he gets a running hand touch on Ran Singh to put his team back in lead and Surender Nada follows it up by taking down Ajay Kumar. Bengaluru are alive and kicking.

26’ Bengaluru Bulls 17 – 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Ashish Sangwan's do or die raid is successful and they review the umpire decision of one point. This could be crucial here and Ashish looks really confident with his raid. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL. What a roar by the crowd and it gives the home side the opportunity to inflict an All Out and they do it. Mohit Chillar takes down Jasvir Singh to effect their first ALL OUT!!! What a see-saw game this has been.

23’ Bengaluru Bulls 12 – 15 Jaipur Pink Panthers - The second half starts with the young Ajay Kumar, who stretches his hand to try a running touch but goes back without anything. Rohit Kumar attacks and his ankle is too much for Mahipal Narwal and Rajesh Narwal. Beautiful raid. Two points. The deficit is reduced to 4 points as Jaipur play for the do or die raid. AJay Kumar with the do or die raid  and he is held by Surender Nada, who holds on to his ankle from the left corner.

Can Bengaluru Bulls bounce back from this ordinary first half, which saw them go into the lead early but slip away badly later on. Jasvir Singh and his team have been severe on Bengaluru Bulls tonight, capitalising on any mistake made by the home side. Is there too much dependence on Rohit Kumar? Maybe. Surender Nada has been virtually invisible and Mohit does not look to be having a good birthday. Second half coming right up. Stay tuned. 

HALF TIME: Bengaluru Bulls 9 – 15 Jaipur Pink Panthers

20’ Bengaluru Bulls 9 – 15 Jaipur Pink Panthers - The Bengaluru Bulls defence has been off colour again and Mohit Chillar makes a tactical error to give Jasvir Singh another point. Amit Rathi pulls one point back for the home side with a superb kick to the chest of Ran Singh. Jasvir Singh’s empty raid ends the half. This has been an excellent comeback from Jaipur Pink Panthers. What a first half.

18’ Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 14 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Jaipur have seized the initiative here and have Benagluru reeling already. There is nothing that is working for the home side as their fans look on with concern on their faces. Jasvir attacks with under three minutes to go but returns empty handed. Rohit Kumar tries to get his team back in the fray but a leaping Ran Singh pins him down. Excellent tackle. Even Abhishek Bacchan is happy.

16’ Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 13 Jaipur Pink Panthers - A rare error from Rajesh Narwal gives two points to Bengaluru Bulls. Jasvir attacks with the opportunity of a Super Tackle but he is too quick for the Bengaluru defence, which clearly missed Mohit Chillar on that raid. Rohit Kumar tries really hard but goes back empty handed and Jasvir makes it worse by reducing them to one player. Rohit gets the bonus but is not able to escape. ALL OUT!!!!

12’ Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 8 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Jaipur have overturned a four point deficit to go into the lead and Amit Hooda has been immense tonight. From staring down at an All Out, Jaipur have stuck together to go ahead of the home team. Rajesh Narwal raids with Bengaluru having four men on the mat but plays the waiting game. Mohit Chillar quickly steps over the baulk line to force a do or die raid. Two touch points

9’ Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 5 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Rohit  Kumar comes on with just two defenders on the mat but an excellent ankle hold by Amit Hooda helps Jaipur effect a SUPER TACKLE. The lead is down to just one as Ran Singh had got a bonus point. Deepak Dahiya’s empty raid is followed by an Ajay Kumar raid but he goes back. Amit Rathi attacks with the Super Tackle on but decides to play for the do or die raid. Ajay Kumar gets his team level with an excellent raid.

6’ Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers - That was a stunning raid from Deepak Kumar Dahiya, who stretched an incredible distance to scamper through a circling Jaipur defence. Jasvir trying to get one back but returns empty handed. Jaipur have just four men on the mat now and they attack through Tushar Patil and birthday boy Mohit Chillar pins him down. Bengaluru have an early lead here. They get one more.

3’ Bengaluru Bulls 3 – 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The home side start the match with who else but Rohit Kumar coming on to raid. He is told something in his ears. Kumar plays it safe and goes back empty handed. Jasvir Singh comes on for Jaipur and straight away tries to setup the kick but remains cautious and goes back. Amit Rathi, back for the Bulls tonight, raids but gets nothing. Star all rounder Rajesh Narwal comes on and executes the toe touch beautifully to send Mohit Chillar out but he is revived by Deepak Kumar, who gets a SUPER RAID!!!

We are ready to go here!!!

Bengaluru Bulls: Mohit Chillar, Surender Nada, Rohit Kumar, Deepak Kumar Dahiya, Ashish Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Amit Rathi

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Jasvir Singh, Rajesh Narwal, Parvesh Bhainswal, Ajay Kumar, Mahipal Narwal, Amit Hooda, Ran Singh

So Shabeer Bapu does not start for Jaipur Pink Panthers tonight but his replacement, Jasvir Singh, is even better. Mohit Chillar and Surender Nada will have their hands full in the game tonight and if they want to win, Jasvir needs to be stopped. We heard Mohit saying that the defence is going to play “advance,” which means they would have a high line. Interesting. The kick off is just minutes away. Stay tuned!

Mohit Chillar says that his team will win on his birthday. He has been the best defender in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4. That is a bit strange, is it not? Bengaluru Bulls have both top raider and defender but the team itself is not doing well. Just goes to show that this is a team sport and games can be lost in the last minute as well. Will Bengaluru’s fortunes change tonight? Let’s see!!!!

A lot of focus will be on Bengaluru Bulls raider Rohit Kumar tonight and his team’s performances are totally opposite to his own in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4. Would you believe that he has scored 59 raid points this season while Bengaluru Bulls are languishing somewhere in the second half of the table. He will be looking to take his team to victory with another stellar performance but would need help from the defence.

The only thing that has been constant in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 is uncertainty. Just when you would think that one team would steal everything away, it is handed a defeat by the most unlikely opponent. A great example of this would be yesterday’s game between Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors. Given their form and woes, no one would have given Bengal a chance of getting anything in the match but they almost beat Puneri Paltan.

Given how solid Jaipur Pink Panthers are in their attack, it is quite surprising that they have 12 Super Tackles. Traditionally, one would expect a team like Bengaluru Bulls, with defenders like Surender Nada and Mohit Chillar in their ranks, to be on top of the Super Tackles list. Nevertheless, kabaddi is quite an intriguing game and the margins on which it operates are really thin. 

Catch the live commentary of this match in Hindi here.

Hello everyone! We are back with our coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4. After a double header that resumed Kabaddi action yesterday, we have just one match today but what a contest it promises to be. Jaipur Pink Panthers will take on home team Bengaluru Bulls today. The Bulls will be looking forward to shrug off the disappointment of yesterday’s defeat at the hands of Telugu Titans and put their campaign back on track. The Panthers who have won three of their last 4 contests would look to continue their strong run ahead of the all important clash against the U Mumba outfit tomorrow.

The Bulls, however, would be more desperate as their home leg didn’t get off to a great start. Also, they lie just ahead of two of the worst performing teams in the sixth place. The Bulls have a lot of problems to deal with as they come into their 9th game of the season. The defence, despite having names like Surender Nada and Mohit Chhillar, has looked vulnerable under pressure.

Captain Nada, in particular, is having a season to forget as both his tackling and leadership skills have been found wanting. Another problem that has ailed the Bulls season is the over reliance on Rohit Kumar. Brilliant as he is, Kumar is entitled to have his off days, and on his off day the Bulls haven’t found anyone who would step up and do the job for them. Ashish Kumar Sangwan has shown sparks of brilliance in the last few matches and the Bulls would need him to up the ante against the likes of Jasvir Singh, Shabeer Bapu and Rajesh Narwal.

Panthers give the appearance of a well oiled unit and have put past their last season disappointments to look like a team worthy of winning the title that has eluded them after the first season. Jasvir Singh on his day is a handful for any opponent, and when its not his day, he has the luxury of seeing the amazing Rajesh Narwal go and pick raid points for the team. Shabeer Bapu hasn’t shown the kind of form he used to be in for U Mumba, but has still found his captain’s faith and his place in the team.

Young Mahipal Narwal and Tushar Patil have also blossomed well in the company of the veterans. Besides, the team’s confidence will be sky high as it humiliated Dabang Delhi with a 25 point win and then stopped Patna’s applecart in Patna. The only thing the team will be needing to guard against will be complacency, else they have all the ammunition to come out on top in this contest.

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