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Bengaluru Bulls vs U Mumba (FT: 23-24), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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U Mumba
Catch all the live action as U Mumba take on Bengaluru Bulls

Best Defender of the Match – Surender Nada (Bengaluru Bulls)

Best Raider of the Match – Anup Kumar (U Mumba)

FULL TIME Bengaluru Bills 23 – 24 U Mumba 

40‘ Bengaluru Bulls 23 – 24 U Mumba – SURJEET turns out to be a star here as he literally hugs Rohit Kumar to force him to remain in the Mumbai half. Anup Kumar plays it safe and that is it. U MUMBA have won the game!!! Pheww!!! What a turnaround this has been.

40’ Bengaluru Bulls 22 – 23 U Mumba – Rohit Kumar attacks with just 5 men on the mat for Mumbai but plays it safe. Anup Kumar, who manages to smile during raids, comes on to attack and gets a touch point off Ashish. How good has he been tonight? Pawan Kumar with a do or die raid and there seems to be some controversy here. He shouts at Pawan, who was looking confident of getting a point. Anup plays it safe. One minute to go here. 

37’ Bengaluru Bulls 22 – 21 U Mumba – Pawan Kumar, who has not been sent off on the night yet, gets a bonus but U Mumba review and it is successful. What a crucial call that could be. Anup Kumar comes on after being revived, looking for a toe touch. Him and Surender Nada have been talking consistently. Rohit Kumar has been slow tonight but gets a touch point off Surjeet. Surender Nada leads Bengaluru to effect a collective tackle on Surjeet. Bengaluru lead with three minutes to go. 

35’ Bengaluru Bulls 20 – 20 U Mumba - If there was any doubt about Anup Kumar being the best in business then tonight’s night is a gentle reminder. He comes on again after a Timeout to attack against a full strength Bengaluru but Surender Nada gets the better of his former captain to send him off court. WHOA!!! A bit of chit-chat between them. Scores are level here.

32’ Bengaluru Bulls 19 – 20 U Mumba - Anup Kumar has caught U Mumba by the scruff of their neck and is carrying them into the game, another excellent touch point. If Mumbai can effect an ALL OUT here, they can mark a return in this game. Anup Kumar attacks with a Super Tackle on and gets the better of his younger former teammate Mohit Chillar. It is followed by an ALL OUT. U MUMBA in the lead.

29’ Bengaluru Bulls 18 – 14 U Mumba - Pawan is on fire tonight as another do or die raid goes in favour of Bengaluru, courtesy a sleeping Sunil, who is caught unaware. Rakesh Kumar gets one touch point for Mumbai. Anup Kumar us on fire tonight and scoring when no one is, gets another touch point to reduce deficit to 5 and follows it up with an excellent anke hold on Rohit Kumar.

26' Bengaluru Bulls 17 – 11 U Mumba - A mistake by Jeeva gives a touch point to Bengaluru in a do or die raid and brings Mohit back on the mat. Rohit Kumar has been quiet on the night and returns empty handed again. Rishank Devadiga comes on for a do or die raid and excellent pressure created by Mohit and the Bengalur defence sends him out yet again. He has been disappointing today.

23’ Bengaluru Bulls 15 – 11 U Mumba – Anup Kumar shows who is the boss here by removing Surender Nada and Mohit Chillar in one raid. What an amazing start to the second period. Rishank Devadiga’s empty raid is followed by Pawan Kumar looking to get his captain back on the mat. Another Anup Kumar toe touch reduces the lead to just four points again. Has Anup started Mumbai’s resurgence?

This has been a cracking first half and it is the team from Karnataka that has forced the issue against their high profile opponents. Surender Nada and Mohit Chillar, who were bought by Bengaluru in the auction, have done in their former team in the first half. 


20’ Bengaluru Bulls 14 – 8 U Mumba – A quick pursuit from Surender Nada helps Bengaluru enter into double digits but Rakesh Kumar gets another bonus. Rohit Kumar comes on just in time for Bengaluru and U Mumba are ALL OUT!!!! A costly error from Anup Kumar. Bengaluru Bulls seem to have learnt their lessons and are playing strategies to the T. The first half ends and Bengaluru go in the break with a 6 point lead. Can Anup and side reply in the second half?

18’ Bengaluru Bulls 9 – 7 U Mumba - The scores might be low but this is an amazingly tactical battle between two excellent think tanks. Ashish comes on for his third raid with U Mumba having 5 on the mat but goes back. Gurvinder with a do or die raid but an amazing block from a tough angle by Surender Nada gives a point to Bengaluru. Anup Kumar attacks looking for the bonus but an alert Surender Nada prevents anything. Anup reviews the call, claiming bonus, and gets it right. The king of bonus!!!

15’ Bengaluru Bulls 7 – 6 U Mumba – Rishank Devadiga looking to get a point with a Super Tackle on but Surender Nada nails his former teammate to get two points for his team and draw proceedings level. Anup Kumar, smiling at Surender Nada, comes on to attack but goes back empty handed. A lapse of concentration from Jeeva gives Bengaluru a touch point and lead.

12’ Bengaluru Bulls 4 – 6 U Mumba –  The Mumbai attack has been awfully quiet tonight but despite that, they are on level, which shows the tactical brilliance of the coach and captain against a defensive side. A cautious Rishank gets a touch point off Rahul to put U Mumba in the lead. Rohit Kumar comes on looking for his first points but a back hold from Sunil takes U Mumba’s lead to two.

9’ Bengaluru Bulls 3 – 4 U Mumba - No team seems to be taking risks here and both are looking to play or for the do or die raid. An unaware Ashish is caught on the ankle by the Mumbai defence to draw them level and a touch point in the do or die raid by Gurvinder puts U Mumba in the lead. Bengaluru, however, review it but to no avail. Silly review conceded.

6’ Bengaluru Bullsv 3 – 2 U Mumba - The game has got off to a rather cautious star as both teams are playing it safe. Anup Kumar’s bonus point is following by a string of empty raids but an excellent hold from Mumbai defender levels the game for U Mumba. Mohit Chillar hands the lead back to Bengaluru with an excellent thigh hold on his former captain Anup Kumar. What beauty!!!!

3’ Bengaluru Bulls 2–0 U Mumba – The Bulls start the game here with Kadian. An empty raid is followed by Anup Kumar attacking with some interesting footwork but does not get anything. Bulls’ Rohit Kumar returns too as the game is off to cautious start. Kadian comes on for a do or die raid and gets Jeeva Kumar with a leaping hand touch to set off the scoring. Rishank Devadiga’s Do or Die raid is stopped by former teammate Mohit Chillar. First blood to Bengaluru.

LETS GO!!!!!!

Like all other big sporting leagues in the world, we are seeing in Pro Kabaddi as well the contest between players, who represent one team in a season and another in the next. The strange part, despite this, is that teams might change but the usual suspects (U Mumba, Patna Pirates and Jaipur Pink Panthers) are in the running. We are almost underway here in Patna, this promises to be a cracker.

What makes this contest even tastier is the fact that Mohit Chillar is going to be up against U Mumba and how much will that make a difference to the result is going to be interesting to see. Chillar is not the only one who will be up against former side U Mumba, Surender Nada also played for the team from Maharashtra last season. Will the two combine to hurt U Mumba? We will find out soon.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Hello everyone and welcome to game number 23 of Pro Kabaddi 2016 between Bengaluru Bulls and U Mumba. It is a testament to the quality of this season that the top 5 teams are separated by just 3 points and one win is enough to give the team a ticket to top of the table. At the same time, a loss can prove to be a major setback to any team’s campaign at this stage that will take some recovery.

It is not often that we see U Mumba coming halfway into the tournament in desperate need for wins. But things haven’t gone exactly according to the script for the second season champions this season as they have blown hot and cold to have 3 wins and 3 losses in their 6 games. In fact, the team they are taking on today are also in a bit of a soup themselves, as though they are just a point behind the table toppers, they haven’t performed up to their full potential.

Bengaluru Bulls have an embarrassing record against the team from Mumbai as in three seasons before this they have managed to win just one of their fixtures against U Mumba. U Mumba had the upper hand in rest of the 7 games with no match finishing between the two teams in a draw. Playing in Patna, the team has lost 3 matches including the defeat they faced at the hands of Patna Pirates yesterday apart from winning two. On the other hand, U Mumba has just lost one out of their three contests here.

But that was the U Mumba of the first three seasons, and nobody would believe the U Mumba of season 4 to be the same team that had faced just 9 defeats across the first three seasons. The two pillars of the U Mumba set up – Anup Kumar and Rishank Devadiga- are still there and performing but are being let down by their teammates match after match.

The tale isn’t different with Bengaluru Bulls either. Rohit Kumar has made 32 successful raids to be second most successful raider of the league, while his team mate and most expensive buy of the season Mohit Chillar has lived up to his top billing and has made the most successful tackles in the tournament – 21. Yet, between those two stand out perfomers, stand a lot of under performers for the Bulls which has led to the team’s 4th position in the table.

The match promises to be a mouth watering clash between the two top raiders of the league – Rishank Devadiga who is 6 behind Rohit Kumar’s tally of 32 but can bridge the gap pretty quickly. The defence of Bengaluru Bulls looks just a little stronger than that of U Mumba at the moment, and that might very weill decide the match that’s going to begin in a little while.

Key talking points:

Bengaluru Bulls: Tonight, Rohit Kumar will have to face a strong challenge of Surjeet and Rakesh Kumar as both are famous for their frontal blocks. So, Rohit might struggle a bit that is why, the other raiders of Bengaluru Bulls, Pawan and Vinod should take more responsibility of raiding.

U Mumba: Ace raiders Anup Kumar and Rishank Devadiga will be up against their ex-teammates Mohit Chillar and Surender Nada. Mohit is in furious form this season, but Anup and Rishank can target the left corner as Surender Nada is struggling with his ankle holds.

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