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Dabang Delhi vs Telugu Titans (FT: 23-28), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

5.94K   //    10 Jul 2016, 17:34 IST
Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi
Dabang Delhi vs Telugu Titans Live and Exclusive

Best Defender of the Match – Sandeep Dhull (Telugu Titans)

Best Raider of the Match – Nilesh Salunke (Telugu Titans)

FULL TIME Dabang Delhi 23 – 28 Telugu Titans

40’ Dabang Delhi 23 – 28 Telugu Titans - Telugu Titans are being quite smart here by playing to the scoreboard and taking it easy. Nilesh Salunke gets one more take the lead to 9 points. Meraj Sheykh is looking disappointed and has been off the court for almost 20 minutes. Sandeep Narwal knows what is right and he runs down the clock. Sagar Bandekar calls for a TimeOut to explain some tactics. Selvamani’s do or die raid immediately after this ends in a tackle. Delhi are done here I think.

35’ Dabang Delhi 17 – 25 Telugu Titans – Telugu Titans resume proceedings by getting another point to take the lead to 8 points. Selvamani’s empty raid is followed by Rahul Chauhdhari’s raid, who looks to get a touch point through a kick but to no avail. Dabang Delhi are not giving up just yet and Telugu Titans are aware of it quite well. They call a TIMEOUT

33’ Dabang Delhi 17 – 24 Telugu Titans - Nilesh Salunke gets another point for Telugu Titans but Selvamani pulls it back for Delhi and Sandeep Narwal is livid. Delhi are not satisfied here and review the decision, wanting two points. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL. Delhi’s calls have been on fire tonight. The lead is still seven points though and Delhi need to do something about this. TIMEOUT

32’ Dabang Delhi 15 – 23 Telugu Titans - Kashi attacks after getting the review successful but is tackled down by an alert Telugu Titnas defence. Rahul Chaudhari returns empty handed with a Super Tackle on to play for the do or die raid and Nilesh Salunke delivers by getting a touch point off D Suresh Kumar. Sandeep Dhull does the rest to remove the last man. ALL OUT effected by Telugu Titans.

29’ Dabang Delhi 14 – 18 Telugu Titans - Rahul Chaudhari gets one back for Telugu Titans by sending Sachin Shingade out to reduce Delhi down to two men. Kashiling wins a bonus point and follows it up by helping tremendously in a SUPER TACKLE!!! Kashi is redeeming himself here. The deficit is reduced to four points and Sandeep Narwal, quite emphatically,gets a touch point but Kashi is angry and reviews. SUCCESSFUL

26’ Dabang Delhi 11 – 17 Telugu Titans - Another Super Tackle on for Delhi as they look to remove Sandeep Narwal after getting rid of Rahul but he stays cautious to not allow them a sniff. Telugu Titans get a techincal point but that is followed by a Super Tackle and who is it? Sachin Shingade with an excellent tackle. Vikas almost gets away from the Delhi defence but Sandeep Dhull tackles him down. Meanwhile, Sachin Shingade has a High 5 on the night. AGAIN

23’ Dabang Delhi 9 – 15 Telugu Titans - Super Tackle on for Dabang Delhi but Rahul Chaudhari does not let them have a shy at him. Deepak Narwal attacks with the bonus on but Sandeep Narwal telling his team to not do anything. Deepak Narwal is forced to come on for a do or die raid after Nilesh returns quicky and it pays off as Sandeep Narwal tackles him. Super Tackle effected by the Dabang Delhi defence but Rahul Chaudhari is confident about getting two points. Review unsuccessful. 

Dabang Delhi seem to back to square one and are lagging behind here whereas Telugu Titans are look to push the envelope. The team from Hyderabad is striking on all the right notes with the defence on alert. Sachin Shingade has not been able to show the magic of yesterday while Meraj has been off. Let’s see what happens. Second half underway!!!

HALF TIME Dabang Delhi 7 – 14 Telugu Titans

20’ Dabang Delhi 7 – 14 Telugu Titans – Selvamani going off court spoils an excellent tackle point by the Iranian defender from Dabang Delhi and Telugu Titans’ lead is still six points. The first half ends with Meraj Sheykh’s do or die raid and he is tackled by Sandeep Dhull on the left corner and Telugu Titans stomping their authority on the match her.

18’ Dabang Delhi 6 – 12 Telugu Titans – Delhi send Kashiling for a do or die raid and he delivers by getting a touch off Jasmer, who acknowledges by gesturing. Nilesh Salunke gets a touch point to get the lead back to four again. Kashling, slowly but surely, looks like getting his mojo back on. Rahul Chaudhari is back here and looks to make a difference but plays it safe again. Selvamani comes on again with Telugu Titans having five men on the mat but returns empty handed. A diving touch point by Nilesh off D Suresh Kumar extends Titans' lead.

15’ Dabang Delhi 5 – 9 Telugu Titans – Rahul Chaudhari is tackled by an alert Delhi defence including Kashiling Adake, who gets his first points of the night with a good touch point. He comes on again with Hyderabad having five men on the mat but goes back empty handed. Nilesh Salunke raids for Telugu Titans and manages to get a bonus point. Excellent from the raider there. 

12’ Dabang Delhi 3 – 8 Telugu Titans – Rahul Chaudhari comes on for a do or die raid and looks for the bonus but gets much more. What a clean jump over the Delhi defence to evade them and get two points for his team. D Gopu has injured his wrist here and things are not looking good for Delhi as they have conceded an early lead of 4 points. Meraj with a do or die raid and he is tackled by Sandeep Narwal with an amazing charge.

10’ Dabang Delhi 3 – 5 Telugu Titans – Kashiling Adake begins his game with an empty raid and then Rahul Chaudhari gets a bonus to give his team a point. Do or die raid for Selvamani and he gets a touch point off Jasmer, who looks unsure but decides not to review it since the game is in early stages. Kashiling Adake attacks but does not get anything. Sandeep Narwal comes on for his first raid and Sachin Shingade is on alert. Empty raid.

6’ Dabang Delhi 2 – 3 Telugu Titans – The game has got off to a slow start but suddenly two tackles on both Delhi and Hyderabad raiders Sheykh and Chaudhari gets thing going. Telugu Titans have slipped into a quiet lead and suddenly Kashiling Adake comes on to a roar. What a surprising move by Sagar Bandekar.

3’ Dabang Delhi 0 – 2 Telugu Titans – Rahul Chaudhari starts the game from the right corner and looks a bit injured. No Sanket Chavan for Delhi as Meraj Sheykh attacks and tries to attempt a valiant kick. Nilesh Salunke raids for Hyderabad but returns empty handed and Selvamani follows suit. Do or die Raid for Rahul Chaudhari and he gets a touch point through an excellent kick. Titans draw first blood.

Rahul Chaudhari vs Sachin Shingade is going to be the battle that will decide the game tonight in my opinion. The Telugu Titans raider will be attacking from the left corner, which will be marked by Shingade. It is going to be an excellent encounter and we are looking forward to it. The start is just 15 minutes away. You do not want to miss anything!!

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Good evening friends and welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 game between Dabang Delhi and Telugu Titans at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. The way this tournament has progresses is quite unbelievable and what we saw last night was quite amazing and shocking at the same time. Dabang Delhi, a team lurking at the bottom of the points table, absolutely demolished Patna Pirates, condemning them to a thumping 33-15 defeat.

After yesterday’s action and stunning victory, Dabang Delhi take on Telugu Titans in a clash that they would love to win and move upwards in the Pro Kabaddi 4 points table. However, we do not know what can happen, given last night’s developments and results. From what is on hand, any team, on a given day, can beat any opponent and that too quite comfortably.

Dabang Delhi will go into today’s match with a lot of confidence due to yesterday’s win and somehow, they looked in cruise control mode yesterday. Coach Sagar Badekar had said in one of the early matches that he would like to have more time with Meraj Sheykh and that would help the do wonders. Last night’s game showed exactly what he was talking about as Meraj led the team from front and took it upon him to take his team through.

However, the real star of the match for Dabang Delhi was Sachin Shingade, who is perhaps the best defender in Pro Kabaddi 4 alongside Manjeet Chhillar and Mohit Chillar. His partner in crime, Sanket Chavan, is not half bad either and the way those two combined last night to curtail Pardeep Narwal, it would take one tough raider to get touch points off them. They might have defended well but Delhi’s exceptional attacking prowess was the reason behind them winning the game.

Meraj Sheykh and T Selvamani were stunning on the night and continuously tormented the likes of Dharmaraj Cheralathan and Kuldeep, who had been in stunning form up until last night’s match. The biggest talking point of the night was Sagar Bandekar dropping captain and star raider Kashiling Adake, who was out of form and could not handle the pressure of leading the team. Will that happen tonight again? We will have to wait and see. 

Sagar Bandekar’s men will be up against Telugu Titans, who have had a mixed tournament up till now and need to get their tournament back on track with a win. They have played six matches till now, winning two, losing the other four. The team from Hyderabad began their campaign by losing three games on the trot but have managed to win two games out of their last three.

The way they defeated Bengal Warriors by a gap of 17 points and that victory was quite stunning, showing what they were actually capable of doing. Following that, their victory over U Mumba, preceded by their loss to Bengaluru Bulls, depicted the kind of character the team possesses. Rahul Chaudhari and Sandeep Narwal have been at the helm of things for Telugu Titans and the former’s duel against Sachin Shingade would be quite interesting to witness.

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