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Patna Pirates vs Jaipur Pink Panthers (FT: 21-26), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna Pirates
Pardeep Narwal of Patna Pirates in action.

FULL TIME Patna Pirates 21 – 26 Jaipur Pink Panthers

40‘ Patna Pirates 21 – 26 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Pardeep Narwal is tackled down by Amit Hooda and his hand is pulled back. Shabeer Bapu is standing like a model here and wasting time to run down the clock. Patna are not doing anything either. Just under two minutes to go and Rajesh Mondal sends Shabeer Bapu off! He can stand outside now. Ajay Kumar is tackled by the Patna defence. Ran Singh comes on to a high line defence in the dying seconds of the game and he gets a point. The game’s buzzer raid ends in another tackle point for Jaipur. THEY WIN.

37’ Patna Pirates 19 – 23 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Another timeout is taken, this time by Jaipur to slow things down. The lead is three points now for Jaipur and they would be looking to seal the deal here. Patna are not far behind and this game is an absolute cracker, pretty low scoring but cracking. Play resumes and Fazel Atrachali gets hold of Tushar Patil’s ankle and reduces the deficit to two points. SUPER TACKLE by Jaipur puts them four ahead.

33’ Patna Pirates 17 – 19 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Jaipur get a SUPER TACKLE to go into a two point lead. This is like a game of chess with both teams knowing what to do. However, something’s going to give and either someone will be a hero or a mistake will be made. TIMEOUT has been called with just 7 minutes remaining.

32’ Patna Pirates 17 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Patna Pirates have slowly but surely crept back into this game and this looks like to being going down to the wire. Do or die raid for Jaipur and it is Ajay for the away team. But the Patna team will have none of it. THEY ARE LEVEL!!! What a stunning comeback.

29’ Patna Pirates 16 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Shabeer Bapu has been awfully quiet tonight but he is yet to be tackled. He comes on again and goes back on one more occasion. Jaipur raid with Narwal and it is do or die. SUPER TACKLE by the combination of Fazel Atrachali and Cheralathan. Pardeep  Narwal is revived and he immediately gets touch point to reduce the deficit to just one.

26’ Patna Pirates 13 – 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Pardeep Narwal has been off the court quite regularly tonight and that is clearly reflecting on the score board. Rajesh Mondal comes on for a do or die raid but the Jaipur defence pins him down. Rajesh Narwal then raids with the Super Tackle on but plays it safe. Cheralathan follows suit and Shabeer Bapu too runs the clock down. Do or die raid for Jaipur and Rajesh Narwal is taken down by the Pirates. SUPER TACKLE

23’ Patna Pirates 10 – 14 Jaipur Pink Panthers - What a stunning way to start the second half by the Jaipur Pink Panthers. SUPER TACKLE and that too on Pardeep Narwal. Four point lead for Jaipur here. Rajesh Mondal attacks with Jaipur having four men on the mat but goes back empty handed. The clock is then run down by Shabeer Bapu, who has been superb and cautious.

HALF TIME Patna Pirates 10 – 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers

20’ Patna Pirates 10 – 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Ajay Thakur attacks for Jaipur but Bajirao rises and holds on to him to reduce the deficit to three points. Pardeep Narwal’s raid is excellent and Ran Singh cannot keep them down. Shabeer Bapu ends the first half with an empty raid and Jaipur go into the break with a two point lead. Have Patna conceded the psychological advantage to Jaipur?

18’ Patna Pirates 8 – 11 Jaipur Pink Panthers – SUPER TACKLE by Jaipur Pink Panthers as they hold on to the ankle of Pardeep Narwal. Jaipur shoot into a three point lead and they are playing it quite safe. Rajesh Mondal attacks for Patna with Jaipur having four men on the mat but to no avail.

15’ Patna Pirates 8 – 8 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Super Tackle on and Rajesh Mondal comes on and gets a point to reduce Jaipur to just two men. Patna get the decision but Jaipur review the call. The umpire is taking long and he decides to rule in favour of the home side. Left raider Shabeer Bapu comes on looking for the bonus point but returns empty handed. Pardeep Narwal then delivers to draw his team level.

12’ Patna Pirates 6 – 8 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The game is being played according to extremely sorted tactics and both teams are playing it to the T here. Kuldeep evades an ankle hold from the Jaipur defence to get a point but Tushar Patil follows it up wth an excellent raid. Jaipur are now into a two point lead with just 8 minutes to go in the first half here. Rajesh Narwal has been quiet on the night but produces an amazing kick, almost like Jasvir Singh, who applauds from the crowd.

9’ Patna Pirates 4 – 5 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The commentator’s words have fired Patna up and they are in the lead. Pardeep Narwal is looking menacing and he attacks with Jaipur having just three men on the mat. He makes a mistake and goes off court. Jaipur go into a one point lead again.

6’ Patna Pirates 3 – 3 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Something seems to have gone wrong with Patna Pirates and it is as if they are in a hangover from last evening’s loss. Jaipur make it 3-0 to themselves but Pardeep Narwal shows why he is so highly rated as he gets his team on the scoreboard with an excellent touch point. The crowd roars as an empty raid by the away side is followed by another successful raid. TWO POINTS. He is a star.

3’ Patna Pirates 0 – 2 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The game has got off to a cautious start and a slew of empty raids is ended by Shabeer Bapu, who gets proceedings uderway with a point. Pardeep Narwal, shaved off his beard tonight, comes to attack. Both teams have been terribly cautious and defensive in the initial moments of the match. Jaipur make it two with a tackle point on Rajesh Mondal.

We are ready to go here for the final game of the Patna leg of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 and the teams will be out soon. Dabang Delhi have restored normal proceedings to lose another game and this time it is the Telugu Titans who have condemned them to a defeat. The team from the country’s capital looked quite off colour. But now it is time to focus on the next game here.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of this Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 game between Patna Pirates and Jaipur Pink Panthers from the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. Tonight is the last day of the Patna leg of Pro Kabaddi 4 and this is the final match. The defending champions will be look to get back to winning ways after they were stunned last night by Dabang Delhi in an encounter that could well be dubbed as the “greatest upset in Pro Kabaddi history.”

The defeat was shocking to everyone including the fans in Patna, the Pirates and anyone who thought that the home team would simply turn up on the night and walk over Dabang Delhi. Not only were Patna Pirates outplayed in the match by Delhi, they had absoutely no clue about what was happening on the night as they were outclassed in all departments, be it defence or attack.

Patna Pirates’ destroyer-in-chief, Pardeep Narwal, was awfully quiet on the night and completely owned by Sachin Shingade, who was on another level. Pardeep’s silence on the mat seemed to rub on to other playes as his partner Rajesh Mondal and captain Dharmaraj Cheralathan seemed to switch off as well. However, it would be wrong to start drawing conclusions and Patna would like to forget that match as one bad day.

They will be up against a Jaipur Pink Panthers side that is going into the match with a chance of toppling Puneri Paltan at the top of the Pro Kabaddi 4 points table. Jaipur Pink Panthers have 20 points from 6 games and a healthy score difference of plus 25. The Abhishek Bachchan-owned franchise has played exceptional kabaddi in this tournament and are easily one of the top contenders to win the trophy.

The Pink Panthers have a solid team with a lot of players looking in good nick, including and especially their captain fantastic Jasvir Singh and Rajesh Narwal, who have effected 24 successful raids in this season so far. Shabeer Bapu has been a revelation for them this season after he was purchased in the auction and his transition from Mumbai to Jaipur has been quite smooth.

Even Patna seem to be the form team in the tournament, Jaipur can draw level with them on points if they win tonight’s encounter. These two teams have played each other 7 times in the past and Patna Pirates have the upper hand with five wins. There are certain key battles within this gigantic battle that are likely to decide the outcome of the game. For starters, whether or not the Jaipur defence is able to bring down Pardeep Narwal and Rajesh Mondal will be interesting to see.

On the other hand, the high flying Jasvir Singh and the ever probing Rajesh Narwal could be a handful for Dharmaraj Cheralathan and co. Fazel Atrachali, who was off the mark last night, would need to step up if Patna are to beat Jaipur tonigt. Moreover, the Pirates will be looking to end their home leg with a win and consolidate their position at the top of the table.

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