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Patna Pirates vs Puneri Paltan (FT: 31-28), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates
Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates LIVE

Best Defender of the Match – Bajirao Hodage (Patna Pirates)

Best Raider of the Match – Pardeep Narwal (Patna Pirates)

FULL TIME Patna Pirates 31 – 28 Puneri Paltan

40’ Patna Pirates 31 – 28 Puneri Paltan – The defending champions are now just trying to run down time and the onus is on Pune now. Deepak reduces the deficit to three by getting a bonus quickly. Ravinder Pahal is livid as Pardeep Narwal gets a crucial touch point. Lead down to three again as Cheralathan gives away a point to Hooda and take back the control of the game. Pardeep runs down the clock and it is over. Patna are through.

38’ Patna Pirates 30 – 26 Puneri Paltan – Patna have been rattled by Puneri Paltan here and the team from Maharashtra has forced the defending champions to think. Do they protect their lead or just play like usual? Deepak Niwas Hooda has done really well in the second half and led from the front. Pardeep Narwal raids in front of a full strength Pune side and gets nothing. Deepak raids with extra movement but he too goes back. Ajay Thakur comes on for a do or die raid and Bajirao gets it right this time. HIGH FIVE with waist hold. Rajesh Mondal’s do or die raid ends in a tackle point for Pune.

35’ Patna Pirates 29 – 25 Puneri Paltan – The game resumes and Pune attack after much discussion between their captain and Ajay Thakur. Deepak raids looking proactive and induces the advance tackle from Fazel Atrachali. Point to Pune. The dancing Pirate, Pardeep Narwal, comes on to attack, moves around swiftly but goes back without a point. Deepak Niwas Hooda gets the better of Cheralathan and achieves a two point raid. Ravinder Pahal then holds on to Pardeep’s ankle and gets one more point. Deepak raids with Patna having two men on the mat. Patna raid and play for the Super Tackle. Empty raid. Patna are down to one as Bajirao is taken by Deepak Hooda and Puneri Paltan roar back with an ALL OUT!!!!!

32’ Patna Pirates 29 – 17 Puneri Paltan – Are Pune done here for the night? The lead is 12 points and Patna look like they are on Auto Pilot at the moment. They are playing like a machine and Pune seem to have nothing. TIMEOUT taken by Pune.

30’ Patna Pirates 28 – 16 Puneri Paltan – Ajay Thakur gets a touch point to revive one more player and the lead is six points. Rajesh Mondal raids with Pune having four men on the mat. Patna are still controlling the game. A quick raid by Ajay Thakur forces do or die raid on Patna and it Abolfazel. Magical kick and he gets the touch point. Ajay Thakur taken down by Bajirao Hodage. Pardeep Narwal then executes the raid well to get both defenders. SUPER 10 and ALL OUT!!!!!

28’ Patna Pirates 22 – 15 Puneri Paltan – Patna have once again killed the resistance by Puneri Paltan and are now controlling the pace of the game. Deepak Niwas Hooda with a raid and Kuldeep dives to get hold of his ankle. Superb defensive point. PARDEEP NARWAL!!!! SUPER RAID. When will he stop? He takes three points to take the lead to 10 points. Pune staring at a second all out but Somvir puts in a SUPER TACKLE. Lead down to seven points. Pune are resisting well.

25’ Patna Pirates 18 – 12 Puneri Paltan – Patna are down to three men and with the Super Tackle on, Deepak Niwas Hooda plays for the do or die raid. Patna bring on Abolfazel and he straight away gets the bonus. Pune are not happy and they review. Can they get their third review correct. NO. UNSUCCESSFUL. Too much haste from Pune. Parmod Narwal raids and Bajirao Hodage effects a SUPER TACKLE. Patna get two points to take the lead to six.

23’ Patna Pirates 15 – 12 Puneri Paltan – Ajay Thakur with the first raid of the second half as Pune look to overturn a hefty deficit. Empty raid. Rajesh Mondal looks like a man on a mission now and his cant suggests so. He does not get anything as well. Parmod Narwal raids with his diminutive build and dances around. He goes under Dharmaraj Cheralathan. Dubki and two points. Pune reduce deficit to three.


Patna have taken a sizeable lead here and are looking in control of proceedings. Puneri Paltan have tried to fight back but things are just not going right for them. Can they fight back? Stay tuned to find out. 

HALF TIME Patna Pirates 15 – 10 Puneri Paltan

20’ Patna Pirates 15 – 10 Puneri Paltan - FINALLY!! Deepak Niwas Hooda gets his first point of the night and it is a bonus. Pardeep then raids for Puneri Paltan and Preetam Chhillar puts his hand up to say “I will take him down.” Lead is down to just four points. Can Pune fight back even more to go into the break with some confidence? A little over a minute left and Ajay Thakur raids with Patna having four on the mat. Does not take any risk. Bajirao Hodage raids and it is clear that Patna want to protect their lead. Do or die raid and it is Pune captain Deepak Niwas Hooda. HE ALMOST GETS IT. His hands almost reach the centre line but is pulled back. HALF TIME

17’ Patna Pirates14 – 8 Puneri Paltan - Puneri Paltan are seriously looking done here and do not seem to have any answer for Patna’s questions. Deepak Niwas Hooda is yet to get off the mark and the pressure of captaincy is showing on his face. Ravinder Pahal puts in a superb double ankle hold to take down Surjeet and reduce the deficit to just 7 points. Puneri Paltan review after Ajay Thakur claims the bonus. SUCCESSFUL. Pune have been on fire with the reviews tonight. Lead down to six.

15’ Patna Pirates 14 – 6 Puneri Paltan - PARDEEP NARWAL YOU BEAUTY!!! SUPER RAID. He goes deep into Pune’s half and when tackled by two men, carries them to his own half. This is stunning stuff. Puneri Paltan have reviewed the call and say that they have conceded two points only. SUCCESSFUL. It is not a Super Raid but a magnificent one nevertheless. Patna are leading by five points. Pardeep comes on again and Pune have three men on the mat. Super Tackle on but he gets Deepak Niwas Hooda. Down to two men. Do or die raid and it is Ajay Thakur. He gets the point but Pardeep picks a point easily. Ajay, last man for Pune, raids and ALL OUT!!!!! Stunning from Patna

12’ Patna Pirates 7 – 4 Puneri Paltan - The game has got off to a nice start with Patna dictating the pace of the game and taking the lead as well. Puneri Paltan are just about in the contest and Parmod comes on for a do or die raid. Fazel Atrachali chases him, gets the neck low and takes Narwal down. Superb stuff from the Iranian. Rajesh Mondal comes on and he is dancing tonight. Does not get anything but is looking good. Patna have a three point lead.

9’ Patna Pirates 5 – 4 Puneri Paltan - Do or die raid for Paltan and it is Parmod Narwal, who is in the line-up in place of Manjeet Chhillar. What a point!! He gets Cheralathan, who attempts a waste hold but fails to take down Narwal. Surjeet comes on and easily gets the bonus. Ajay Thakur goes for the kick and gets Surjeet on the thigh. He is on the board for the match. Lead down to one as Pardeep raids but stays cautious. Deepak, Pune captain for the night, raids but decides to go against taking a risk.

6’ Patna Pirates 4 – 2 Puneri Paltan - Deepak Niwas Hooda a little slow on the turn and that is exactly what Kuldeep needs as the takes him down. Patna are up and running here. They look like a team with purpose and have put Pune under pressure here. Ajay Tahkur raids but does not get anything. It is a do or die raid and Rajesh Mondal attacks for Patna. He surges past a few defenders but is unable to complete. Excellent tackle.

3’ Patna Pirates 3 – 1 Puneri Paltan – The game is off to an excellent start as Patna Pirates immediately draw first blood through Rajesh Mondal, who gets the bonus point. Ajay Thakur’s empty raid is followed by an excellent thigh hold by Ravinder Pahal on Surjeet Singh. Both teams are on the score board now. A huge roar as Pardeep Narwal attacks and he straight away gets Ravinder Pahal. How good was that toe touch? Sonu Narwal with a do or die raid and he is taken down by Bajirao, who is looking to make ammends tonight.

LET’S GO!!!!!

Stay tuned, we are almost underway here!

Anup Kumar comes to give his interview and he is a class apart. There is no mincing of words and calls spade a spade. He clearly states that Rohit Kumar is going to be a huge threat to U Mumba. After Anup Kumar, it is a direct digression with actors Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez come on to talk about the game and obviously, their film. We are inching closer to the start here.

Patna Pirates starting 7: Pardeep Narwal, Bajirao Hodage, Surjeet Singh, Kuldeep, Fazel Atrachali, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rajesh Mondal

Puneri Paltan starting 7: Parmod Narwal, Somvir Shekhar, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Sonu Narwal, Ajay Thakur, Ravinder Pahal and Joginder Narwal

Pardeep Narwal will need to be controlled tonight and Ravinder Pahal says that patience is the key. One thing that the kabaddi players, in Pro Kabaddi, have in common that they are still not on terms with speaking anything ill about their teams, which is a good thing to see. They also show respect for opponents, which is critical in a game that has such great level of physical contact.

We are live here and Sachin seems to be wearing something that is quite inexplicable. Regardless, Ravinder Pahal of Puneri Paltan says that Manjeet Chhillar’s absence is something that saw the side suffer.

Rajesh Mondal will surely have a huge role to play in today’s match and its outcome. Whenever Mondal fires, things look quite rosy for Patna, even if they are without Pardeep Narwa. He will be looking to come back after yesterday’s disappointment. 

There is no other venue in India where kabaddi is in the air like Mumbai. Be it due to Maharashtra’s deep connection with the spot, U Mumba being the home team or just Anup Kumar, the Dome@NSCI is a stellar venue.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Good evening friends and welcome to the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 and we have reached the last day of the Mumbai leg. To conclude the penultimate leg of Pro Kabaddi, we have two games, which, like most from now on, will be really crucial. In the first of those two matches, Patna Pirates will take on Puneri Paltan and both teams will be desperate for a win to strengthen their chances of making it to the semi-finals.

Patna Pirates, easily, have been the best side in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 but they tend to switch off their minds in some matches, which they end up losing. A classic example of this case was the game against Jaipur Pink Panthers last night and how they managed to lose the contest by seven points despite going into the half time with a lead of two. One of the biggest reasons for that seems to be the opposition curbing Pardeep Narwal and Rajesh Mondal.

Amit Hooda, Rohit Rana and Ran Singh were on point last night and did not let either of two raiders, who possess the ability to kill anyone with their attack, take the initiative and curbed them really well. Furthermore, the Patna defence made several errors in the second period, including Dharmaraj Cheralathan and Bajirao Hodage. However, irrespective of the result last night, Patna have another chance to reach the top of the points table.

They currently are sitting second on the points table with 42 points from 11 games and are just five points behind leaders Jaipur Pink Panthers, having played two games less than the Abhishek Bachchan-owned franchise. A win tonight would put Patna through to the semi-finals and it would be something they would not need to delay further. For that to happen, Patna would need to dust themselves off and come on fresh tonight.

Patna’s opponents for tonight, Puneri Paltan, have just gone off the boils after a fantastic start to their Pro Kabaddi 4 campaign. The team from Maharashtra, which was at the top of the Pro Kabaddi 4 table a few weeks back, has failed to win any of their last four matches, losing three of them and tying one. They have sorely missed captain and talisman Manjeet Chhillar, who has been missing due to injury.

Deepak Niwas Hooda has been good for the Paltan but he has not got the support of the likes of Ajay Thakur and Sonu Narwal on a consistent basis. To be fair, Ajay Thakur has performed brilliantly in patches, the performances do not seem to be enough to get them over the line. Puneri Paltan have 31 points from 11 matches and with three games remaining, they would need to win two out of those to secure a semi-final spot.

Whether of not Manjeet Chhillar plays tonight remains to be seen, but Puneri Paltan will need to win this game if they are to boost their chances of making it to the final four. Also, they will be wary of Rajesh Mondal and Pardeep Narwal, who will be looking to prove a point after their loss to Jaipur Pink Panthers last night. The good thing for Puneri Paltan is that their score difference is way better than U Mumba, who are currently in fourth spot, and if Pune win, they shall occupy the fourth spot. 

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