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Pro Kabaddi 2016 Live Score (18-26 FT): Bengal Warriors VS U Mumba, Live Match Scores & Updates Online, PKL Season 4

3.97K   //    03 Jul 2016, 18:33 IST
U Mumba vs Bengal Warriors
U Mumba take on Bengal Warriors in Pro Kabaddi 4

Have U Mumba come back into their true self today? It certainly looks that way if you analyse the performance. Bengal Warriors simply had no answers tonight and could not do anything. U Mumba outclassed Bengal Warriors to keep their 100 per cent record against the latter intact. They have not started off the blocks like usual but U Mumba’s performance today is going to ring alarm bells in opposition camps. Thank you for joining us!!

Best Defender of the Match – Rakesh Kumar (U Mumba)

Best Raider of the Match – Rishank Devadiga (U Mumba)


Bengal Warriors 18 – 26 U Mumba – Warriors review the decision to give Suresu Kumar the touch point and it is successful. They prevent the lead from going into double digits. U Mumba immediately get one back as Jeeva makes an excellent dash to tackle the Bengal raider. Shrikant Jadhav comes on to get one point for Bengal Warriors but it is not enough. They have been thoroughly outplayed today. U Mumba are playing like champions again!!!

Bengal Warriors 16 – 25 U Mumba – Anup Kumar and his team are not letting Bengal Warriors do anything as the defence effects yet another tackle. Bengal Warriors look dejected already and may have already given up. Rishank attacks with Vishal Mane lurking but decides to kill time. An error from Surjeet gives Nitin Madane a touch point but U Mumba look composed. Anup Kumar raids but ends up giving defensive instructions. Nitin Madane forces Rishank out of the court but gets tackled. Under 2 minutes to go.

Bengal Warriors 14 – 23 U Mumba – Bengal huddle up before the resumption of play as they look to do something about the huge deficit. Monu Goyat goes deep in U Mumba half and pays the price but getting tackled. Anup Kumar attacks for U Mumba but smiles and goes back. Bengal get one point after Jeeva Kumar slips to reduce the lead to 8 points. Nitin Madane goes deep and tries to get the toe touch but Anup is aware. Suresu Kumar with the do or die raid and delivers. 

Bengal Warriors 13 – 21 U Mumba – Anup Kumar continues to play the waiting game and he knows his team is in control. Monu Goyat comes to raid with 4 U Mumba men on the mat but is sent away by an aware U Mumba defence. Anup comes again with the bonus on and gets it. He is not king for no reason and buys his team two more empty raid. TIMEOUT

Bengal Warriors 12 – 20 U Mumba – Anup Kumar, calm and composed as ever, does not look to open his account and plays it safe. He is such a cool customer who does not care about personal achievements. Monu Goyat looks for his first points on the night but fails again. He is not getting it right. Rishank comes on for a do or die raid but gets tackled by Nilesh Shinde. Do or die raid for Bengal Warriors and U Mumba showing a bit of complacency here to give an ordinary point.

Bengal Warriors 10 – 19 U Mumba – Bengal, for some odd reason, are not looking to worried and are happy to play the waiting game. Anup Kumar does the same and puts the ball back in the court of Bengal. Nilesh Shinde forces a do or die raid and it turns out to be an excellent decision as he tackles down the U Mumba raider. Surjeet attacks in a do or die raid but gets tackled. U Mumba extend lead to 10

Bengal Warriors 9 – 18 U Mumba – Rakesh Kumar starts the second half with an empty raid and Nitin Madane does the same. Suresu Kumar with a do or die raid and manages to get a touch point off Nitin Madane with an extension of his leg. U Mumba follow it up with a tackle through Rakesh Kumar, who blocks and floors the Bengal raider.

The team from the east needs to dig deep if they are to do anything in the game because U Mumba look in their zone and are not to be disturbed. If Bengal are to make any inroads into Mumbai’s defence, they need to curb the attacking prowess of Rishank Devadiga. Here we go!!

Bengal Warriors 9 – 16 U Mumba HALF TIME

Bengal Warriors 9 – 16 U Mumba – Nilesh Shinde finally comes into his own as he effects an excellent ankle hold on Surender Singh. Surjeet Narwal follows it up with a superb touch point on Anup Kumar, who does not review. Mature. Rishanka attacks with caution and plays it safe to return to the U Mumba half. Surjeet Narwal attacks again with four men on the mat for U Mumba but nothing happens. Rakesh Kumar’s first raid of the night is an empty one and Rishank Devadiga is unable to get a touch point for U Mumba and his tackled by Girish Ernak.

Bengal Warriors 6 – 14 U Mumba – U Mumba  are having no problems playing the waiting game and it is Bengal who need to show urgency. Rishank gets the bonus yet again and Surjeet Narwal tries to open his account for the night but U Mumba are having none of it. They are being clinical tonight and have a nine point lead. Surender with a raid and shows smartness to force Nitin Madane to do something and he does manage to get a point.

Bengal Warriors 3 – 11 U Mumba – ALL OUT!!! U Mumba have been excellent tonight and have made literally no errors. Playing the waitng game, Rakesh Kumar tackles the Bengal raider to effect the first All Out of the night. A six point lead for Mumbai as Monu Goyat comes on but does not get any point. Rishank on again for Mumbai  but plays it safe. Nitin Madane attacks with the bonus on but to no avail.

Bengal Warriors 1 – 5 U Mumba – Rishank gets off the mark for the night to get the better of his ex teammate Vishal Mane and U Mumba follow it up with a tackle point. Anup Kumar is instructing his defence carefully. Rishank, with bull like power, rips through Monu Goyat and Nilesh SHinde to give his team a healthy lead.

Bengal Warriors 1 – 1 U Mumba – Bengal get proceedings underway with Nitin Madane attacking and looking to breach the U Mumba defence but starts off with an empty raid. Anup Kumar follows it up with another one. He looked wary of Vishal Mane. Surjeet’s empty raid is followed by a Bengal ankle hold on Rishank Devadiga but U Mumba return the favour. Both defences looking tight. 

Patna Pirates have inflicted a painful defeat on Telugu Titans, not only in terms of the points table but even physically and psychologically. U Mumba come out and they start with usual suspects Anup Kumar, Rishank Devadiga, Rakesh Kumar, Jeeva Kumar and Surjeet. Bengal Warriors, on the other hand, start with Nilesh Shinde, Girish Ernak, Vishal Mane, Nitin Madane and Vishal Mane. We are almost ready to go here.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the live coverage of tonight’s second match in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 from the Gachibowli indoor stadium, Hyderabad. Bengal Warriors take U Mumba on in a mouth watering clash between with exactly opposite strengths but kind of the same form in the current season of the world’s premier kabaddi competition.

It is the East vs West derby in Pro Kabaddi 4, which has not disappointed audiences and kabaddi viewers one bit. Matches, one after the other, have been scintillatingly close and entertaining with plenty of Super Tackles, Super Raids and All Outs taking place. Today too, given the teams’ positions, promises to be a cracker.

U Mumba have had a mixed start to Pro Kabaddi 4, winning and losing two games apiece in their campaign so far. They have shown the kind of brilliance expected from them in patches and when that has happened, the second season champions have won the game. However, their performances against Puneri Paltan and Patna Pirates showed chinks in the usually strong armour and the fact that their defence can be breached.

However, no matter how poorly U Mumba play, you can never count them out of contention for the game due to their exceptional pedigree and history. More importantly, the Anup Kumar-led team has some seriously quality in its ranks and an excellent balance of youth and experience. While Rishank Devadiga, one of kabaddi’s rising stars, provides the firepower in U Mumba, Rakesh Kumar, with ice in his veins delivers in crunch moments.

It is never easy to get going instantly with a new squad in place and U Mumba might be still figuring out their right combination. Once their combination is set, U Mumba could actually be unstoppable and invincible, like they have been in previous seasons.

Bengal Warriors, on the other hand, are languishing at seventh in the Pro Kabaddi 4 points table, having won only one game out of the three they have played. To be fair, Bengal Warriors have been more wasteful and ordinary in their tactics than the game. Considered one of the strongest defensive unit in Pro Kabaddi, the Warriors have shown poor judgement in a lot of crucial moments, which have resulted in games slipping out of their hands.

Players as experienced as Nilesh Shinde and Girish Ernak have made mistakes that are not expected from them and that has proved to be costly for Bengal Warriors. However, they have some good attacking prowess in Nitin Madane, Jang Kun Lee and Shrikant Jadhav, which can look towards exposing the defensive frailties in the U Mumba defence. They will also be looking towards not conceding too many points through hasty decisions and ordinary tactics.

History and form, both, are on U Mumba’s side in this contest as the team from East India has never been able to win or draw against their opponents from the Western part of the country. U Mumba have defeated Bengal Warriors in all 7 games the two teams have played in Pro Kabaddi till now. Will tonight be any different? We will have to find out.

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