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Pro Kabaddi 2016, Semi Final Live Score: Telugu Titans vs Jaipur Pink Panthers (FT: 24-34) Live Match Updates

24.68K   //    29 Jul 2016, 19:26 IST
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans
Jaipur Pink Panthers take on Telugu Titans in second semi final of Pro Kabaddi 4

Best Defender of the Match – Amit Hooda (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

Best Raider of the Match – Jasvir Singh (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

Today’s game has been a masterclass in experience and tactics from Jaipur Pink Panthers. Be it Jasvir’s scorpion kicks, Shabeer Bapu’s composure or Rajesh Narwal’s aggression, all has come together for the team from Jaipur. You have to feel for Rahul Chaudhari here and imagine what else he could have done to take his team to win. 

FULL TIME Telugu Titans 24 – 34 Jaipur Pink Panthers

40’ Telugu Titans 24 – 34 Jaipur Pink Panthers - The game resumes after the Timeout and Sandeep Narwal gets one point. This seems more like a strategy by Jaipur to give them one point. Who comes in next? Who else but Jasvir, He smiles, walks and induces the error from Sandeep Narwal. This is over, it is just the final whistle that is waiting for itself. Rahul Chaudhari raids in the last minute and goes back quickly. Lo Chia Wei comes on to raid and passes more time. Rahul gets one point off Amit Hooda but Jaipur review. They are having some fun here. UNSUCCESSFUL. Does not matter and JAIPUR ARE IN THE FINAL

38’ Telugu Titans 22 – 33 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Ran Singh wrestles down Nilesh Salunke and gets one more point. Jaipur are edging closer to a victory here. Ajay Kumar with a do or die raid, Telugu Titans tackle but take a lot of time. This is looking like curtains for the home team here.!! TIMEOUT

37’ Telugu Titans 21 – 32 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Jaipur take advantage of the break and immediately produce a SUPER TACKLE to take Rahul Chaudhari off. Ajay Kumar comes on for a do or die raid and delivers yet again. The away side are running away with it here. Just over five minutes to go and they are leading by 12 points. Nilesh, in the meanwhile pulls one back for Titans. Jasvir showing stunning composure and kills time. Experience. Rahul raids with Jaipur having four men on the mat. he is trying really hard but is unable to get anything.

34’ Telugu Titans 29 – 20 Jaipur Pink Panthers - This is big hole in which Telugu Titans are finding themselves tonight. The lead is eleven points with just under eight minutes to go. Rahul Chaudhari raids with Jaipur having five on the mat and he produces a stunner!!! Two points, lead is down to nine points and seven minutes left. Telugu Titans need to inflict an All Out here soon. TIMEOUT!!!

32’ Telugu Titans 16 – 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers - Have the Panthers sealed the match here? Rahul Chaudhari comes on to raid and he gets two points for his team. There is some confusion here. Both get one point each but Telugu Titans review the call. This could be crucial for the game. SUCCESSFUL. He gets one point though. Rahul remains on court. But will that be enough? It gets bad for Titans as Rajesh Narwal’s raid puts two more men out. TECHNICAL POINT to Titans now and Amit Hooda is show the yellow. Drama. Jaipur are reviewing this and they want three points. SUCCESSFUL

30’ Telugu Titans 14 – 26 Jaipur Pink Panthers - The away team is turning on the screws here and the experience in Jaipur’s side is showing its true colours. They have raced into an eight-point lead and Rahul Chaudhari is off the court. Jaipur quickly reduce the Titans to three men again. Can they inflict another All Out and make it virtually impossible for the home team? They are down to two!!! Nine point lead is made ten by Jasvir’s SCORPION. How good has he been? ALL OUT!!!

26’ Telugu Titans 13 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers - SCORPION KICK from Jasvir and whom does he get? Rahul Chaudhari. The lead is two for Jaipur but Nilesh gets the bonus. Two men on the mat and Super Tackle on as Jasvir raids. He gets the point to bring Jaipur closer to the All Out. Can Telugu Titans control the damage here by getting bonus? He gets the bonus but the Titans are ALL OUT!!!

23’ Telugu Titans 11 – 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers - The second half starts with Rahul Chaudhari raiding and I sense that he will be doing a lot of it in the second half. Shabeer Bapu runs down the clock for another empty raid to bring Nilesh Salunke on and the Telugu Titans raider too goes back without anything. Shabeer Bapu raids again and he decides to play on the do or die. MS Athul attacks but Amit Hooda takes him down. Jaipur are level, great strategy. Jasvir with a do or die raid and he is taken out. Both teams get a point each. NO!! Jaipur get Two

Stay with us!! Second half coming right up!!!

HALF TIME Telugu Titans 11 – 10 Jaipur Pink Panthers

20’ Telugu Titans 11 – 10 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Unnecessary from Ran Singh and Rahul Chaudhari is too intelligent here. The Jaipur defender tries to attack and pin the Titans captain, who takes with him Rajesh and Ran Singh both. Two touch points. Jasvir Singh tries to draw his team level but is not able to. Another empty raid ends the first half!!! Telugu Titans lead again.

19’ Telugu Titans 9 – 10 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Rahul Chaudhari seems to be playing a really smart game here and he knows that any mistake from him would cost his team dearly, especially when there are just five men on the mat. A slew of empty raids is followed by a bonus from Nilesh Salunke. Ajay Kumar again with the do or die raid and what happens? HE GETS IT!!! This guy has unbelievable. SUPER RAID by Ajay Kumar. Titans review this, crucial moment in the game. SUCCESSFUL

17’ Telugu Titans 8 – 8 Jaipur Pink Panthers – This game has been really sedate as compared to the first semi-final but is equally interesting. There is just no choosing between the two sides. Rajesh Narwal with a do or die raid and he is pushed back by Jasmer Singh Gulia. Telugu Titans take the lead and Athul comes on for a do or die raid. He is taken down as well. Ran SIngh and Amit Hooda combine. Level peggings. What a game!!

15’ Telugu Titans 7 – 7 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Rahul Chaudhari’s empty raid brings on Ajay Kumar for a do or die raid and the youngster shows why he is so trusted by his captain and coach. Jaipur into a one point lead but young Athul takes one point to draw things level. The game operating on really thin margins here. Rahul Chaudhari, looking quite focussed, comes on to raid with the bonus on. The Jaipur defence is tight and does not let him get away.

12’ Telugu Titans 6 – 6 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Ajay Kumar, who has been invisible so far, immediately makes himself known by getting a two point raid and his team is ahead now. Rahul Chaudhari shows who is boss by getting a touch point off Rajesh Narwal.Both teams are level again and an empty Jaipur raid brings Sandeep Narwal on to a tremendous roar. What a character he is. Empty raid.

9’ Telugu Titans 5 – 4 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Around seven minutes have gone by and no team is clearly dominating here. Just as we say that, Nilesh Salunke gets the bonus to put his team on level again. Rajesh Narwal’s first raid on the night is empty. Nilesh is sent to attack again with Rahul Chaudhari missing. THe bonus is on but he does not get it. Jasvir Singh with a do or die raid and a superb ANKLE HOLD by Sandeep Dhull. Stunning. Rahul is back

6’ Telugu Titans 3 – 4 Jaipur Pink Panthers – Neither of the teams are in any sort of a hurry and they are looking quite cautious. Rahul Chaudhari has not raided much in the first five minute but gets the bonus to draw his team level. Sagar Krishna then produces an excellent ankle hold to put Titans in the lead. Jaipur immediately reply through Amit Hooda’s superb tackle on Rahul Chaudhari and Jasvir then gets the better of Narwal. Jaipur ahead now.

3’ Telugu Titans 1 – 2 Jaipur Pink Panthers – The second semi-final starts with Jasvir Singh walking into Titans’ court like he owns it. His empty raid is followed by a huge roar and Rahul Chaudhari, who goes back as well. That is interesting, Shabeer Bapu raids tonight but he is too intelligent to do anything stupid. Nilesh Salunke raids next and he decides to force the do or die raid. Jasvir comes on and gets TWO POINTS. Over exuberance from Titans defence. Salunke with Titans’ do or die raid. HE GETS THE POINT


Telugu Titans field a starting line-up featuring Rahul Chaudhari, Sandeep Narwal, Sandeep Dhull, Vinod, Jasmer Singh Gulia, Nilesh Salunke and Sagar Krishna while Jaipur Pink Panthers’ side has Jasvir Singh, Rajesh Narwal, Ran Singh, Amit Hooda, Rohit Rana, Ajay Kumar and Shabeer Bapu. We are ready to go!!!

In case you have just joined us, Patna Pirates have qualified for the final after beating Puneri Paltan in a thrilling contest, which they won 37-33. All eyes will now turn to the home side Telugu Titans, who will be looking to cement their place in Sunday’s final.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Good evening and welcome to the live coverage of the second semi-final of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 between Telugu Titans and Jaipur Pink Panthers from the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. We are set to find out who will be the second finalist of this amazing tournament and both teams vying for the spot are as good as each other, which makes this contest really tasty.

Telugu Titans, it can be safely said, have been the most dangerous team in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4. Patna Pirates might be on top of the table in terms of points but a small look towards the right at the score difference column and Telugu Titans’ statistic is way better than any other side, which is what makes them an extremely dangerous side. Apart from the score difference aspect, Titans are unbeaten in their last nine games.

There are no prizes for guessing who the main man for Telugu Titans will be on this crucial evening. Rahul Chaudhari, the best raider in the competition’s history, has already notched up a colossal 119 raid points in Pro Kabaddi 4 and that too despite carrying a shoulder injury. On his night, which are most of them, Rahul Chaudhari is simply unstoppable and he has really come into his own this season.

Though all eyes will be on Rahul, he has more than a solid group of men rallying behind him. Nilesh Salunke has been an excellent support raider to Rahul and he will be used quite a lot tonight, especially on do or die raids. Sandeep Narwal, a man who is over exuberant on occasion, will be looking to make a mark on the big stage. The Telugu Titans all-rounder has shown excellent maturity in Pro Kabaddi 4 and his all-round abilities have played a crucial role in them qualifying for the semi-final.

The defence of Telugu Titans is not far behind the attack with the likes of Sandeep Dhull and Jasmer Singh Gulia firing on all cylinders at the moment. They will be looking to nullify the threat posed by Jasvir Singh, Ajay Kumar and Rajesh Narwal, a trio that can be a handful for any defence.

Jaipur Pink Panthers, on the other hand, have quietly slipped into a semi-final spot without a lot being talked about them this season. After two indifferent campaigns in season two and three, Abhishek Bachchan’s team seems to have got its mojo back and have played some exceptional kabaddi. Led by the lazy maverick Jasvir Singh, Jaipur have managed to fight fire with fire every time they have been challenged.

Jasvir Singh, their captain and talisman, has led the way in attack by amassing over 60 points in the league stages of the season. He has been ably supported by the likes of Ajay Kumar and Rajesh Kumar, who have pitched in whenever their team has needed them. Ajay Kumar, in particular, has been a revelation and delivered on several occasions during do or die raids.

Though Jaipur have a decent attack, it is in defence that their real strengths lie. Amit Hooda has been the backbone of their defence and has teamed up with Ran Singh to stop the best of attacks in Pro Kabaddi 4. The Jaipur defence is probably in for its biggest challenge of the tournament on a day where a small mistake could send you back home.

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