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Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors (FT: 34-34) Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

4.58K   //    12 Jul 2016, 18:37 IST
Puneri paltan Bengal
Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors LIVE

Best Defender of the Match – Vishal Mane (Bengal Warriors)

Best Raider of the Match – Deepak Niwas Hooda (Puneri Paltan)

FULL TIME Puneri Paltan 34 – 34 Bengal Warriors

40’ Puneri Paltan 34 – 34 Bengal Warriors – Bengal are trying to protect their lead here and both teams are playing on the defence. Jang Kun Lee with a do or die raid and he slips to give a point to Puneri Paltan. Sonu Narwal gets another point to draw his team level. Two consecutive mistakes by Bengal, have they given the game to Pune? Nilesh raids to put the ball in Deepak Niwas Hooda’s court for the final raid. This is a TIE.

38’ Puneri Paltan 32 – 34 Bengal Warriors – Deepak Niwas Hooda comes back with an empty raid to force a do or die raid on Nitin Madane and Ravinder Pahal gets his man. The waiting game pays off as Madane goes deep and gets tackled. Sonu Narwal plays it safe as it is not a do or die raid. Bengal Warriors get one technical point to draw level. Another SUPER TACKLE for Bengal Warriors and they go into the lead here.

36’ Puneri Paltan 31 – 31 Bengal Warriors – Bengal are down to three men and they need to be careful to not get All Out. Nitin Madane raids for Bengal but does not get anything. Manjeet Chhillar attacks with the Super Tackle on and Bengal get him again. SUPER TACKLE draws Bengal level. Manjeet gets injured as well. A tactical battle going on here as the teams are level.

34’ Puneri Paltan 31 – 29 Bengal Warriors – Super Tackle on as Monu Goyat raids for Bengal but he decides to play safe. Sonu Narwal comes on to attack and though he is looking to play safe, over exuberance from Jang Kun Lee draws Pune level and the men in orange take the lead. Stunning game going on here. TIMEOUT

32’ Puneri Paltan 27 – 29 Bengal Warriors - This match is getting better and better. Just when it looked like Pune would effect another All Out. Vishal Mane catches hold of the raider’s knee and gets the Super Tackle. Bengal have drawn level here and are not ready to give up. Jang Kun Lee latches on to another error by Manjeet Chhillar to get a touch point and Nilesh sends Ajay Thakur out. Pune down to three men. What a contest.

29’ Puneri Paltan 27 – 25 Bengal Warriors – Bengal are reduced to three men again and Manjeet Chhillar’s raid throws one more defender off the mat. Puneri Paltan are smelling another All Out here. Monu Goyat gets a bonus but Manjeet is happy to let him have it but the decision backfires as Bengal have a SUPER TACKLE. Manjeet is out of the mat. Deepak Niwas Hooda attacks with a Super Tackle on but he sends Ernak out.

26’ Puneri Paltan 24 – 21 Bengal Warriors – Puneri Paltan start to get a hold of proceedings here as a touch point is followed by an excellent tackle on Jang Kun Lee by Joginder Narwal. The team from Maharashtra has a two point lead. Nitin Madane’s empty raid is followed by Deepak Niwas Hooda, who plays it safe. Monu Goyat attacks for Bengal Warriors but to no avail. Ajay Thakur gets Nilesh Shinde in a do or die raid.

23’ Puneri Paltan 21 – 21 Bengal Warriors – Jang Kun Lee prevents an All Out by getting a touch point but they cannot hold for long as Manjeet Chhillar, who has been quiet tonight, gets two touch points to effect an ALL OUT! Puneri Paltan have drawn level here. Deepak Niwas Hooda comes on looking really confident but goes back empty handed. The second half has started brightly here.


HALF TIME Puneri Paltan 16 – 18 Bengal Warriors

20Puneri Paltan 16 – 18 Bengal Warriors - Bengal get the SUPER TACKLE to take the lead to six points. Ajay Thakur returns quickly twice to force the do or die raid for Surjeet Narwal and he is tackled down by Joginder Narwal. Excellent take down through an ankle hold. Ajay Thakur then gets two touch points by sneaking through the Bengal defence. Jang Kun Lee gets one back for Bengal Warriors but Deepak reduces them to one again. The first half ends with an empty raid by Jang Kun lee.

17Puneri Paltan 11 – 15 Bengal Warriors - The deficit is now just down to five points and Pune are looking to make a comeback. Deepak Niwas Hooda delivers by sending Nitin Madane out. Manjeet Chhillar forces the do or die raid and Nilesh Shinde is tackled down by the Pune defence. Intelligent defending from Pune here as they get one more back through Deepak Niwas Hooda. This is stunning. Monu Goyat brought on for Bengal and gets two points.

14Puneri Paltan 7 – 13 Bengal Warriors - Puneri Paltan have not manage to get a single defence point tonight and that is showing on the scoreboard. However, Deepak Niwas Hooda gets one back for Puneri Paltan to reduce the deficit to six points. Bengal tackle down Manjeet Chhillar through Nilesh Shinde, who has been on fire tonight. Jang Kun Lee with a do or die raid and Ravinder Pahal gets him this time.

11Puneri Paltan 4 – 12 Bengal Warriors - Puneri Paltan are trying really hard to get something here but Bengal look in control and are playing to their strengths. They look to have a strategy chalked out and are playing to it. Vishal Mane with a fantastic tackle to take the Bengal lead to 8 points. Puneri Paltan review a call, claiming that a Bengal Warrior went out of the mat. UNSUCCESSFUL but Jang Kun Lee is out after an unsuccessful raid.

8Puneri Paltan 3 – 10 Bengal Warriors - Bengal Warriors have raced into an early lead here and Jang Kun Lee gets a fantastic touch point through a kick to the Puneri Paltan’s midrib. Manjeet Chhillar attacks for Puneri Paltan but he is sent out as well. Bengal quickly reduce Pune to one man and then follow it up with a tackle on Ajay Thakur. ALL OUT!!! Nilesh Shinde is on fire tonight. 7 poin lead for Bengal. 

6Puneri Paltan 2 – 4 Bengal Warriors - Nitin Madane is tackled on the knee by Ravinder Pahal but the former extends his body to get a point. Deepak Niwas Hooda is blocked by C Arun and the defence follows up to put Bengal in the lead. Manjeet Chhillar has been invisible till now and Puneri Paltan will be looking to get something from him.

3Puneri Paltan 2 – 1 Bengal Warriors – Ajay Thakur starts the game for Puneri Paltan and gets the bonus right away. Surjeet Narwal raids and tries to target Pahal but goes back empty handed. The game has got off to a slowish start. Nitin Madane comes on for Bengal but does not get anything. Sonu Narwal gets tackled by Nilesh Shinde and Bengal draw level. Jang Kun Lee claims that he has got a touch and reviews the call. UNSUCCESSFUL. Silly from Jang Kun Lee

Bengal Warriors start with Nitin Madane, Nilesh Shinde, C Arun, Jang Kun Lee, Vishal Mane, Amit Singh Chhillar and Surjeet Narwal.

After Telugu Titans’ amazing win over Bengaluru Bulls, we are almost ready here with the East-West derby. Will Puneri Paltan get a win to go top of the Pro Kabaddi table or will Bengal Warriors live to fight another day in this tournament, which has seen them play some ordinary kabaddi. We will find out soon!!!

Catch the live commentary of this match in Hindi here

Welcome back friends! In the second match of the double header today we are going to see Puneri Paltan face off Bengal Warriors. The two teams have had contrasting fortunes in the tournament and will be under pressure going in to the match, albeit for different reasons. Puneri Paltan are eyeing the top of the table while Bengal Warriors will do anything to get themselves away from the eighth position where they seem stuck at the moment.

Nothing has gone right for Bengal Warriors till now in the tournament and it reflects in the team’s performance as they have won just a single game and were comprehensively defeated in the six games. Puneri Paltan have, on the other hand, have managed to cling on to a position in the top 4 ever since the beginning of the 4th season, even though they haven’t been at their best.

The Warriors have almost no hopes left to make it to the semis, not with this form for sure. But at the end of hope lie miracles and Bengal Warriors have to approach the second half of the 4th season as the only half that matters. They have to hit a streak, and have to stretch it as long as possible.

They do have names who can stun the best of oppositions on their day, but at the end of the day, it is a team game and Nilesh Shinde will have to inspire the Warriors as a team. Bengal will also take heart from the fact that Puneri Paltan is one team that they have traditionally performed well against. The results are 5-3 in Pune’s favour in the head to head.

Puneri Paltan will be backing themselves to pull off consecutive wins against the team that they easily defeated just a few days ago in Patna. But one department team where the team has scored low is consistency. They haven’t been able to keep up the intensity too long in the tournament and have remained a little unpredictable with their game. They drew with Dabang Delhi but then came back strongly to register an impressive win over a strong outfit like Dabang Delhi.

Puneri Paltan

Paltans will look to continue their good run in this season. Their defenders have been the hero for them so far. Tonight, their raiders Deepak Hooda and Ajay Thakur will take on the duo of Nilesh Shinde and Amit Chillar. Both should try to remove the corners early and build some pressure on the covers.

Bengal Warriors

Star raider Nitin Madane is the only hope for them tonight as they are up against the strongest defense of PKL 4. Tonight, Nitin will be surrounded by the left cover Manjeet Chillar and the right corner Ravinder Pahal. He should try to jump over the chains but he'll need support from the other raiders, Jang Kun Lee and Monu Goyat.

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