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Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi (FT: 36-28), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

12.37K   //    19 Jul 2016, 18:53 IST
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Telugu Titans take on Dabang Delhi

What a performance that was from Telugu Titans to get their fifth win in six games and it has been that man Rahul Chaudhari, who has led from the front yet again. Thank you for your time. Stay tuned!

Best Defender of the Match – Jasmer Singh Gulia (Telugu Titans)

Best Raider of the Match – Rahul Chaudhari (Telugu Titans)

FULL TIME Telugu Titans 36 – 28 Dabang Delhi

40’ Telugu Titans 36 – 28 Dabang Delhi - What a heroic tackle from Sandeep Narwal. Meraj tries to jump over the Titans defence but Sandeep stands and carries him back. Telugu Titans win this game and Delhi get nothing. Titans are on a roll. What a game!!!!

39’ Telugu Titans 34 – 28 Dabang Delhi - This game is nearing to an exciting finish and it is a dilemma for the Titans, do they protect their lead or attack. Delhi will be looking to attack as they have nothing to lose. Jasmer gets the tackle on Meraj. Just over two minutes to go and Delhi are behind by six points. Do or die raid for Sukesh Hegde and he is tackled. Lead reduced to five but Sandeep Dhull takes down Selvamani to restore the six point advantage. A minute to go

37’ Telugu Titans 32 – 27 Dabang Delhi - Meraj attacks with the Super Tackle on but gets the better of Sukesh Hegde. Two points to Delhi and Rahul is the lone man left. He gets the bonus point and says that a Delhi defender followed him into the yellow area. REVIEW by Titans. SUCCESSFUL. What an intelligent raider this guy is and he has procastinated the ALL OUT but Meraj gets it. ALL OUT!!! The lead is down to five.

There is some confusion here and the referees are consulting with each other to decide what happened on that raid. They seem to have sent the wrong man off the court. Delhi get one more point.

34’ Telugu Titans 28 – 19 Dabang Delhi - Bhupinder manages to get a touch on Sukesh but Rahul capitalises on his lack of pace to take the Delhi raider down. TIMEOUT taken by Delhi. Titans have a 10 point lead and it will be tough for Delhi to make a comeback. Let’s find out. Play resumes and Delhi seem to get a touch point but Telugu Titans review the call. SUCCESSFUL. Both teams get one point.

33’ Telugu Titans 26 – 18 Dabang Delhi - Titans are down to four men and Rahul Chaudhari, like a bruised warrior, raids with a bandage around his head. Meraj with a do or die raid and Jasmer gets him in the air. Rahul raids again with the bonus on but stays cautious to take out time. Selvamani raids and there is no bonus on but he gets across. SUPER RAID. Is this Delhi’s comeback time? What a raid. Do or die raid for Rahul and gets another point.

30’ Telugu Titans 24 – 15 Dabang Delhi - Rahul Chaudhari is single handedly killing Dabang Delhi here and he has two Super Raids under is belt tonight. They have also shown great intelligence to use the review when important. Meraj attacks but decides to play on the defence. Sandeep Narwal attacks with four men on the mat for Delhi. Empty raid. Selvamani with a do or die raid and he wrestles Sandeep Narwal to get a two point raid. Prapanjan knows there is no need to play risky kabaddi. He goes back. Meraj forces a do or die raid for Prapanjan, who is tackled by Shingade.

27’ Telugu Titans 23 – 12 Dabang Delhi - Kashiling Adake is tackled on his do or die raid as Titans extend their lead to nine. Rahul Chaudhari’s empty raid is followed by a touch point from Sheykh, who gets Narwal. The Delhi defence gets Prapanjan and they reduce the deficit to 8. Kashi is rested and Selvamani is brought back. Rahul Chaudhari is taken down by the Delhi defence. Titans review. This looks really tight. SUCCESSFUL. SUPER RAID by RAHUL CHAUDHARI

24’ Telugu Titans 18 – 10 Dabang Delhi - ALL OUT!!!! Telugu Titans complete the formality and Delhi cannot even review despite getting the bonus. The lead is nine points. Rahul Chaudhari attacks in front of a full strength Delhi but stays empty handed. Kashi raids for Delhi and he too gets nothing. Prapanjan raiding for Titans but does not do anything stupid. Bhupinder makes a rare appearance and his first raid is empty. Prapanjan with a do or die raid and gets tackled by Sachin Shingade

21’ Telugu Titans 15 – 8 Dabang Delhi - Rahul starts the second half with just two men on for Delhi and he gets a touch off Sanket Chavan, who seems to have injured his knee. This is not looking good for the Delhi man. It could spell his end for the game. To make it worse, Delhi are just down to one man and if Telugu Titans effect an All Out here, the lead will be really hefty.


What an amazing performance this has been from Telugu Titans. They kept waiting when Delhi were playing well and showed great patience. Delhi were alert till the end of the first half but a late flourish from Rahul Chaudhari ensured that the Titans showed who is boss. Stay tuned for the second half. Coming right up!!!

HALF TIME Telugu Titans 14 – 8 Dabang Delhi

20’ Telugu Titans 14 – 8 Dabang Delhi – SUPER KASHI. The Delhi raider attacks and takes with him both Sandeeps from Telugu Titans. What a raid by the Delhi star. Prapanjan comes on for Titans and manages to sneak a point in the do or die raid to put Telugu Titans in the lead again. Rahul Chaudhari is revived and he shows immediately why he is so good. SUPER RAID!!! Bonus plus two. Titans add insult to injury by taking Kashiling Adake out. Rahul adds one more to take Titans lead to six. What a finish to the first half.

18’ Telugu Titans 8 – 6 Dabang Delhi – Sandeep Dhull and Sandeep Narwal combine to effect a superb tackle on Selvamani. Brilliant. They revive Raul Chaudhari, who gets tackled on his raid but takes a Delhi defender along with him outside the court. Titans lead by two points. This is a neck and neck game. Sheykh raids but does not do anything stupid. Prapanjan attacks for Titans but he too is not able to get anything.

14’ Telugu Titans 6 – 5 Dabang Delhi – This is such an intriguing game despite there not being a lot of scoring. Both defences have been really tight and raiders have had it really tough. Sandeep Narwal picks up a quick bonus but Delhi review. Prashant Chavan is sure but replays show differently. UNSUCCESSFUL. Should teams really be reviewing against bonuses. Kashi comes on with his flying kicks but does not get anything. Six minutes to go in the first half.

12’ Telugu Titans 5 – 5 Dabang Delhi – Meraj pursues quickly after Sandeep‘s raid but does not get anything. Sukesh raids with Rahul off the mat and tries to get the bonus. Another empty raid. No one is taking unnecessary risks here. The game is being played quite cautiously. Kashi dances around but does not get anything. Nilesh Salunke with a do or die raid and Sanket Chavan is at it again. Brilliant ankle hold. Delhi’s do or die raid and Meraj attacks with four men on the mat but he goes out of the court. LEVEL again.

9’ Telugu Titans 4 – 4 Dabang Delhi – Kashilng Adake is really sure about his raid and feels he got a touch. Dabang Delhi review the referee’s call. SUCCESSFUL. Excellent by Kashi as he draws his team level. Rahul comes on again for Telugu Titans with the bonus on but does not get it. Meraj then attacks with Titans having five on the mat, decides to go back. Sukesh Hegde with is first raid on the night, tries to get a toe touch but is not able to. Kashi plays safe and it is a do or die raid for Rahul. He is tackled brilliantly by Sanket Chavan. Superb. Delhi lead. Kashi now with the do or die raid. TACKLED. It’s level again.

6’ Telugu Titans 3 – 2 Dabang Delhi – The game has got off to a rather slow start but Telugu Titans have taken a two point. As we say that, Meraj Sheykh raids and gets two points for Delhi with a superb raid but gets slightly injured. Rahul Chaudhari raids but is unable to get anything. Delhi’s star Kashiling Adake attacks with Titans having four on the mat. He plays for the do or die raid. Rahul Chaudhari’s do or die raid and gets the point, which is conceded by Selvamani.

3’ Telugu Titans 2 – 0 Dabang Delhi – The team from the national capital starts off the game with Selvamani coming to raid. He takes it easy and goes back without anything. Rahul Chaudhari enters the Delhi half to a huge roar and starts dancing around immediately but gets nothing. Meraj raids for Delhi and he too plays it safe. Telugu Titans send Nilesh Salunke for their second raid and the in-form raider follows suit as well. Do or die raid for Delhi and it is Kashiling Adake, who is tackled straight away by Jasmer. Titans on the board. Rahul’s do or die raid and he gets a kick on Sachin Shingade. Titans lead. 

And we are off!!!!

Dabang Delhi start with Kashiling Adake, Meraj Sheykh, Selvamani, D Suresh Kumar, Sachin Shingade Prashant Chavan and Sanket Chavan while Telugu Titans side features Rahul Chaudhari, Sandeep Narwal, Sandeep Dhull, Nilesh Salunke, Vinod, Jasmer Singh Gulia and Sagar Krishna. We are almost ready to go!!

Palash Sen is here, terrific singer. The way kabaddi has been loved in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, the signs are pretty positive for the game in the future. It will not be long before we see players from these cities as well. The game is not far away, stay tuned!!!


Kashiling Adake is one of the best raiders in the history of Pro Kabaddi and he possesses the ability to turn around games single handedly. He has a particularly good record against Telugu Titans and will be looking to repeat that tonight. He looks better without the captaincy armband and is playing much better.

It is great to see celebrities coming together and promoting kabaddi on social media. Any sport, for it to become popular, needs support from institutions and people. The support is required even more when the season is not on. Getting back the game at hand, Nilesh Salunke comes up for a chat and speaks about his journey with Titans. “I am happy to have gotten chances with the Titans and have proved myself,” he says.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Good evening friends and welcome to the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Sports Complex. It is the last evening in Kolkata and we have two cracking games to end the third last leg of Pro Kabaddi 4. In the first game tonight, Telugu Titans take on Dabang Delhi and later on the home side, Bengal Warriors, will face Bengaluru Bulls.

The clash between Telugu Titans and Dabang Delhi is quite an interesting one if looked at closely and is also quite unpredictable. Dabang Delhi, by a country mile, have been the most unpredictable team in Pro Kabaddi Season 4, winning and losing alternatively with alarming regularity. While on one day, they will just be outclassed and outdone by an opponent, the next day, Dabang Delhi perform a demolition job on the best team in the league.

Telugu Titans, on the other hand, seem to be slowly peaking at the right time in Pro Kabaddi 4. After a stuttering start, Telugu Titans have bounced back tremendously and are unbeaten in five games. They showed great character to stay in the hunt against Bengal Warriors yesterday , even when a certain Jang Kun Lee played the game of his life to take the home side as close to victory as possible. With the defeat looming large in the dying seconds, Telugu Titans squeezed in a raid and Rahul Chaudhari threw Jang Kun Lee out to rescue a draw for the titans.

Talking about Dabang Delhi first, they looked incredibly good in their game against the Bengaluru Bulls, giving them a royal beating by 20 points. To put things into perspective, Delhi have 20 points from 8 matches and are currently placed seventh on the table. However, if they were to win their next two games, Dabang Delhi’s tally be 30 points from 10 games, which is the same as fourth-placed Puneri Paltan.

Also, Dabang Delhi have their home leg left to play and a strong finish could propel them to a semi-final spot. Meraj Sheykh, Kashiling Adake, T Selvamani and Sachin Shingade are the key players for Dabang Delhi. Even if three of them come together and perform, Dabang Delhi would be hard to beat.

Telugu Titans, on the hand, would be mighty pleased with getting three points yesterday, despite not playing their best kabaddi. Rahul Chaudhari, as usual, was good on the night but it was Nilesh Salunke, their other raider, who stole the show and shouldered responsibility with his illustrious partner in offence. Sandeep Narwal and Sandeep Dhull were slightly off colour yesterday and could not handle Jang Kun Lee.

However, Titans have been playing exceptional kabaddi for a long time and are bound to have off days. They would be looking to get a win to make a strong case for their place in the top four.


Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans sit pretty in the top 4 places but know that they can’t be complacent as U Mumba will be looking to pounce on any slip-ups by them. They are on a 5 match unbeaten streak and have to face against struggling Dabang Delhi which will give them hope of clinging on to that 4th spot or even leapfrogging Puneri Paltan into 3rd.

Dabang Delhi

After being thrashed against Jaipur Pink Panthers, Dabang Delhi have picked up a bit of momentum and have won 2 of the last 3 games, which included a thrashing of defending champions PAT. They rolled over Bengaluru Bulls in their last game by registering an impressive 20 points victory and after a much needed 3-day break, they will be rejuvenated to take on Telugu Titans.

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