PKL 2018, Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi, Meraj Sheykh's Super 10 hands Warriors their first home leg loss 

Maninder Singh finished just shy of a Super 10 with nine points.
Maninder Singh finished just shy of a Super 10 with nine points.

The third day of Pro Kabaddi League action from the Kolkata leg saw the home side Bengal Warriors take on Dabang Delhi KC as the inter-zone wildcard matches continued in the final leg of the competition.

Both the sides had secured their qualification to the playoff stages from their respective Zones with the Warriors ensuring their spot last night with a convincing win over the defending champions Patna Pirates.

The Warriors started off their home leg with two wins and aimed to keep their positive momentum going ahead in the season. They wanted to keep the pressure on the current table toppers in Zone B, Bengaluru Bulls who had two more games to play.

Dabang Delhi KC were assured of the third spot in Zone A and played their final match and hoped to get a win to enter the playoffs on a bright note. After playing a second-string side in their previous fixture, they fielded their full strength team against the Warriors tonight.

The two sides were engrossed in a close battle right from the start as the key raiders on both teams - Maninder Singh and Naveen Kumar did well to keep the points coming at regular intervals. Meraj Sheykh put in two crucial raids in the final five minutes of the match as Dabang Delhi KC enforced the all-out on the home side. The defence of both the sides had a tough time to keep the raiders in check with Dabang Delhi KC scoring just three tackle points whereas the Bengal Warriors could get just one tackle point in the first half. After the all-out, Dabang Delhi KC led at the end of the first with a score of 20-14.

The second period of the match started with the Bengal Warriors cutting the deficit down within the first five minutes. The Warriors got the crucial all-out to get things close on the scoreboard. However, Meraj Sheykh made the difference again for the Dabang Delhi KC side cleaning out three Bengal defenders to get a crucial all-out in the final minute of the match. Dabang Delhi KC ended the match with a 37-31 scoreline to hand the Bengal Warriors their first home loss in Kolkata.

Bengal Warriors

Ran Singh - (5/10)

The skipper of the Bengal Warrior side played on the right corner of the defence did not have much success in the first half conceding a couple of raid points. He started the second half with a key raid point and quickly picked up a couple of tackle points as well.

Surjeet Singh - (4/10)

The experienced Surjeet Singh was the only defender on the Warriors lineup to pick up a tackle point in the first half with a strong dash on Naveen Kumar. He finished with two tackle points on the night.

Ziaur Rehman - (3/10)

Bangladeshi defender Ziaur Rehman was ineffective in the cover position of the Bengal Warriors' backline and had no tackle points tonight.

Baldev Singh - (4/10)

Baldev Singh played on the right corner for the Warriors and played a good supporting role to his fellow corner defender Ran Singh. He scored a stellar body hold on Chandran Ranjit to get his only tackle point of the night.

Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat - (3/10)

The all-rounder was a bit hasty with his tackle attempts and was substituted in the first half after picking one raid point.

Jang Kun Lee - (5/10)

The feisty Korean raider worked alongside Maninder Singh in the Bengal Warriors' raiding unit and had three raid points in the first half using his sneaky toe touches on the right corner.

Maninder Singh - (7/10)

The star raider started the match with a stunning Super Raid and kept the momentum going throughout the first half picking up seven raid points. He could only add two more raid points in the second half and was kept in check by the Delhi defence.


Bhupender Singh - (4/10)

The raider came off the bench in the first half of the match and picked up one bonus point when the Warriors were down in numbers. He added a couple more raid points and scored a key Super Tackle in the final two minutes to make things level on the scoreboard.

Manoj Dhull - (5/10)

The youngster came on in the final five minutes of the match and did well to score a crucial Super Tackle on Meraj Sheykh.

Dabang Delhi KC

Meraj Sheykh was the key man for Dabang Delhi tonight
Meraj Sheykh was the key man for Dabang Delhi tonight

Joginder Narwal - (5/10)

The Dabang Delhi skipper had a tough time in the first half against Maninder Singh on the left corner and had just one tackle point having conceded four points. He finished with a couple of tackle points with his ankle holds.

Vishal Mane - (3/10)

The burly cover defender was guilty of conceding a few raid points to the Warriors mistiming his dashes on Maninder Singh. He managed only one tackle point on the night.

Ravinder Pahal - (5/10)

The 'Hawk', Ravinder Pahal was targeted on a couple of occasions by Jang Kun Lee with his sliding toe touch points. He was in better form in the second half scoring two tackle points with his famed double thigh holds from the right corner.

Viraj Vishnu Landge - (2.5/10)

Viraj Vishnu Landge retained his place in the Delhi lineup after performing well in their last fixture against Jaipur Pink Panthers. He was ineffective tonight for them and was substituted at the end of the first half of the match.

Naveen Kumar - (6/10)

The youngster Naveen Kumar had a bright first half picking up five raid points including a couple of successful bonus attempts. He was kept quiet in the first half and could add only one raid point to finish with six raid points on the night.

Meraj Sheykh - (9/10)

Iranian all-rounder was in fine touch in the first half of the match putting in two crucial two-point raids to enforce the all-out on the Warriors. He continued to trouble the Bengal defence in the second half and scored a crucial three-point raid at the death to get an important all-out and seal the win for Delhi.

Chandran Ranjit - (5/10)

The third raider of the Bengal Warriors' raiding unit was a bit reserved on the mat tonight and had four points in the first half. He could not add to his tally in the second half of the match.


Satpal Narwal - (3/10)

The defender came off the bench to replace Viraj Vishnu Landge in the lineup in the first half. He picked up a tackle point in the second half locking the ankle hold on Maninder Singh at a crucial moment in the match.

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