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Australia 195/10 & 200/10 (103.1 ov)
India 326/10 & 70/2 (15.5 ov)
India won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Ajinkya Rahane
So the tough year that 2020 has been ends on a high for team India. On that happy note, the team of Shashwat and Prakhar will take your leave. The Sports Keeda wishes you a Very Happy New Year! See you at the start of the third Test. Goodbye. 
The series is in the balance after two Tests. But more importantly, the cricket fans have been treated to two great and absorbing Tests. This Indian will be long remembered for Bumrah and Ashwin taking charge of the Indian bowling and restricting Australia to a mere 195. It was then followed by a stellar ton from Ajinkya Rahane and a fighting fifty from Ravindra Jadeja lower down the order. Those two innings gave India a handy lead of 130 runs. The bowlers unit sans Umesh Yadav came together once again to restrict  Australia to 200. With 70 runs to win, it was only a matter of time when India capped off a famous win. 
Virat Kohli has sent his wishes to the team.
Tim Paine: The team is pretty disappointed. We have played poor cricket. We were sloppy for a major part of the match.  All credit to India. They forced us into committing mistakes with the bat, ball and also on the field. When you do that against a quality team like India, it costs you. But again, need to credit India.  We have issues with the batting and need to get it rectified. We have seen the temperament that Green has shown. I wish he plays more games and he will only get even better from here on which is exciting. There is still some time for the third Test. We will stay together probably although some guys might get to play BBL games but mostly, we should be together.
Ajinkya Rahane: I am really proud of all the players especially the debutants. We have played really well. I want to give credits to Mohammed Siraj and Shubhman Gill. They have shown great character after the loss at Adelaide. Character is important for us. Character is especially important after we lost Umesh midway in the second inning. The plan to play five bowlers worked for us. We were thinking of having an all-rounder and Jadeja fits in the role. Shubman Gill, has good First-class career and in this match he has shown the intent to play shots at this level. Siraj has also shown that he can bowl with great discipline. It is really difficult for debutants to bowl with discipline but that is where I think the First-class experience comes in handy. The talk was all about showing the attitude and intent on the field. As I said, character. Adelaide was about one hour that took the game away from us. Lots to learn for even now. Australia applied themselves with their last five wickets. Umesh Yadav is recovering well, management and medical staff will take the call. We are excited about Rohit Sharma joins the squad now.  I spoke to him yesterday. 
Ajinkya Rahane, the Indian captain is also the Player of the Match. Rahane hit a stellar hundred in India's first inning.
This win would help the team and the team Indian fans to forget the lows of the Adelaide. India won this match in the absence of its regular skipper and the best batsman of the side. Also, India were coming into the Test on the back of a crushing defeat. Then midway through the Test India lost the service of one of its lead bowlers. The odds were stacked against the team and the team stood up to all the challenges. 
This is India's fourth Test win at Melbourne Cricket Ground. With four Test wins at MCG, this stadium becomes the most successful overseas stadium for team India.  India's previous win at the Big G have come in 1971, 1981 and 2018. 
No other player deserved to hit the winning run other than Ajinkya Rahane! India win the match by 8 wickets and level the series. 
And Rahane takes a single and takes India to a great Test win! 
15.5 Nathan Lyon to Ajinkya Rahane, THAT WILL BE THAT! INDIA LEVEL THE SERIES! Back of a length delivery on leg stump. Rahane gets onto the back foot and just about manages to pull it past square leg for a single
15.4 Nathan Lyon to Ajinkya Rahane, back of a length delivery on leg stump. Rahane sits deep in his crease and clips it straight to the fielder at square leg
15.3 Nathan Lyon to Ajinkya Rahane, length delivery on middle stump. Rahane comes down the track and bunts it straight to the man at mid wicket
15.2 Nathan Lyon to Ajinkya Rahane, OH NOT YET! Back of a length delivery on middle stump. Rahane gets onto the back foot and pushes it towards mid wicket before deciding against a dicey single
Indian players waiting by the dugout 
15.1 Nathan Lyon to Ajinkya Rahane, back of a length delivery on off stump. Rahane goes back and defends it straight to the bowler. Anti climax!
Nine runs from the over. 
Over: 15 | Summary: 1 4 1 0 0 3 Bowler: Score: 0/0
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