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Australia 338/10 & 312/6 (87 ov)
India 244/10 & 334/5 (131 ov)
Match Drawn
Player of the match: Steven Smith
STUMPS DAY 5, INDIA 334/5 Match Drawn 

Right! Where do we begin with? Lots to talk around this game. What an effort it has been from Ashwin and Vihari to see India through to a draw. An unbeaten partnership of 62 from 259 deliveries. They've shown brilliant resistence, patience, grit and faith, falling short of words. Australia were clear favorites to win this game but they've been denied of it. Lots of short balls and Ashwin and Vihari taking the blows, blocking them off, ticking over after over to play it off. 131 overs batted by India to save this Test and Australia getting only three wickets in the entire day. 

Not to forget the contributions from Rishabh Pant and Cheteshwar Pujara. Almost looked like India were in with a real chance to win this game! Had it not been for the injuries, India were in a good position to actually win this game. Fair to say that let Australia get away with a draw? We'll leave that to you. Lots of injuries and despite of it, India have shown excellent fight to draw this Test. This shows the character of the side and the hunger to fight! Disappointing that Vihari got injured and India would have really fancied their chances. Against all odds, it's been that partnership that frustrated Australia out and took this game away from them. 

What a comeback it has been from India, not only in this game, but the entire series! Down and out in Adelaide and then coming back to win at Melbourne and drawing this game despite of so many injuries and being pushed back to keep this series alive! It's been a magnificent game of Test cricket this, one that will go down as one of the best down under in the history of Indian cricket! This is a performance that will be remembered and talked about for a long long time. 

Areas of concern for India going into the fourth Test, but this game will give them real confidence and faith. If a side can manage to draw a Test with an effort like this with all the injuries, they can do anything and it can't be taken lightly by the Aussies. It's been a really hard fought series and it's going to be so even as we head into the Final Test! Will India retain the Border Gavaskar Trophy? Or will Australia come out to regain it? We'll be there to bring you all the action again and we look forward to you joining us soon. Until then, it's goodbye from me (Rishab), my partner Vashisht, and the entire team at Sportskeeda. Have a wonderful day ahead! 
Brillant bowling from Starc there. Got one to beat Vihari and had him squared up! Beating him off the outside edge. On the channel outside off and Vihari will let them go! It's been a long day for everyone out there. And the two teams will shake hands! That's it. India have managed to draw this Test and the series is still levelled
Over: 131 | Summary: 4 0 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Mitchell Starc Score: 334/5
130.6 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, short of length banged in outside off, played off the back foot with zero fuss.

The teams shake hands. India register a draw for the ages. History will remember this. 
130.5 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, short-ish and wide-ish, Vihari happy to let it go 
130.4 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, good length ball on sixth stump, gets Vihari forward who misses that defence, through to Paine 
130.3 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, BEAUTY! late in the day. Angling in with speed outside off, straightens viciously past Vihari's edge who does well to hold his bat close to the body 
130.2 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, short of length outside off, blocked diligently off the back foot 
130.1 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, FOUR! full-ish ball angling into leg, glanced calmly for a boundary 
Ashwin on the attack and some late runs coming in there for India. Another over played out well by Ashwin there. Australia have been denied that breakthrough, and the win as well we could say. It's been a brilliant effort from these two out in the middle! 

Starc to continue
Over: 130 | Summary: 4 0 2 0 0 0 Bowler: Josh Hazlewood Score: 330/5
129.6 Josh Hazlewood to Ravichandran Ashwin, swings in the air and into Ashwin, played down the ground. 2 overs to go.
129.5 Josh Hazlewood to Ravichandran Ashwin, OOHH! pitches it fuller this time outside off, gets Ashwin to flirt with it with no feet movement. No edge. 
129.4 Josh Hazlewood to Ravichandran Ashwin, short of length outside off again, punched with a straight bat! He's now batting like a man who's seen these streets enough. 
129.3 Josh Hazlewood to Ravichandran Ashwin, short of length outside off, punched with class down the ground. Vihari limps back for the second. Some late in the day collection of runs. Just for fun. Just for kicks. 
129.2 Josh Hazlewood to Ravichandran Ashwin, length ball outside off, steered into the ground 
129.1 Josh Hazlewood to Ravichandran Ashwin, FOUR! short ball that doesn't take off, Ashwin swivels and pulls it with authority. Are they going for the win? 
Starc trying to get under Vihari's defense with those yorkers. Angling into the stumps but Vihari blocks it off again. And he's played a brilliant shot to end the over with a boundary. Just three overs from close off play now! 
Fifty of the partnership coming up as well! 

Hazelwood to continue
Over: 129 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 0 4 Bowler: Mitchell Starc Score: 324/5
128.6 Mitchell Starc to Hanuma Vihari, AGGRESSION! short ball outside off and Vihari decided to flay that past point off his toes. Enough blocking, boss. 
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