145/9 (20)
146/7 (19.5)
AUS won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Aaron Finch
That's it from this exciting match as Australia go 1 up in a 2 match series. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more cricketing action from around the globe. This is the commentary duo of Divyansh and Pradeep, signing off!
Aaron Finch has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here's what he has to say: Got a bit closer, both the teams were sloppy, at times with the bat and in the field, lucky to have gotten over the line. Like I said at the half-way mark the total was challenging, we got ahead of the run-rate early, we just kept losing wickets at wrong time, nice to get across the line in a close game, Wadey again cool head, it's nice. It was ok, nice to get over the line, just had to suck up a bit of a pressure in the middle, would've been happy to have stayed till in the end. Different challenge, I really enjoyed batting in the middle order, need a bit of experience, something different we're trying with Green and Warner at the top. We will keep tinkering with things, just want to get things straight.
Nicholas Pooran (Captain, West Indies): I think we've had our chances but we didn't take it, defending 146. I'm that the guys believed in themselves and had Australia on mat at one time but we failed to cash in on those key mments. Happy with the form of Mayers, Cariah bowled really well alongside Alzarri.
Australia win by 3 wickets.

Australia: 146/7 (19.5)
Aaron Finch 58 (53) | Matthew Wade 39* (19)
Alzarri Joseph 2/17 (4.0) | Sheldon Cottrell 2/49 (3.5)

What a thriller, right down to the wire. It should have been a West Indies win, but they let a few opportunities by in the innings. Even in the last over with 11 needed, Cottrell starts off with a freebie, you just can't do that, but he comes back with a great delivery to Wade and Starc, both of them dropped, and more importantly those two balls go for 2 doubles, that's 4 runs which should have been 0. 

They got close, very close, as this game had a lot of twists, getting Warner and Marsh out in the second over, then came in the captain Finch who anchored them to a victory with his half century. Green started off well but could not capitalise and got out in the powerplay. 

After that the only thing Australia had to do was get a good partnership and not throw away their wickets, but Maxwell and David went for big shots and got ducks. Australia were under pressure after that, but West indies let them off easy from there. Wade came in and played a wonderful 69 run partnership to guide them to victory. Wade stayed till the end with his 39 off 29 balls to make sure Australia went 1-0 up.

Joseph, Odean Smith and Cariah (on debut) were the pick of the bowlers, Joseph got 2 wickets with just 17 runs from his spell, Cariah also put a hold on the runs with just 15 runs and a wicket from his 4 overs, and Odean with a wicket as well and he was economical too as he gave away just 19 off his 3, including just 4 runs from the penultimate over.

Holder got a wicket but gave away 3o runs, and Cottrell got 2 big wickets but was the most expensive bowler with 49 off his spell. He bowled well in the last over barring that four, the fielders let West indies down in the end. 
19.5 Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Starc, THAT'S IT! What a thriller it turned out to be in the end, Australia win and take 1-0 lead in the series. West Indies have been just poor in the later part of the chase and they themselves have got to be blamed here. Short on the outside off, Starc cuts it over the covers, they decide to come back for a brace, a horrible throw from the fielder and Starc puts in the dive to get back in time to seal the game.
19.4 Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Starc, DROPPED! Mayers this time, MY GOODNESS! Just not sure what is happening here. A slower one, Starc has a big swing too early, skied it around backward point, Mayers had all the time in the end but he made a meal of it, they come back for a brace. 2 from 2 now!
19.3 Sheldon Cottrell to Matthew Wade, back of a length on the outside off, Wade cuts it in the air, that lands well short of Reifer this time at deep covers for just one. Need 4 off 3 now!
19.2 Sheldon Cottrell to Matthew Wade, DROPPED! Reifer, what have you done? Short on the outside off, Wade stood tall to cut that one over the fence at deep covers, he's skied it and Reifer comes running towards it, spills a sitter, they come back for a brace. 
19.1 Sheldon Cottrell to Matthew Wade, FOUR! Keeps dishing out these bad deliveries Cottrell. Short and down the leg-side, Wade swipes it behind square, runs away and picks out the ropes.
Sheldon Cottrell (3.0-0-38-2) comes back into the attack.

Just 4 off the over and a wicket. 11 runs required off the last over and Wade is on strike. Cottrell will bowl this, but he has been expensive.
135 /7 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Wade
32 (26)
cricket bat icon Mitchell Starc *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Odean Smith
1 /19
18.6 Odean Smith to Mitchell Starc, OH! Smith gets a hand to it, Starc absolutely hammers the length delivery, Smith puts his left hand out, slows it down to long-on fo a brace. Can West Indies hold their nerve? It's GAME ON!
18.5 Odean Smith to Mitchell Starc, back of a lenght, angling across wide of off-stump, Starc throws his bat and gets beaten, through to the keeper.
Mitchell Starc, LHB, comes to the crease.
18.4 Odean Smith to Pat Cummins, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! This game had all of it's ebbs and flows, West Indies still in it. Full and straight, Cummins goes to hoick across the line and misses, crashes into the stumps and Cummins perishes.

Pat Cummins b Odean Smith 4 (7b, 0x4, 0x6)
18.3 Odean Smith to Matthew Wade, back of a length on the outside off, Wade stood tall and cuts it hard, finds deep point for just one. Australia need a boundary from somewhere, they cannot leave it till the last over.
18.2 Odean Smith to Pat Cummins, OH! Goes miles in the air, three fielders converging but none could get to it. Cummins miscued the short delivery, swivels to pull and that goes flying just past mid-wicket, lands between three fielders in the end, gets a single.
18.1 Odean Smith to Pat Cummins, back of a length on the stumps, right on the money as Cummins defends it back to the bowler.
Odean Smith (2.0-0-15-0) comes back into the attack.

Firey from Joseph, gets a big wicket putting the pressure on Australia, and more importantly just 4 runs off the over and Cummins is on strike for the 19th over. The equation is 15 off 12 now.