96/10 (27.5)
100/2 (14.4)
AUS won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Mitchell Starc
That'll be it for this game. Do join us for more throughout the day - four ECS matches and an Asia Cup clash between India and Hong Kong coming up over the course of the day. For now, this is I, Rajarshi, along with my co-commentator Raghav, signing off! Have a nice day!
Mitchell Starc, Player Of The Match: The wicket had a nice covering of grass, a bit of bounce, a bit poppy, a bit tennis ball-like. For Josh and I, the plan was to pitch it up a bit, The powerplay was good today for us. (On Steven Smith) He applied himself straight away, looked to take the game on, and that's the Steve we've seen in 10-plus years. 
Regis Chakabva, Zimbabwe captain: The Aussies bowled really well at us, they used the wicket well. We just didn't get enough, it was unfortunate to not get going. (On the importance of such tours) It's huge, we always want to play against the best, when we came here, we knew this was going to be a test for us, always looking for these kinds of tests. Lots of things for us to take from it, keep learning from it and move forward. I thought that the bowlers did well, despite having a low total the boys came out fighting, and that's something we'd be looking to take forward to the next game.
Aaron Finch, Australia captain: Our bowlers were clinical today. The tone set by Starc and Hazlewood was terrific, and then Green, Zampa.... couldn't have asked for anything better today. We have to be flexible and understand that depending on where you play the world cup, whether you play up north where you need more seam options, down South where you need extra spin options, over the next bit of time we've got to keep experimenting. We have the talent and the depth, we've got all the resources, so I was trying to manage that. We've chatted to the all the boys about it, as a group, about being flexible with selections, we'll try things at different times. So yeah, it's a really exciting time in the next 18 months. (On the 3rd ODI) You just want to keep playing good cricket, regardless of the result. You just need to be consistent, it's really nice at the moment, so it's about just taking that momentum and keep playing as well as we can.
Match summary:
Australia won the toss and opted to bowl

Zimbabwe 1st innings 96 all out (27.5 Overs)
Sean Williams 29(45) | Adam Zampa 3/21 (3.5)

Australia 2nd innings 100/2 (14.4 Overs)
Steven Smith 47*(41) | Richard Ngarava 2/16 (4)

Australia win by 8 wickets with 212 balls to spare and lead the 3-match ODI series 2-0.

Richard Ngarava and Brad Evans did put up a good exhibition of pace bowling early on in the run-chase. There was movement off the deck and bounce, and they accounted for both the Australian openers in quick succession. Warner tried to go after the bowling in his usual ultra-aggressive approach but was brilliantly held by Evans. Finch's poor run continued after he indecisively nicked one to slip and had to depart.

Alex Carey was promoted up the order once again, and this time, he ensured that the not out was next to his name. He and Steven Smith looked to take on the bowlers straight away, and they did so with plenty of success. Some dashing shots were played, especially by Smith, who was at his unorthodox best. Carey was put down once, but that didn't seem to deter him, as he and Smith went on to get Australia past the line using just over a quarter of the allotted 50 overs. 
Well, it wasn't the way Smith would have wanted to finish it, but to be fair, he was in no position to connect with the reverse sweep. Chakabva had not much idea about what was happening. Australia take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the 3-match ODI series.
14.4 Sean Williams to Steve Smith, FOUR BYES! Australia win! Full delivery down the leg side, Smith tries to reverse sweep and finish off in style, he misses and so does the keeper as the ball races away to the fence.
14.4 Sean Williams to Alex Carey, a bit full and outside off, Carey reverse scoops it over point. A long chase from the fielder has saved a run. Williams oversteps, it's scores level and a free hit.
14.3 Sean Williams to Steve Smith, tossed up on the pads, worked away to deep square leg for a single
14.3 Sean Williams to Alex Carey, wide, a bit short and down the leg side, the keeper fails to grab the ball and the batters cross over,
14.2 Sean Williams to Steve Smith, length delivery on off, pushed to long on for a single
14.1 Sean Williams to Alex Carey, length delivery down the leg side, Carey whips it to short fine leg for a single
Smith asks for a change in gloves. Jongwe dug one into the pitch once he saw Smith charge at him, but Smith had his boundary next ball itself once Jongwe went fuller!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Luke Jongwe
13.6 Luke Jongwe to Steve Smith, short and angling into the body, Smith ducks down
13.5 Luke Jongwe to Steve Smith, FOUR! Full and outside off, Smith slashes this one down the ground and past the bowler for a boundary!
13.5 Luke Jongwe to Steve Smith, wide, banged in short and on the leg stump line, Smith arches back and watches it go over
13.4 Luke Jongwe to Alex Carey, short of a length and angling in, Carey gets across and pulls it to deep square leg for a single
13.4 Luke Jongwe to Alex Carey, wide, on length and outside the off side tramline