117/4 (10)
118/4 (9.2)
NW won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Rovman Powell
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Abu Dhabi T10 game between the Bangla Tiger's and the Northern Warriors. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner, Pratyush Rohra. See you soon!
Northern Warriors 118/4 in 9.2 over's
Rovman Powell 76(28) | Shakib Al Hassan 2/20
Sherfane Rutherford 22(11)| Benny Howell 1/17

What an emphatic win for the Northern Warriors! They have pulled off one of the best run chases that one might see around in T10 cricket. They were in trouble early on as they had lost two wicket's but once Rovman Powell arrived at the crease, everything changed. He played an unbelievable knock of 76 of just 28 balls and stayed unbeaten in the end. He got some support from fellow West Indian Sherfane Rutherford who chipped in with a 22 run cameo. In the end, it was a one man show from Rovman Powell, as he guided his team to a much needed win.

The Tiger's got of to a really good start with the ball as Shakib got both the opener's. But once the Powell show began, they lost the momentum and failed to hit their lines and length's. Benny Howell did bowl well for them and broke the key partnership between Powell and Rutherford, but the other bowler's struggled badly. Muhammad Amir, in particular had a really off day as he gave away 28 in his two over's.

Overall, this has been a great win for the Warriors! They will be breathing a little easy now as they've opened their account in the tournament. Powell, is hand's down the Player of the Match for his unbelievable hitting. For the Tiger's, well they have a lot of problems to deal with as they slide to the bottom of the table. They will have to introspect on this game and turn around quickly.
Rovman Powell, Warriors Captain and Player of the match- I knew that I had to take responsibility and lead from the front with the bat and I tried to do that. For me it is about having good hands and some hand-eye co-ordination. Power is key as well and I have some of that so I usually back myself and it came off today .This can be a long tournament at times and it was really important for us to win this game and get some momentum in our stride. We really have a bunch of talented guys in the squad and we are trying to build some brotherhood in the squad. 

Benny Howell: We didn't bowl well at all today. There was something on offer for the bowlers but we bowled too many full tosses which let Powell get away. Can't do that! We got a pretty competitive score but unfortunately delivered too many bad balls. We'll need some luck along the way!
The Northern Warriors win by 6 wickets!
9.2 Iftikhar Ahmed to Rovman Powell, FOUR! POWELL POWERS THE WARRIORS OVER THE LINE! Sliding down the leg side, all Powell needed to do was help this on it's way. Short fine leg could have done better there perhaps but it's not to be. Northern Warriors won by 6 wickets and get their first win on the board!
9.1 Iftikhar Ahmed to Usman Khan, fired in on the good length at middle stump, Usman sweeps it to short fine leg for a single
113 /4 score
cricket bat icon Rovman Powell
72 (27)
cricket bat icon Usman Khan *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Rohan Mustafa
1 /35
Iftikhar Ahmed, right arm off break, back into the attack.

So we will be heading into the last over eventually, but it's only a formality for the Warriors now. Just 5 runs needed now. They were in a similar situation in their opening contest before they inexplicably went on to lose it. They'll want to ensure they don't repeat the same mistake.
8.6 Rohan Mustafa to Usman Khan, full delivery on the middle stump line, Usman flicks it to long-on to take the single on offer
Usman Khan, RHB, comes to the crease.
8.5 Rohan Mustafa to Adam Hose, BOWLED HIM! Beaten all ends up with the yorker that just swerves back into Hose to catch him in his crease. The base of the off-stump is rattled and that's the end of a short stay from the Englishman.

Adam Hose bowled Rohan Mustafa 1(3b 0x4 0x6)
8.4 Rohan Mustafa to Rovman Powell, darted in full and outside the off-stump, Powell drills it to wide long-off but it's only a single there
8.3 Rohan Mustafa to Rovman Powell, fired in full and outside off, Powell gets a thick outside edge that rolls to short third, no run
8.2 Rohan Mustafa to Rovman Powell, SIX! Another full toss offered on the platter to Powell. He hammer this back over the bowler's head in disgust to deposit it into the sightscreen
8.1 Rohan Mustafa to Rovman Powell, SIX! Another full toss dished out to Powell and he cashes in! Mauled over long-on to send the ball sailing over the ropes
Rohan Mustafa, (1.0-0-0-21) comes back into the attack.

This has been an unbelievable innings from Rovman Powell! His team badly needs a win today and he is leading by example. He has played a blinder so far and brought up his fifty in just 19 balls. This game is slipping away from the grasp of the Tiger's and they need to get Powell out somehow.
99 /3 score
cricket bat icon Rovman Powell *
59 (23)
cricket bat icon Adam Hose
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Amir
0 /28
7.6 Mohammad Amir to Rovman Powell, fullish slower one on the middle stump, Powell turns it to square leg to pick up the single
7.5 Mohammad Amir to Rovman Powell, fullish delivery sliding down the leg side, clips Powell's pads on the way to the keeper, no run
7.4 Mohammad Amir to Rovman Powell, back of a length slower one. Powell nudges it into the leg-side with soft hands to scamper back for the second run