126/4 (10)
130/5 (9.1)
BT won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Will Jacks
That's all we've got for you from this match as my partner, Sooryanarayanan and I, Sudheer are signing off at the moment but do join us tomorrow for the next set of matches from Abu Dhabi T10 League. Untill then do check out our other stories and updates coming your way from across the globe. Cheers and have fun!
Will Jacks (Player of the Match): We needed to stay calm and collected to make things happen in this game having lost the earlier games. That's all we wanted to do to make things happen and we could do it today in this game. The format is pretty fun to play and I am enjoying it. We are in pursiut of making it to the finals and hopefully we should be able to do it if we put wins under our belt.

Faf du Plessis (Bangla Tigers Captain): We needed one guy to play and Jacks done it today. One or two overs is all it requires to trurn things around in this game and we did it in the end. WIll Jacks has the optential to play such a game and he showed he could do it given his records in the English County. With two teams on top doing well, the other teams still have the chace to turn things around to qualify for the finals and we hope we make it to that stage.
Bangla Tigers have come from nowhere to win this match and register their first win of this year's tournament. Will Jacks was the man who made it possible along with Benny Howell, who came in late in the order also did well in the final few overs to help them cross the line. Hazratullah Zazai started well for his team but he, along with other top order batters, got out quickly. Karim Janat struck couple of bit hits in his 6 balls 16 run knock. Once Benny Howell came it, things just turned around for Bangla Tigers. He struck 35 runs from just 11 balls and must be pretty happy with it after having an off day with the ball.

Northern Warriors started off well with the ball picking few early wickets into the innings. It was only one man, Will Jacks, who stood at one end to keep things going for the opposition and once Benny Howell joined things have turned around quite dramatically. As he scored few boundaries in the Chris Jordan's over, the momentum shifted against the Warriors and Tigers have cruised along since then. Warriors are yet to register a win in this tournament and have to do it quickly to be in contention for the final stage of the tournament.
WIll Jacks and Benny Howell have pulled a rabbit out of the hat and they do it with 5 balls to spare. Bangla Tigers win the match against Northern Warriors by 5 wickets and that gives them the first victory in this tournament.
9.1 Samit Patel to Benny Howell, FOUR! THAT WILL BE ALL! Back of a length arm ball outside off, Howell hangs back and powers it through the vast, vacant real estate along the covers to seal the contest in style with a boundary. What a run chase this has been - absolute carnage in these last few overs and at the end of it all, Bangla Tigers beat the Northern Warriors by 5 wickets!
Will Jacks is the man who does it for Bangla Tigers & almost finished the match in that over. They now need 1 run to win 6 balls and they should be able to cross the line quite easily.
126 /5 score
cricket bat icon Will Jacks *
57 (22)
cricket bat icon Benny Howell
31 (10)
cricket ball icon Rayad Emrit
1 /31
8.6 Rayad Emrit to Will Jacks, low full toss on the leg-stump, Jacks sits low but fails to connect with his pick-up as the ball dribbles towards backward square leg.
8.5 Rayad Emrit to Will Jacks, SIX! THE SCORES ARE LEVEL! This is unreal hitting from Jacks! Full and slanting across the batter well outside off, Jacks shuffles across before creaming it over the sweeper cover fielder who can only watch it sail over his head. Unbelievable batting!
8.4 Rayad Emrit to Will Jacks, FIFTY FOR JACKS! WHAT AN INNINGS! Full length delivery outside off, Jacks shuffles across and sits on one knee to slog it along the mid-wicket region before racing back for the second.
That was poor cricket from Northern Warriors. They completely made a mockery of it as the batters tried to sneak through an extra run. In the end, it costed them 4 overthrows and brings down the equation to just 9 to win.
8.3 Rayad Emrit to Benny Howell, DROPPED! WOULD HAVE BEEN A SCORCHER! And two overthrows to follow! Would you believe it? Slower delivery on a good length just outside off, Howell gets forward and smears it over long off where Jordan hares in and dives forward but he cannot hold on. He then fires a throw at the batter's end only for it to end up errant and the batters run back...only for another overthrow as the ball then rockets to the ropes through long off. Phew!

The batters ran two already in fact and then came back for a third, post which the ball raced to the ropes. It's a 7! Yup!
8.2 Rayad Emrit to Will Jacks, very full outside off as he aims for the blockhole, Jacks shuffles across and sits on one knee to drill it down the ground for a single. Emrit got a fingertip to it but alas, couldn't stop the ball.
8.1 Rayad Emrit to Benny Howell, right in the blockhole and well outside off as he goes around the wicket, Howell opens the face of his blade to squeeze it out through backward point for a single.
Rayad Emrit to bowl the penultimate over.

That's a big big over for Bangla Tigers. 20 runs came off it and they now need only 18 to win in 12 balls. Will Jacks is on the cusp of a half century here but the bigger job for him is to make his team cross the line.
109 /5 score
cricket bat icon Will Jacks *
48 (18)
cricket bat icon Benny Howell
23 (8)
cricket ball icon Abhimanyu Mithun
1 /29
7.6 Abhimanyu Mithun to Will Jacks, FOUR MORE! THE TIGERS ARE ROARING! Slower delivery on a good length outside off, Jacks makes room and pulverizes it with an uppish slash in front of point to send it rocketing to the ropes again. Massive over!
7.5 Abhimanyu Mithun to Will Jacks, FOUR! THICK EDGE! Wretched full toss that was rather high on the off-stump, Jacks makes room and throws everything into it as the ball flies off the edge between the keeper and short third man for a boundary. The third umpire has a look at the height on this. Just about fine!