Adelaide Strikers 150/6 (20 ov)
Brisbane Heat 148/9 (20 ov)
Strikers won by 2 runs
Player of the match: Jimmy Peirson
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Adelaide Strikers won the match by 2 runs!

Who would've thought Brisbane Heat would come this close from 68-8 to 148-9 and lose this by just 2 runs. What a cracker of a contest we've all witnessed tonight, this game was done and dusted around the 14th over where they just lost Xavier Bartlett and were eight down for just 68 on the board. 

It was then Peirson and Mujeeb who decided to go berserk from there on and set up this chase beautifully. They took the power surge which turned the fortunes around for the Heat as they clobbered 43 runs of those 2 power surge overs and worrying signs started for the Strikers skipper. 

Rashid Khan and Peter Siddle went for over 20 runs each in that power surge overs as Mujeeb and Peirson were creative with their shot selection. They took this momentum into the 17th over as well after the power surge as the carnage continued. Peirson kept picking his spot and smashed the bowlers to all corners of the ground and picked up his fifty in just 25 deliveries. 

The match was setup nicely as they needed 17 runs off just 12 deliveries in the end with Peirson going good Heat were clear favourites to chase this down but Peter Siddle and Dan Worrall had other ideas who bowled brilliant couple of death overs for their team and never allowed Peirson to tee off to get boundaries at his will and in the end they fell short of just 2 runs and Peirson looked completely shattered as he failed to get his team over the line.

Earlier in the chase, Strikers got a dream start as they picked up 3 wickets inside four overs and Heat were in big trouble chasing this modest total and they sunk deeper when their start batsman Dan Lawrence perished. 

Heat were staring down the barell as they lost 8 wickets for just 68 on the board and were looking clearly out of the contest. There were a few shots from the Heat batsman who should take the blame for this debacle and also that controversial decision from the Umpire giving Cooper out LBW when he had clearly inside edged onto his pads, surely the Umpiring has been at his highest standards in this high profile tournament. 

We all witnessed what happened there after and Strikers just managed to win this in the end by 2 runs and pick up those 2 crucial points as well along with bonus point.
Jimmy Peirson has been adjudged the Man of the Match for almost pulling off a heist for his team and ended up on a losing side in the end.

So close yet so far for Brisbane Heat as Peirson didn't connect when needed and Adelaide Strikers think they just got out of the jail in that final over. All credit should go to Dan Worrell who kept bowling the low full tosses and they go down by just 2 runs in the end.
19.6 Daniel Worrall to Jimmy Peirson, FOUR!  Full and outside off-stump and Peirson gets across and sends this over to the fine-leg fence to pick up a boundary. Peirson is down on his knees, he is absolutely shattered! Strikers win by 2 runs!
19.5 Daniel Worrall to Jimmy Peirson, full-length ball outside off-stump and Peirson has played it out to the leg side and refuses the single again. They need a 6 for the Super Over!
Peirson backing himself up here to score the remaining 7 runs off 2 deliveries! What have we got in store?
19.4 Daniel Worrall to Jimmy Peirson, full-length ball and Peirson has digged it out to square-leg and refuses the single.
19.3 Daniel Worrall to Jimmy Peirson, full and in the block hole and Peirson has played this one out to square-leg and refuses the single
19.2 Daniel Worrall to Jimmy Peirson, full-length ball in the blockhole and Peirson has digged this one out to mid-wicket for a couple of runs.
19.1 Daniel Worrall to Jimmy Peirson, FOUR! Full-toss on middle-stump and Peirson gets across and sends this one past fine-leg to start the over on the best possible note. You are kidding me, full toss on the leg stump and Perison says THANK YOU VERY MUCH and smashes it down the fine leg region for a boundary.
Dan Worrall to bowl the final over and Peirson is on strike. Four men in the deep on the leg side!
Is it Heat's night tonight? Couple of edges that Laughin missed and beaten as he survives there. He gets one to inside edge which runs past the keeper in the end for a boundary as he lived dangerously in the end. Laughlin unable to rotate strike and Peirson was kept at bay at the other end.

Final over coming up, don't go anywhere! Brisbane Heat need 13 more runs off 6 balls!
138 /9 score
cricket ball icon Wes Agar
18.6 Wes Agar to Ben Laughlin, full and in the block hole and Laughlin digs that one out to the cover fielder. Peirson will be on strike for the last over.
18.5 Wes Agar to Ben Laughlin, full-length ball outside off-stump and Laughlin defends that one over to the cover fielder for no runs.
18.4 Wes Agar to Ben Laughlin, LUCKY! Good-length ball on stump line and Laughlin tries to smack this over mid-wicket misses it and to his luck that one just goes over the stumps.
18.3 Wes Agar to Ben Laughlin, BEAUTY! Good-length ball outside off-stump rises sharply and beats Laughlin's outside edge as he tries to run this one down to third man.
18.2 Wes Agar to Ben Laughlin, EDGED! FOUR! Good-length ball outside off-stump and Laughlin trying to cut this away gets an outside edge away to third man. Lucky for Laughin, that could've gone anywhere but that goes past and away from the keeper to run it fine down the third-man region for a boundary.
18.1 Wes Agar to Ben Laughlin, good-length ball on stump line and Laughlin blocks that one out straight back to the bowler.
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