25th Match, The Gabba, Brisbane
224/5 (20)
209/10 (20)
HEA won by 15 runs.
Alright, that turned out to be a thriller in the end but Brisbane Heat, the deserved winners of the contest came out on top, Josh Brown's innings was the highlight of the game. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of this BBL game, there's plenty more cricketing action awaits, thanks for tuning into Sportskeeda. On behalf of my partner Srivathsa, this is me, Pradeep signing off, stay safe and take care!
Josh Brown is the Player of the Match!
Brisbane Heat won the game by 15 runs!

James Vince 41(24) | Jordan Silk 41(23) | Michael Neser 3-41 | Ross Whiteley 2-2

So near yet so far for the Sixers. Chasing a mammoth total, they got off to a flier with James Vince and Josh Philippe doing the bulk of the hitting.

Neser though got the big wicket of Philippe with extra bounce and that started a mini surge of wickets as the Sixers slumped to 113/5 after taking the Power Surge. Vince chased a wide one and edged behind and soon both Henriques and Christian fell in an attempt to up the rate.

But Jordan Silk and Hayden Kerr immediately went on the offensive and smashed runs after the Surge was over. But Matthew Kuhnemann got the big wicket when he got Kerr stumped. 

Silk though was the dangerman and his wicket effectively won Heat the game thanks to outstanding game awareness from Neser on the fence who took a splendid catch and then had the presence of mind to catch it outside first with his feet in the air and then come back inside to take it after he lobbed it in.

18 were needed off the last over and Whiteley finished it off with a couple of wickets. Just the 2nd win for Heat this season as they end Sixers' 4-game winning run.

Stay tuned to know who the Player of the Match is.
209 /10 score
cricket bat icon Jackson Bird
8 (5)
cricket bat icon Izharulhaq Naveed *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Ross Whiteley
2 /2
19.6 Ross Whiteley to Izharulhaq Naveed, OUT! UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! THAT'S IT! BRISBANE HEAT HELD THEIR NERVE! Just the second win of the tournament but could well be the start of new things for the Heat here, what a sensational performance this from them. Was a slower one, Naveed was too early into the shot, miscued it completely as the long-off fielder settles under it to take a good catch.

Izharulhaq Naveed c Neser b Whiteley 1(2)
19.5 Ross Whiteley to Jackson Bird, back of a length on the off-stump, Bird on the backfoot slammed it down to long-on for just a single.
19.4 Ross Whiteley to Jackson Bird, change of pace, back of a length into Bird, has a big swipe too early and misses, takes the blow on to his rib cage.
19.3 Ross Whiteley to Izharulhaq Naveed, back of a length into Naveed on the off-stump, taps it into the off-side for one.
19.2 Ross Whiteley to Sean Abbott, OUT! MILES UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Length delivery on the off-stump, Abbott has an almighty swing across the line, makes good connection but just not good enough to clear the fence as he's skied it at deep mid-wicket, fielder settles under it and takes a good catch.

Abbott c (sub)Bryant b Whiteley 14(9) [6s-1]
19.1 Ross Whiteley to Sean Abbott, length delivery on the off-stump, Abbott drilled it straight to the cover fielder for no run.
18 off the last over and had that been six from Silk, the game could well have gone the Sixers' way. What presence of mind from Neser there. A game-changing moment.
Ross Whiteley, comes into the attack
207 /8 score
cricket bat icon Sean Abbott
14 (7)
cricket bat icon Jackson Bird *
7 (3)
cricket ball icon Mark Steketee
2 /59
18.6 Mark Steketee to Jackson Bird, FOUR! 18 it is, very much gettable this. Length delivery on the fourth stump, Bird throws his hands, takes a thick outside edge, flies just over Peirson as he dives and stretches to his right, runs away down to third-man for a boundary.
18.5 Mark Steketee to Jackson Bird, length delivery on the wide of off-stump, Bird slammed it to deep extra-cover, they come back for a brace. How many can Bird leave it to the final over?
18.4 Mark Steketee to Sean Abbott, full on the fourth stump, Abbott swings across the line but mistimes it to deep mid-wicket for one.
18.3 Mark Steketee to Jackson Bird, low full toss on the off-stump, Bird smacked it down to long-off for just one.
Jackson Bird, right handed bat, comes to the crease
18.2 Mark Steketee to Jordan Silk, OUT! OUTRAGEOUS CATCH FROM NESER! Has Neser almost pulled off a screamer here? it was a juggling act from him but Neser knows the laws very well as he's done tremendously well here to pull this one off. Length delivery on the wide of off-stump, Silk has CLOBBERED it to wide long-off, Neser running to his left plucks it but the momentum takes him over the ropes but he throws the ball in the air and jumps over the ropes, lands but he ensures he takes the catch by keeping his both the feet in the air, then throws it back inside the play, jumps back over to pouch it again, lots of confusion. Umpires get together to check this, Neser in a clutch moment has produced a miracle here, clever stuff from him to pull this one off and has been signaled OUT by the third-umpire!

Silk c Neser b Steketee 41(23) [4s-3 6s-2]
18.1 Mark Steketee to Jordan Silk, SIX! BOOM! Jordan Silk, you beauty, what a shot that. Length delivery and in the slot as he goes down on one knee and SMOKES it over deep square-leg fence for a maximum. Brings the equation down to 26 from 11 now!