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Colombo Kings 150/9 (20 ov)
Galle Gladiators 151/8 (19.5 ov)
Gladiators won by 2 wickets
Player of the match: Dhananjaya Lakshan
It's been an edge of the seat encounter this, and we anticipate another similar battle in tomorrow's Semi-final 2 of the Lanka Premier League 2020 between the Dambulla Vikkings and Galle Gladiators! This is all we have for the night and we look forward to come back and bring you all action from tomorrow's game. Until then, stay tuned for all the live updates of cricketing action from across the globe. This is Rishab, along with my partner, Bala, taking your leave. Have a great night! 
What a turnaround this has been for the Gladiators. They won just two games and barely managed to make it to the semi-finals! And now, they are through to the finals! What a dream turnaround it has been for them! They started the chase well but lost wickets due to unecessary risks! They made the target tough for themselves. It almost looked like the game was done for them! Dhananjaya Lakshan standing till the end, showing hope and belief, and he's pulled off a memorable win for his side! First with the ball and then with the bat, he's been the hero tonight. 

Colombo Kings did really well to get back into the game, got the wickets and had managed to put the pressure. But the kind of start the Gladiators had got kept the target within reaching distance at all times! They just needed to make sure they bat out the 20 overs and they would chase it down, they've done it with a ball to spare! Some dropped catches towards the end proving costly for the Kings. First Russell went out, Mathews followed him and Udana struggled too. Some injury issues there for them. But they'll feel they could have finished the game! Unfortunate for them. They've had a brilliant tournament but it just wasn't their today today. 

The Gladiators first did a good job to restrict the King's to 150. They started the chase well but they made it worse for themselves by throwing wickets away. Boy it was a great ride to how they went on to win this game! They'll have to do some correction to their approach with the bat in the final. But for now, they'll be very delighted to have made the finals from where they were in, not only in this game but in the whole tournament. 

An absolute nail-biter this. It's the underdogs who have risen tonight! As close and intense as a semifinal encounter can get! They will now wait and see who of Dambulla Vikkings or Jaffna Stallions they face in the final! 
And it's all over! What a finish this has been! The Lakshan duo finishes it off! What a run-chase this has been! An absolute thriller this! Which means, the Galle Gladiators march into the finals! What a turnaround at the end! The King's can't believe it! They have been one of the most consistent teams but it's the end of the road for them! Dhananjaya Lakshan has been brilliant under pressure. Great heroics from him! 
19.5 Isuru Udana to Lakshan Sandakan, SANDA-CAN, says Russell Arnold! Udana bowls it on a length outside the off-stump, Sandakan hits it just over the head of the fielder at mid-off and finds the boundary. What a game this has been!
19.4 Isuru Udana to Dhananjaya Lakshan, full ball just outside the off-stump, he drives it straight to long-on. They run hard, but one is all they can get
19.3 Isuru Udana to Dhananjaya Lakshan, SIX! BIG SHOT! Seam up delivery right in the slot, Lakshan goes straight down the ground and just manages to clear the fence. The Gladiators are fighting it out there!
19.2 Isuru Udana to Dhananjaya Lakshan, slower ball dug into the pitch, he gets no timing at all on the pull but that helps them to come back for the second
19.1 Isuru Udana to Dhananjaya Lakshan, DROPPED! Low full toss on the stumps, he comes down the track and tries to go hard but gets mistimes it to mid-off, Qais Ahmad puts down another sitter
Isuru Udana will bowl the final over
That's really well bowled from de Silva under pressure. He's kept it full and not given any room to the batsmen. Excellent at the death! He's got it spot on here. Maybe this is the game for Colombo! Ends with a wicket! Fantastic nineteenth over! He's done the job for his side here. It's 15 off the final over now. Looks tough for the Gladiators! 
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 0 1 1 0 0 Bowler: Thikshila de Silva Score: 136/7
18.6 Thikshila de Silva to Mohammad Amir, OUT! What an over this has been! Full ball outside the off-stump, Amir goes for the ramp but ends up lobbing it up to the fielder at square leg
18.5 Thikshila de Silva to Mohammad Amir, right in the blockhole outside the off-stump, Amir swings hard but gets no connection
18.4 Thikshila de Silva to Dhananjaya Lakshan, full ball on the leg-stump, he drives it back. The fielder at long-on is at the ball in a flash and doesn't allow the batsmen to come back for the second
18.3 Thikshila de Silva to Mohammad Amir, full ball outside the off-stump, he hits it straight to the man at extra cover, and he puts it down!
18.2 Thikshila de Silva to Mohammad Amir, length ball wide of the batsman angling away, he swings and misses. And the ball is just inside the tramline
18.1 Thikshila de Silva to Mohammad Amir, full ball outside the off-stump, Amir moves away and tries to go through extra cover but doesn't get the connection
Udana coming in to bowl but he's got to stay for sometime because he went out of the park. The umpires don't allow him to bowl. He'll have to wait here. Quite some discussion going on there and Thikshila de Silva finally takes the ball. 
It was a great over from Chameera until Lakshan decided to get cheeky! Much needed boundary there. Under pressure. Chameera finishes well. The Gladiators are hanging in! This can go anywhere. It's 17 off 12 needed now
Over: 18 | Summary: 2 0 0 0 4 0 Bowler: Dushmantha Chameera Score: 134/7
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