Ajman Alubond 108/8 (10 ov)
ECB Blues 89/8 (10 ov)
Ajman Alubond won by 19 runs.
Player of the match: Danish Qureshi
Ajman Alubond beat Emirates Blues by 19 runs

At the halfway stage, not many would have given any chance to Ajman Alubond to defend the paltry total of 109. The famed batting line up of ECB comprising of the likes of Mohammad Boota and Laxman Manjrekar was touted to chase this total down with relative ease. However, from the first over itself, the wheels started coming off the ECB innings.

Mohammad Boota looked a pale shadow of his former self as he tried to swing excessively hard, only to lose his shape repeatedly and in the end gifting away his wicket to  Sheraz Ahmed who bowled with some guile and deception in the powerplay overs. Boota's partner Vishnu Sukumaran had a forgettable outing as he perished in the first over itself.

The tournament's second-highest scorer Laxman Majrekar was expected to steer the tottering ship of ECB but he nearly got out on the first delivery he faced. It was the opposition skipper Nasir Aziz who dropped a sitter and gave a reprieve to the southpaw. In with a chase, it looked like Laxman will make Ajman pay for their lapse. However, the left-hand dasher never got going and in the process to up the ante gifted his wicket away, scoring only 15 in the process.

After his wicket, the ECB innings only went in a downward spiral as none of the batsmen, barring Waheed Ahmed could turn up and seriously challenge the bowling line up of Ajman which was in its elements today. Waheed smoked a 16 ball 35 run cameo but it proved too little in the end as the Ajman bowlers kept chipping in wickets at regular intervals.

A setback or a minor blip in the winning juggernaut of ECB as they would now head to the drawing board and figure out where things went wrong. Possibly the last two overs in their bowling where they dropped catches, bowled extras and gave away easy boundaries. those 10-20 runs proved to be the difference.

So that was that from our side. Until next time, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Rishab signing off. Stay safe, stay indoors, keep washing your hands and do not let that mask down, GOODNIGHT! STAY GOLD!
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 0 0 W 1 1 Bowler: Sultan Muhammad Akhtar Score: 89/8
9.6 Sultan Ahmad to Sabir Rao, Single to finish again, placed to cover point region and that is curtains to this encounter! Excellent final over from Sultan and AJMAN thus defeat BLUES by 19 runs as they defend their total with ease in the end. A comprehensive win and they have avenged their loss to the Blues last time around!
9.5 Sultan Ahmad to R Bhatia, Single to long on, won't help their cause here as Sultan is bowling brilliantly in the final over here!
Rahul Bhatia walks out to at no. 10
9.4 Sultan Ahmad to Muhammad Farazuddin, OUT! STUMPED! Fired in yet again, on the money and the batsmen was well short of his crease and some brilliant work behind the stumps that!
9.3 Sultan Ahmad to Muhammad Farazuddin, Another dot ball, quick and straight back to the bowler! Excellent stuff this. Could have even inflicted a runout at the striker's end if Aultan threw the ball back
9.2 Sultan Ahmad to Muhammad Farazuddin, Arm ball, drifting in and a beautiful ball that, DOT ball at this stage! 23 required in 4 deliveries
9.1 Sultan Ahmad to Sabir Rao, single taken as Sultan fired it in on the stumps.
Sultan Ahmed [1-0-10-1] to bowl the final over. Sabir Rao walks out to bat after the dismissal of Akif Raja. 24 required off the final 6 deliveries

Asif Khan, the opening batsman is entrusted with the bowling duties in the penultimate over by skipper Nasir Aziz. The call could have gone horribly wrong but just like his batting, he did not let the team down. Cherry on the top? He even took the wicket of Akif Raaja off the final delivery of the over 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1lb 1lb 4 1 1nb 1 W Bowler: Asif Khan Score: 85/7
8.6 Asif Khan to Akif Raja, WICKET! In the slot and the batsmen tried to make some room and went for it, only to play it up in the air and an easy catch being taken in the end!
8.5 Asif Khan to Muhammad Farazuddin, Another juicy full toss, gets away this time as the batsmen can only put it away for a single!
8.5 Asif Khan to Muhammad Farazuddin, OH dear! Full toss down the leg and it's called a NO-BALL! Too high and  a FREE-HIT coming up!
8.4 Asif Khan to Akif Raja, Full and in the blockhole, all the batsmen could do was strike it down the ground for a single!
8.3 Asif Khan to Akif Raja, FOUR! Short and full toss on leg stump, put away to the mid-wicket boundary for four runs! 27 needed off 9 deliveries
8.2 Asif Khan to Akif Raja, Full delivery on the stump, the batsmen looks to scoop it over and a loud appeal there! Right in the middle but not given out. Interesting call that! Khan is furious that it was not given out!
8.1 Asif Khan to Muhammad Farazuddin, Length delivery, hint of movement bowling it on middle and leg, swing and a miss and a single taken!
Asif Khan to bowl the penultimate over

Sultan Ahmed darted in a sucker ball to bamboozle opposition Waheed Ahmed who had stopped giving away the strike to his batting partners. Safe to say, the departure of Waheed was the final nail in coffin for ECB and it will take a miracle for the team to get anywhere near the target. 33 runs required in the final 12 deliveries
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1w 1w 6 0 W 1lb 1 Bowler: Sultan Muhammad Akhtar Score: 76/6
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