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England 162/7 (20 ov)
Australia 160/6 (20 ov)
England won by 2 runs.
Player of the match: Dawid Malan
That's it from this game, we hope you enjoyed our coverage, do join us for the games coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Shashwat Kumar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
England won by 2 runs!

Dawid Malan is adjudged the Man of the Match for his half century!

What a game of cricket we've witnessed, England came out of no where and snatches the game away from Australia, that's the beauty of T20 games, isn't it? Couple of overs will turn the game on its head and that's exactly what happened with Australia in this contest, there were coasting up until 14 overs but it's Adil Rashid, Morgan's trump card came to the rescue and picked up 2 crucial wickets to send Smith and Maxwell back to the dug out in quick succession of the same over which opened the gates for England to get back in the game.

Earlier David Warner 58(47) and Aaron Finch 46(32) were all over England, clobbered boundaries every over and they were 98/0 when Finch fell, Smith and Warner doing it nicely for Australia till 14th over! It was Archer and Wood who picked up crucial wickets in their final overs to peg back Australia to 137/5 after 17 overs! Jordan bowled a terrific penultimate over that sealed the game for England as Australia needed 15 runs to win the match, Marcus Stoinis though did clobber one out of the park but they needed much more than that, couple of dot balls meant Australia needing 5 runs of the last ball and Stoinis could only manage to hit that for 2 runs, in the end England had the final laugh as they feel they got out of the jail in this match!

Australia needs to rethink some of their batsman's shot selection as they got themselves to blame, from a winning position they let go this match and England snatched the victory from the jaws of defeat! Technically, England won this game in the last 6 overs of the match, up until then they were totally outplayed by Australia even with the ball as well!
19.6 Tom Curran to Marcus Stoinis, excellent yorker on off stump and Stoinis can only power it down to long on for another brace! What a heist by England! Sensational from England! Exceptionally poor from Stoinis and Australia!
FOUR for Super over, a SIX here wins it for Australia, Stoinis show what have you got!
19.5 Tom Curran to Marcus Stoinis, pin-point yorker on middle stump and Stoinis squirts it off the inside edge of his bat to deep square leg before getting across to two
19.4 Tom Curran to Marcus Stoinis, O MY WORD! Low full toss on leg stump and Stoinis miscues it horribly. That one goes way up in the air and it somehow lands between three fielders. 7 from 2 balls now!
19.3 Tom Curran to Marcus Stoinis, SWING AND A MISS! Right in the slot outside off stump and Stoinis again has an ugly swipe at it. He nearly swings himself off his feet, loses his shape and only swats away a few flies.
Stoinis is pulling a MS Dhoni here, SMOKES that one for a SIX! Much needed boundary! Australia need 9 of 4 balls now!
19.2 Tom Curran to Marcus Stoinis, SIX! BOOOOMMMM!! Back of a length delivery outside off stump and the width allows Stoinis to throw his hands at it. He lays back and then clatters it over covers off the back foot for a maximum!
19.1 Tom Curran to Marcus Stoinis, back of a length delivery on middle and off and Stoinis has an agricultural hoick at it. That was right in the slot but Stoinis continues swinging like a rusty gate!
5 singles, a DOT and a wicket in that over from Jordan, just what England needed! It has come down to Australia needing 15 runs from 6 balls! Oh my word, this one is definitely going down the wire here! What a splendid come back from England to this match. This match has turned upside down here!

AUS are 147/6 after 19 overs!
Stoinis has left it pretty late, like a certain MS Dhoni! The latter did it multiple times from such situations! Can Stoinis do something similar? 
18.6 Chris Jordan to Marcus Stoinis, back of a length delivery on middle and leg and Stoinis has an almighty heave at it. He gets nothing on it and the ball strikes his pad. Agar scampers across to the other end to ensure that the right-hander is on strike for the final over.

England review too! And, the ball is going down the leg side! Not an LBW! There is a review for a run out at the striker's end too! And, Agar seems to have not made his ground! 

18.5 Chris Jordan to Marcus Stoinis, back of a length delivery outside off stump and Stoinis has a swish at thin air. Stoinis looks flustered now. The pressure is on!
18.4 Chris Jordan to Ashton Agar, back of a length delivery outside off stump and Agar looks to hack that one away into the leg side. However, he gets an inside edge that rattles into his boot and rolls away for one
Couple of DOT balls here, England will fancy their chances, can Jordan produce a match winning penultimate over here?
18.3 Chris Jordan to Marcus Stoinis, slower delivery on a length on off stump as Stoinis punches it past the man at covers for a single. Needs to get a big hit away in this over.
18.2 Chris Jordan to Ashton Agar, length delivery outside off stump and Agar opens the face of the bat to hit it straight to point. Moeen does not opt to throw, even as Agar is stranded half-way down!
18.1 Chris Jordan to Marcus Stoinis, short delivery down the leg side and fortunately for England, Stoinis can only help it down to fine leg for one
Morgan might've just missed a trick here, not enough men to save singles around the batsman in that over as Stoinis and Agar picked up 5 singles easily. Australia are still touch ahead in this game, a wicket here for England it'll all be interesting in the penultimate over! No boundary from it but still managed to milk 7 runs from it.

AUS are 144/5 after 18 overs! They need 19 runs in 12 balls!
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