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England 231/9 (50 ov)
Australia 207/10 (48.4 ov)
England won by 24 runs
Player of the match: Jofra Archer
England win the match by 24 runs and draw the series 1-1 with one match to go.

Australia started off in a horrendous fashion, losing David Warner early in the powerplay. They then went on lose Marcus Stoinis cheaply in the early 10 over powerplay when captain Aaron Finch (73 runs in 105 balls) and Marnus Labuschange (48 runs in 59 balls) joined hands to steady the ship in the chase. Things were as rosy as it could get till Finch and Labuschange were at the crease as they were perfectly headed to a victory, with Australia's score being 143/2 after 30 overs. The match turned in England's favour as a collapse was triggered by the English bowlers which led to Australia to losing 4 wickets in 5 overs. Wickets kept tumbling for Australia as too much was asked of Alex Carey (36 runs in 41 balls) and the tail enders in the end leading to Australia folding up for 207 runs in 48.4 overs.

England will have to give credit to Jofra Archer (3/34 in 10 overs) and Chris Woakes (3/32 in 10 overs) for a terrific bowling  display in the powerplay. They swung the ball viciously and never allowed David Warner or Finch to settle easily against the new ball. Also credit goes to Sam Curran (3/35 in 9 overs) for a brilliant display of death bowling as he stemmed the flow of runs for Australia in the end overs as England snatched victory from what seemed an inevitable defeat for them.

Jofra Archer has been awarded the man of the match award for his brilliant and fiery spell of 3/34 in 10 overs

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48.4 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, OUT! That's it! All over! Rashid floats it up once again inciting the batsman to have a go. Carey dances down the wicket and gets deceived. Buttler does the rest. England once again snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
48.3 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, floats it up and turns it away with the wrong'un. Cannot get the connection as he goes for the heave.
48.2 Adil Rashid to Josh Hazlewood, deceives him on the googly. It ricochets off his pads to the offside. The point fielder puts the throw in, but Carey is home.
48.1 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, flights it up, Carey goes for the heave but gets an inside edge towards square leg. Hazlewood will be on strike now.
Australia fighting hard to stay in the contest as they get 8 runs in the over. Carey comes with some big blows off his bat in Curran's over and gets Australia closer to the target. Australia are on 205/9 and 27 runs in 12 balls
47.6 Sam Curran to Alex Carey, length ball tight on the stumps, Carey works it away on the on-side and keeps the strike for the 49th over.
47.5 Sam Curran to Alex Carey, goes for the slap once again off that shorter length. He doesn't get the timing right, which allows them to go for a brace.
47.4 Sam Curran to Alex Carey, FOUR! Back of a length ball from Curran. The mid-off is up in the circle and Carey takes advantage by slapping that straight over that man. Hits that well and hard over mid off's head and the ball travels all the way to the ropes for a four.  200 up for Australia
47.3 Sam Curran to Josh Hazlewood, short of a length, punched towards sweeper cover.
47.2 Sam Curran to Alex Carey, length delivery, hit straight towards mid-off for a single.
47.1 Sam Curran to Josh Hazlewood, good length ball on the off-stump, he gets an inside edge towards square leg and gets off strike.
Carey finishes the over off in some style. Whacks the final ball of Rashid's over to ropes for a four and releases the pressure off his shoulders there. Australia look to slowly crawl back into the contest. They are on 195/9 after 47 overs and need 37 runs in 18 balls
46.6 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, FOUR! Tossed up delivery from Rashid. Carey goes down on one knee and plays a half-slog, half-sweep. He absolutely middles this and finds the fence finally. Much needed for the Australian batting contingent as it will give them some hope of a fightback from Carey in the middle
46.5 Adil Rashid to Josh Hazlewood, length ball on the pads, clipped away on the on-side towards deep square leg.
46.4 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, shorter ball on middle and leg, just not coming onto the bat. Carey punches it to long-on.
46.3 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, goes for the reverse sweep, but doesn't get the timing right. Tom Curran just gets a finger tip to it at short thirdman. Really good and spirited effort from Tom Curran there but only gets fingertips on that one and the pair run a quick brace between the wickets
46.2 Adil Rashid to Josh Hazlewood, another wrong'un, much shorter this time. He plays it comfortably off the backfoot to the mid-wicket.
46.1 Adil Rashid to Alex Carey, wrong'un on middle and leg, Carey pulls it away to deep square leg.
A really good over from Sam Curran as he gives away only 4 runs in the 46th over. Good bowling this from the younger Curran as he has made scoring difficult for Australia now. Australia are on 185/9 and need 47 runs in 24 balls.
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