183/10 & 303/10 (85.5)
278/10 & 52/1 (14)
Match Drawn
That's all from us folks! Thank you for joining our coverage. We'll be back on Thursday with a clear forecast from Lord's. Until then, stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the sporting action from around the world! See ya.
Joe Root (Player of the match): Great Test match but the weather's robbed us of an entertaining final day. Amazing Test match to play in and watch as well. Sets up the series nicely and hopefully, we can take it forward. We certainly believed we could win and could create nine chances. We knew we would have opportunities if we took our catches and kept our fields. It's a shame the weather prevailed. There are certain areas where we want to get better at and keep working on. We want to get better at the top of the order and take our catches. We need strong characters. Test cricket is about that. We want to keep that enthusiasm alive to enjoy the game, it is fun scoring runs and a fun game. Really relishing the opportunities in front of us. We have to deal with the schedule changes and the setup changes, that's how the way it is. The experienced guys have it easier going from white ball to Test cricket because they've done it before, but the youngsters might not have that experience. It's challenging for our youngsters, but that's no excuse. No one in our dressing room is going to use that as an excuse. To finally get to my century, after an iffy 10 minutes was a relief given how I played throughout the day. I think India have a very good seam attack and credit to them for the way they bowled. From my point of view, I just wanted to put the pressure back on them with a few shots. I felt we got into a good rhythm but it will be a new challenge at Lords. 
Virat Kohli: It's a bit of a strange one. We were expecting rain on days three and four but it chose to come down on day five. We were in a great position and it would have been enjoyable to watch and to be a part of, but it's a shame the weather prevailed. This is exactly what we wanted to do; start strong. We knew we had our chances and chasing 150, we certainly felt like we were on top of the game. Getting that lead was crucial, but it's a shame we couldn't finish day five. Getting to fifty overnight was important. We wanted to play with intent and it wasn't just about to play for survival. Our intent kept us ahead and that was pleasing. It's hard work of three odd weeks for our bowlers with the bat. We were talking of a lead of 40-odd but we ended up with 95 and those 50 runs were like gold dust for us. Most likely this will be our template in this series, but adaptability has been our strength. The conditions and the pace on the wicket need to be assessed but this team will be our template. England and India have always been blockbuster and looking forward to the next Test.
Well, the inevitable has happened and the Test has been officially called off. This game was poised so well and it would have been a thrilling final day. We can only imagine how it would have ended up or which way it would have gone, for rain has once again had it's say. Funny that we have The Hundred game going on at the Oval while play has been abandoned here in Nottingham. This means both India and England will take four points from this game. Do not get disappointed as we still have a lot of cricket remaining with four more Tests to go, hopefully full games with the rain staying away. Do you think an Indian win was on the cards here? With Neeraj Chopra signing India's Tokyo Olympics campaign with a gold yesterday, India winning a test match in England today would have been a perfect weekend, wouldn't it? Not a lot we can do when nature decides to take control though. We look forward to your company for the rest of the series and some intriguing cricket between two top nations. Until next time, this is Rishab and Pratyush, waving goodbye on behalf of all of us here. See you soon and stay tuned!
3:50 pm local time, 8:20 IST: The inevitable has been confirmed. The match is called off!

It's such a shame this, with the final day being poised so nicely. The biased Indian fan in us is certainly looking at this as an opportunity missed to take an early lead in the series. But alas, England live to fight another day! A lot of cricket is left in the series, let's just hope the England summer is actually, summer? Anyway, the captains have shaken hands. That's that for now!
The umpires are on the field and in discussion with umbrellas over their head. Perhaps discussing the prospects of play shall the rain allow it. There are some puddles already though. 
3:30 pm local time, 8 pm IST: Tea has been taken.

There was a brief respite where things looked bright but that period lasted for a whole of six minutes. It does seem slightly brighter though and hopefully, we have a session after waiting all day. Pujara was seen heading to the nets for some throwdowns before the rain started pelting again. With a session to go, it'll be interesting to see if India still goes for the win. Unleash Rishab Pant maybe? All if's and but's of course! We won't complain as long as we get some cricket, will we?

Meanwhile, Shashwat's had enough of this rain and having to play weatherman. It'll be Rishab to replace him in the hot seat! Let's hope he brings some luck in terms of the weather along.
For those of you who are just hoping for some cricketing action to follow, the final group stage game of the TNPL is underway! Ruby Trichy Warriors are taking on Chepauk Super Gillies, and you can catch all the live-action, right here.
Right then! The rain seems to be increasing in intensity at Trent Bridge and it is acting as the ideal dampener to a contest that had simmered beautifully until yesterday! Not a lot to talk about but maybe, we can just look at some of the members of this Indian side who were not fortunate enough to get a game here! Perhaps, that buck starts with Umesh Yadav - the forgotten man in India's team!
2:30 pm local time, 7 pm IST: The dreaded four-letter word is back. The hover cover is on and so are the side covers. The drizzle has made a return and we're into the unknown again. The visuals suggest it's still pretty gloomy. Confirmation of the 7 pm inspection being delayed has come in as well!
UPDATE - It has stopped raining and there will be an inspection at 2.30 PM local time ( 7 PM IST), is the latest from BCCI. 
1:50 pm local time, 6:20 pm IST: A few signs of respite! The super-soppers are out which suggests that the rain has eased. The weather forecast looks good for the afternoon and we might have some play after all! *fingers crossed*
Still raining at Trent Bridge! And, it looks very likely that the rain will now start eating into the second session as well!
Thanks, Shashwat! And good evening to all. Not how we wanted to spend our Sunday, eh? Let's hope we have a positive update from Nottingham soon!
For those of you wondering, there has been a change in commentary, with Pratyush Rohra now joining me in the hot seat! But I can also confirm that there has been no change in Nottingham with respect to the weather, with sources telling me that the rain is still pelting down!
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