New Zealand 378/10 & 169/6 (52.3 ov)
England 275/10 & 170/3 (70 ov)
Match Drawn
Player of the match: Devon Conway
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Devon Conway: I couldn't imagine standing in this positon after my debut, so it's a pretty special feeling. It was on the slower side, it definitely deteriorated a little bit. If that one day hadn't been lost, we could have created a result. Pretty good wicket, offered something to the batters and the bowlers as well. If I got my chance at a younger age, I may not have known my game as well as I do now. I'm grateful to have gotten the opportunity. Facing Jimmy and Broady, their control, they don't give you a lot to score. I've had a lot of conversations before coming here, with guys who've faced them in the past, and it was all about accepting that and waiting for your opportunities to score.
Devon Conway has been predictably named as the 'Man of the Match' for his superb double-hundred in the first innings.
Joe Root: We tried to lay a platform at the start, but unfortunately didn't materialize the way we would have liked. It would have been easy to go hard early today, but it was a tricky wicket. We felt we didn't have enough overs to go for it. It was about the conditions more than the talent in the dressing room. Once that decision was made to close the day out and play for a draw, we had to make sure we weren't silly as batters. It was an easy decision to leave out a spinner when you have such a great battery of fast bowlers. They did a fantastic job. Rory did a fantastic job. They way he played was phenomenal, coming back into the side and carrying his form from Surrey. It's been tough on Ollie. He has learnt a very hard lesson. He showed a lot of remorse and dealt with a huge range of emotions. As a squad we need to keep looking to educate and make the sport as inclusive as we can. As a team we are committed to do that. We aren't saying we are perfect, but we are learning our lessons. I am not about his selection for the next Test.
Kane Williamson: Obviously we had a little bit of work to do before declaration. The guys came out and hit hard and the weather forced the declaration a little bit. The wicket was deteriorating, and had it not been for that lost day, we would've had a cracking finish. Scoring was reasonably slow throughout the day, and all in all, with only four days, some fantastic cricket was played. Incredibly special performance from Conway. A special player, he's come into the side and shown his class. He played within himself, he's a brilliant player and it is an incredible feat. Incredible contribution from Tim Southee as well. He led the attack brilliantly and the guys contributed around him as well. Both teams could have done with an additional day and pushed their case further. Boult is already here and he should be bowling pretty soon.
It is time for the Post-match presentation ceremony.
We have arrived a long-awaited end to this Test match. At 56-2 coming into this final session, England required 217 runs for victory with 43 overs left. It did seem like both teams might chase a victory but England especially signalled their intention to play safe early on. The duo of Joe Root and Dom Sibley managed to score only 13 runs in the first ten overs post tea. The introduction of Mitchell Santner and Kyle Jamieson saw the scoring rate pick up but England were still a long way away from genuinely going for the chase. Just when Joe Root seem to have settled down, Neil Wagner pinned him LBW in the 56th over with a delivery that kept low.

This dismissal didn't help the hosts as it came at a time when they still required 137 runs off the last 19 overs. The remaining overs saw the scoring rate dip once again while Kane Williamson continued to rotate his bowlers in search of wickets. Mitchell Santner's inconsistency didn't work in Willliamson's favour as the injured left-arm spinner continued to provide freebies. The mandatory 15-over rule commenced after the 59th over which also allowed both the captains to close out the match if they intended to do so.

Williamson, on the other hand, decided to continue when England needed an improbable 130 runs. The Kiwi seamers tried their best but play was eventually eventually called off at 7.00 PM local time with four overs unbowled. 
170 /3 score
cricket bat icon Dom Sibley
60 (207)
cricket bat icon Ollie Pope *
20 (41)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Santner
69.6 Mitchell Santner to Ollie Pope, full and on off stump, Pope gets forward and defends this one out to the off side to end the over. That is that, both the captains have shaked hands.
69.5 Mitchell Santner to Ollie Pope, full length ball at the stumps, Pope plays this one out to mid on
69.4 Mitchell Santner to Ollie Pope, keeps low, length ball angling into the stumps. Pope manages to get low to adjust to the low bounce on that one
69.3 Mitchell Santner to Ollie Pope, quick and on a length at the stumps, Pope turns this one to the fielder at mid wicket
69.2 Mitchell Santner to Ollie Pope, length ball angling into the pads, Pope goes back trying to tuck this one away and gets it away fine to the leg side for a couple of runs
Two runs off the over. Kyle Jamieson seems to be putting in a lot of effort to his short deliveries but Sibley is just blocking or ducking.
69.1 Mitchell Santner to Ollie Pope, slow and tossed up on stump line, Pope drives this one to the fielder at covers.
168 /3 score
cricket bat icon Dom Sibley *
60 (207)
cricket bat icon Ollie Pope
18 (35)
cricket ball icon Kyle Jamieson
68.6 Kyle Jamieson to Dom Sibley, short of a length outside the off stump, Sibley sits under it fairly early once again to negotiate that one.
68.5 Kyle Jamieson to Dom Sibley, full and at a gentle pace outside the off stump, Sibley moves across and defends this one back to the bowler
68.4 Kyle Jamieson to Dom Sibley, well bowled and well played, short ball and it was spotted early and Sibley sits under that one right on time.
68.3 Kyle Jamieson to Ollie Pope, back of a length and angling into the pads, Pope tucks it away to the leg side for a single
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