Falco 133/3 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC 110/7 (10 ov)
Falco Zalmi CC won by 23 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, Falco CC got off to a mixed start scoring 29/1 after the first 3 powerplay overs. Opener Awais Ahmed contributed 20 runs from 14 balls but it was all about the partnership of Ijaz Ahmad and Rehman Ullah that took the team to a decent total. Ijaz Ahmad anchored the innings well and remained unbeaten on 37 runs from 28 balls while Rehman Ullah took no prisoners and went after the bowling. He struck blows all around the park and remained unbeaten on 45 runs from just 17 balls. From the bowling department, skipper Ishan Patel, Borikar, and Mahyavanshi took 1 wicket each but were unable to put any dent in the run-flow. Falco CC finished on a mammoth total with 133/3 from their 10 overs.
Chasing 134 runs in a must-win match RSCC found themselves on 53/3 at the halfway stage. Skipper Ishan Patel departed scoring 13 runs from 9 balls and it was left to the partnership of Manwani and Gurwinder Singh. Manwani played well and added 47 runs from just 26 balls while Gurwinder contributed 32 runs from just 19 balls. Unfortunately, they could not continue till the end and fell prey to rising pressure. From the bowling department, skipper Kamran Raja took 2 wickets but the star of the show was Muhammad Sheraz, who took 3 wickets and conceded just 12 runs from his 2 overs. RSCC toiled hard but fell way short of the target. RSCC finished on 110/7 from their 10 overs.

Falco CC thus complete a dominating performance and win the match by a margin of 23 runs while recording their 3rd victory of the tournament. 
End of the innings
RSCC 110/7 from 10 overs

Falco CC win the match by 23 runs.
9.6 Kamran Raja to Amit Das, OUT! CASTLED! Slower one once again, Amit went for the hoick, too early into the shot and that rattles into the stumps with that Raval lose this match by 23 in the end! What a bowling effort from Falco, especially the skipper who managed to bowl the final over and win this for the team!
9.5 Kamran Raja to Amit Das, fired it in the blockhole, Amit drills it back to the bowler, another dot. How well has Kamran backed himself to bowl the final over!
9.4 Kamran Raja to Amit Das, slower one and Amit dances down the track, goes for the ugly hoick, misses, beaten
9.3 Kamran Raja to Gurwinder Singh, slower delivery, it was short, Gurwinder gave it all and whacked it but not much elevation, hits it straight to the long-on fielder's throat and Gurwinder has to go, with that the hopes of Raval snatching a victory dies as well. The last 3 balls are a mere formality now!
9.2 Kamran Raja to Gurwinder Singh, RUN-OUT! Full delivery, in the blockhole, outside off, Gurwinder had no chance to hit that one out of the park, managed to hit it to extra cover and Numan wanted to take a single but Gurwinder refuses, another batsman sacrifices. Its all crumbling down in a heap over here. The pressure is taking its toll. 5th batsman back in the hut!
9.1 Kamran Raja to Gurwinder Singh, RUN-OUT! Short delivery, Gurwinder pulls this one away and the fielder at long-on does it brilliantly to stop it and they keep it to just a single and Manish sacrifices his wicket in the end. Manish departs after his splendid innings of 47 runs from 26 balls. 
24 runs needed from 5 balls.
At the end of the penultimate over
RSCC 109/3
Manish Manwani is unbeaten on 47 runs from 26 balls while Gurwinder Singh is on 31 runs from 16 balls.
Extras Given : 17
25 runs needed from 6 balls
8.6 Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurwinder Singh, short delivery, swung away, Gurwinder gets a toe end of the bat and runs it down the third-man, keeping it to just a single
8.5 Shahbaz Ahmed to Manish Manwani, short delivery, Manish goes for the swing, sliced it and skied it towards short third-man and the fielder drops sitter in the end, single taken
8.4 Shahbaz Ahmed to Manish Manwani, FOUR! Short delivery, Manish shuffles across and helps it along the fine leg boundary and the fielder cannot get there in the end, four more!
8.3 Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurwinder Singh, short delivery, it was a slower one, Gurwinder waits for it and hammers it straight to the deep extra cover, just a single
8.2 Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurwinder Singh, SIX! In the slot, it was full, Gurwinder swung at it and literally CLUBBED it all the way towards long-on and that goes way over the boundary for a maximum. Wow! This has been a great effort from the chasing team until now. Can they finish it?
8.1 Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurwinder Singh, short delivery, wide outside off, Gurwinder goes for the cut and misses it, dot ball
At the end of the 8th over
RSCC 96/3
38 runs needed from 12 balls
We are in for a thrilling finish it seems!
7.6 Kamran Raja to Manish Manwani, SIX! AND ANOTHER! Manish you beauty! In the slot again, Manish this time goes down on his one knee and SMOKED it literally over the deep square leg boundary for another maximum. That has been clobbered out of the middle of the bat. RSCC are in the hunt!
7.5 Kamran Raja to Manish Manwani, SIX! Full delivery, in the arc, Manish picked it up well and CLOBBERED it all the way for a maximum over the long-on boundary, that's a huge hit!
7.4 Kamran Raja to Manish Manwani, short delivery, Manish shuffles too much across and swings at it, misses, dot ball
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