125/10 (17.3)
126/5 (14.3)
GAW won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Shakib Al Hasan
It's been a sensational turnaround for the Warriors as they were reeling at the bottom of the table before the home leg. But somehow they took a different avatar playing in front of the rapturous fans and won all four matches to jump from 6th to 2nd place in the points table.

Alright, now we are entering the climax. We got a rematch on our hands in the first qualifier as these two teams will battle it out once again on Wednesday in Guyana. Can Shimron Hetmyer & co continue their hot winning streak in front of their home fans? Let's find that out on Tuesday, until then, this is Pragadeesh signing off. Cheers
Shakib Al Hasan (Player of the Match): It's a combination of everything. We have been playing very well and today's win was very important. It puts us in second place ahead of the playoffs. The spinners are doing the job for us but today the fast bowlers took the responsibility.It shows the guys are ready to step in whenever needed.  All in all, it was a good bowling performance. Well, we were not sure about what will be a good score on this pitch but we were confident whatever they score we can chase it. I think Shepherd bowled brilliantly. He was bowling with the new ball in this tournament but today he came back and bowled really well in the middle overs. Well, we will rest well, plan for the playoffs and comeback with another win
Guyana Amazon Warriors beat Barbados Royals by 5 wickets
Shakib Al Hasan 53(30) | Jason Holder 42(39)
Romario Shepherd 3-14 | Obed McCoy 2-22(3.3)

Another sensational performance from the Warriors in front of their home crowd as they outplayed the Royals in all departments and won the match with no fuss. The bowlers did the damage earlier and made the job easier for the batters to chase this target. 

Well, the start wasn't good for the Warriors either as Hemraj got out for a duck before Shai Hope was removed by Jason Holder as the Warriors were reduced to 18-2 inside the powerplay. But the partnership between Shakib and Gurbaz was superb as the former went into an attacking mode and started going after the bowlers right from the word go.

The boundaries and sixes were coming thick and fast from Shakib's blade as Gurbaz was happy to play the second fiddle in the partnership. Shakib reached his half-century in just 27 balls before McCoy got him out. Hetmyer scored a couple of boundaries and got out off Mujeeb's bowling before McCoy ended Gurbaz's resilient stay in the middle, closer to the finish line. In the end, it turned out to be a convincing chase for the Warriors to wrap up this league phase of the tournament.
14.4 Obed McCoy to Keemo Paul, WIDE!  Bangs this short and it goes well above Paul's head. It's 4/4 for the Warriors at their home ground and they won the last eight of their 11 matches in CPL.
14.3 Obed McCoy to Keemo Paul, on a length angling in, Paul gives room and tries to swing big on the leg-side but gets contact in the inside half of the bat. The ball rolls down to short mid-wicket
14.2 Obed McCoy to Romario Shepherd, length delivery angling in from outside off, Shepherd tries to nudge this but gets hit on the front pad. They sneak a leg bye. The scores are level now
14.1 Obed McCoy to Rahmanullah Gurbaz, slow back of a length delivery angling in, Gurbaz opens up the off-side but McCoy followed him. Gurbaz tries to guide this but gets an outside edge, the keeper was moving in the other way but somehow the ball clings on to his right hand

Rahmanullah Gurbaz c Thomas b McCoy 22 (25b 2x4 0x6)
Just one hit away now 
124 /4 score
cricket bat icon Rahmanullah Gurbaz
22 (24)
cricket bat icon Keemo Paul *
12 (9)
cricket ball icon Joshua Bishop
0 /10
13,6 Joshua Bishop to Keemo Paul, quicker on a length around middle and off, Paul hits this into the leg-side. No run
13.6 Joshua Bishop to Keemo Paul, WIDE! Quicker delivery wide of off, Paul attempts a reverse sweep but couldn't get any connection
13.5 Joshua Bishop to Keemo Paul, short delivery outside off, Paul tries to work this on the leg-side but toe ends it back to the bowler
13.4 Joshua Bishop to Rahmanullah Gurbaz, miscues his full and it goes uppishly towards long-on. Single taken
13.3 Joshua Bishop to Keemo Paul, another short delivery but this time he bowls wide of off, Paul throws his hands and it goes uppishly towards long-off and the fielder collects it on the bounce
13.2 Joshua Bishop to Keemo Paul, SIX! Short of a length delivery angling in, Paul goes back and pulls it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum
13.1 Joshua Bishop to Rahmanullah Gurbaz, short delivery wide outside off, Gurbaz tries to go big over extra cover after advancing down the track. But he gets a toe end and it rolls down to long-on and they take a single
114 /4 score
cricket bat icon Rahmanullah Gurbaz
20 (22)
cricket bat icon Keemo Paul *
5 (5)
cricket ball icon Obed McCoy
1 /21
12.6 Obed McCoy to Keemo Paul, FOUR! Low full toss outside off, Paul leans forward and creams this one past extra cover and it races away to the fence
12.5 Obed McCoy to Keemo Paul, length delivery angling across off, Paul pushes this into the off-side. No run
12.4 Obed McCoy to Rahmanullah Gurbaz, slow delivery on middle and leg, Gurbaz tries to tuck this into the leg-side but gets a leading edge and it rolls to the right of backward point