166/10 (19.5)
GAW won by 12 runs.
Player of the match: Odean Smith
That brings us to the end of this CPL game. Hope you guys enjoyed Sportskeeda's coverage for this game. Till the next time, this is Arya Sekhar Chakraborty signing off along with my fellow commentator Pragadeesh
Rovman Powell, Jamaica Tallawahs captain- It's a little bit disappointing. Credit has to be given where it is due. When I got out it was only the 10yth over but Brandon King played one of the finest knocks in CPL. We definitely need to get better but no need to panic. We still have fate in our hands.
Shimron Hetmyer, Guyana Amazon Warriors skipper- I was trying to be calm to make sure that the guys are calm as well. I think if you see it was basically his day. I was thinking of getting to 140 and 150. Odean Smith is one of those special guys. This is an important win for us as we are trying to get a move on in the final few matches
Odean Smith, Player of the Match: I knew what I had to do. The wicket was very very good. Just tried to keep my base and hit the ball. We wee trying to get 160. That was a total which we thought could be defended on this surface. I had to stood up and hit some balls after we lost the plot. I have bowled final overs before and it hasn’t worked for me but that helped me gain from that experience. A brilliant century for Brandon King. Very happy for him.
The Tallawahs needed to get off to a good start and it was provided by Brandon King and Kenna Lewis. The 23 runs opening partnership ended when Lewis was trapped in front by Imran Tahir. There was a cluster of wickets from there on as the visitors kept losing the plot. However Brandon King played a sensational knock and kept them in the game till the final over. 

The fact that Kirk McKenzie was the 2nd highest run-scorer with 15 sums up how well King played. His knock of 104 included 8 fours and 7 sixes but in the end Odean Smith held his nerves to get the job done. Earlier it was a scintillating power-hitting from Odean Smith and Keemo Paul in the final 3 overs which took the Amazon Warriors to a more than competitive score of 178. 
It was a valiant effort from Brandon King which went in vain as the Guyana Amazon Warriors win by 12 runs to keep their hopes alive in the tournament. King was the lone warrior for the Jamaica Tallawahs as he smashed a sensational century but eventually couldn't quite get his side over the line. 
19.5 Odean Smith to Mohammad Amir, RUN OUT! Guyana Warriors beat the Jamaica Tallawahs by 12 runs. Short of a length delivery angling across, Amir swings and misses. Green wants to sneak a bye but Gurbaz throws the ball to Smith, who runs back and knocks the stumps at the non-strikers' end.
19.4 Odean Smith to Migael Pretorius, OUT! Gudakesh Motie is here, there and everywhere. Slow back of a length delivery and it's been pulled straight to deep mid-wicket.

Migael Pretorius c Gudakesh Motie b Odean Smith 0 (1b)
This should be the final nail in the coffin for the Tallawahs. The Amazon Warriors can see light at the end of the tunnel but take nothing away from Brandon King. This has been some knock, he has single-handedly kept the Tallawahs in the game. Gudakesh Motie has been exceptional in the field, that was a pin point throw. Hard and flat and Hope does the rest.
19.3 Odean Smith to Brandon King, RUN OUT! That's a bullet throw from Gudakesh Motie, Gurbaz collects it beautifully on his left and knocks the stumps. King was short of his crease and it's the end of a magnificent knock. Length delivery angling in, King mistimes his pull and it rolls down to deep mid-wicket. He charges for a second run to keep the strike but couldn't complete it.

Brandon King run out (Motie/Gurbaz) 104 (66b 4x8 6x7)
19.2 Odean Smith to Brandon King, length delivery on middle stump, King swings but gets an inside edge onto his thigh pad.
19.1 Odean Smith to Brandon King, SIX! Brings up his second CPL century in style. Length delivery going down leg, King uses the pace and whips it over deep backward square leg for a maximum. Standing ovation comes from his team-mates in the dugout. He removes his helmet and raises his bat. Can he single-handedly win it for the Tallawahs?
Odean Smith [1-0-19-1] is into the attack to bowl the final over. 
This has been a special knock from Brandon King. Just 3 short of a well-deserved century but that’s not on his mind. He just wants to take his team over the finishing line. 20 runs needed of the last 6 deliveries. Can King hunt it down? This will be some effort if the Tallawahs does get over the line.
159 /7 score
cricket bat icon Brandon King *
97 (63)
cricket bat icon Chris Green
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Gudakesh Motie
2 /36
18.6 Gudakesh Motie to Brandon King, fuller delivery outside off, King digs it towards the sweeper at extra cover and they settle for a single
18.5 Gudakesh Motie to Chris Green, quicker and fuller on middle, heaved down to long-on for a single
18.5 Gudakesh Motie to Chris Green, quicker delivery wide of off. Have to reload this again
18.4 Gudakesh Motie to Brandon King, drives the fuller delivery down to long-on and gets a single
18.3 Gudakesh Motie to Brandon King, SIX! MASSIVE HIT Full toss outside off, King thumps it straight over the bowler's head and gets a maximum