190/6 (20)
153/10 (19.3)
HAM won by 37 runs.
Player of the match: Roelof van der Merwe
And then, there were two! Somerset have had a fine season that they can be proud of, but they will have to wait until next year to have a shot at glory. For now, the last ones standing are Lancashire and Hampshire - will it be Dane Vilas or James Vince who will collect the T20 Blast trophy for 2022? We will have our answer soon enough - do stick around to Sportskeeda as we bring you the live coverage of that contest starting in less than an hour from now. For the moment though, it's the duo of Pratyush Rohra and Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off. See you soon!
Tom Prest (Player of the Match): It's gone well the last couple of games (against Somerset). Amazing to get that win after last year's disappointment in the semifinal. (Message from the coaches after the first four losses) Just to play with that freedom - Vincey at the top of the order has batted extremely well as has Ben McDermott. Once you get onto a roll it's great for the side. Hopefully we can go one better and win it.
James Vince (Hampshire Hawks captain): It's been 10 years since we won the last one. After the 10 overs, we were sitting for 200 for they bowled well at the backend of the innings. The pitch played a part in that perhaps. The toss isn't be-all or end-all. We have chased well this year and back ourselves to do it again if needed. With 200 chased down in the first game, a few people might have asked questions but we backed ourselves. It'll be a pretty good final, hopefully. 
Tom Abell (Somerset captain): They got 10-15 runs more than we'd like. We have chased well throughout the competition and have a lot of depth in our batting but it didn't come off today. We just wanted to get a partnership going. Rilee pays his way and we didn't want to restrict his freedom. It didn't come off today though. Very proud. We played well in the group stages and were confident coming into the finals but that doesn't count for a lot right now.
Hampshire 190/6 (20) beat Somerset 153 all out (19.3) by 37 runs.
Tom Prest 64 (46) | Lewis Goldsworthy 2/24 (2)
Tom Lammonby 34 (27) | Nathan Ellis 3/30 (3.3)

11 wins in their last 12 games for Hampshire! 
Worthy finalists and they've managed to get the monkey off their back, having lost their five previous semifinals. But they now stand one win away from lifting the cup again. It's set up for a tantalizing final alright!

The win was set up by young Tom Prest, who orchestrated a solid knock of 64 to power the Hawks to a total of 190. It seemed as though they fell short of what they could have ended up with at one stage but with the pitch showing signs of slowing up, it was always going to be tough to overhaul from Somerset's point of view.

And they hit a stumbling block right from the outset. Will Smeed was snuffed out early and Tom Banton was caught short of his ground courtesy an excellent throw from Mason Crane. With Rilee Rossouw out there though, one could write Somerset out only at their own peril.

It wasn't smooth going initially for Rossouw although he showed signs of hitting peak form. Once he holed out though, it all went pear-shaped for Somerset as the asking rate mounted alarmingly. Skipper Tom Abell and Tom Lammonby were tied up by the spin of Liam Dawson and the smarts of James Fuller. The former teed off and put the innings back on track though, putting the game into the balance again.

Once he perished, there was no coming back for Somerset. A handy cameo from Lewis Gregory ensued but Lammonby continued to struggle as the required rate got out of bounds. Hampshire's bowlers were immaculate with their radar and stuck to their field to round off a professional outing. They held onto their catches as well while their ground-fielding was spot on and fittingly, it was a double-whammy in the final over that brought the curtains down on Somerset. Hampshire are in the summit clash and Lancashire Lightning await!
And that is that! Somerset have roared all season but have stumbled on Finals Day. It is Lancashire v Hampshire in the final of the T20 Blast 2022!
19.3 Nathan Ellis to Peter Siddle, BOWLED 'EMMM! HAMPSHIRE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS! Another beautifully disguised slower ball on the top of off-stump, outfoxing his fellow Australian exactly as he did to Brooks. That's that. Hampshire win by 37 runs. It'll be Lancashire vs Hampshire in the finals!
Peter Siddle b Nathan Ellis 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
Peter Siddle, RHB, is the last man out in the middle. He will take strike.
Off the back of the hand and it holds in the surface. That's one of Ellis' most deceptive weapons and he has a chance at rolling Somerset over with just a wicket to go.
19.2 Nathan Ellis to Jack Brooks, CLEANED HIM UP! Exquisite slower ball on the good length at middle stump. Brooks backed away and was a week early into his shot, losing the top of his middle stump in the process as he only connected with fresh air.
Jack Brooks b Nathan Ellis 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)
19.1 Nathan Ellis to Jack Brooks, nails the yorker sliding into the leg-stump line, Brooks swings and misses. Somehow, that evaded the leg-stump. 
Ellis to close it out.

Just the final rites remain at Edgbaston. Lancashire Lightning await their finalist and it has to be the Hampshire Hawks now, barring something absolutely outrageous in the final over. 38 required off the last over!
152 /8 score
cricket bat icon Roelof van der Merwe
10 (7)
cricket bat icon Jack Brooks *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Chris Wood
1 /31
18.6 Chris Wood to Jack Brooks, into the block hole at middle stump, Brooks clips it to deep mid-wicket for a single 
Jack Brooks, RHB, comes to the crease. He will take strike.
Right on the base of middle and off and you can hear the sound of pure timber! Wood has a wicket against his name and deservingly so.
18.5 Chris Wood to Lewis Goldsworthy, BOWLED HIM! Full and straight. You miss, I hit. Goldsworthy shuffled across, leaving his stumps exposed and Wood hits the middle stump to send another one packing. Hawks believe!
Lewis Goldsworthy b Chris Wood 2 (3b 0x4 0x6)
18.4 Chris Wood to Lewis Goldsworthy, full and wide outside the off-stump again, Goldsworthy squeezes it out to deep backward point to trot back for the brace
18.3 Chris Wood to Lewis Goldsworthy, continues to execute that wide yorker to perfection, Goldsworthy looks for the slog sweep but only connects with fresh air