Hobart Hurricanes 150/10 (19.4 ov)
Brisbane Heat 149/8 (20 ov)
Hurricanes won by 1 run
Player of the match: Mujeeb Ur Rahman
That's it from this absolutely thrilling encounter in the BBL 2020-21. We hope you enjoyed our coverage, just as much as we did bringing it to you. Stay tuned for all the action from the games to come, and cricketing action from round the globe! This is me (Rishab) and my partner, Navjeevan, taking your leave. Have a great day! 
What a game we've just had! Some high voltage drama and this game had twists and turns right until the end. The way the Hurricanes started the second innings, none would have expected it to go down the wire! But that's T20 cricket, never over till it really is. 

The Hurricanes started brilliantly with Boland and Meredith at the top! The duo ripped apart that too order. Specially Meredith, who was bowling with some serious pace right through the game. The Heat kept losing wickets but they were still in it because they weren't chasing a big total. Gregory and Bryant did well in the middle to bring the Heat back in the hunt. But both of them were dismissed at untimely occasions for the Heat. Even so, James Bazley played a magnificent knock. Stayed there till the very end, played some beautiful shots under pressure and he was supported well by Steketee as well. One big hit in the end would have seen them through! They'll be devastated to not have finished this game. But it was Scott Boland who held his nerve and bowled a fantastic final over! The margins are so close and that's how this game is! 

In the end it was a great effort from the Hurricanes bowlers to defend 151. Although by just a run, but a win is a win, and they got the Bash Boost Point as well. Did the Heat not finish it? Or did the Hurricanes get lucky and get away? That was some edge of the seat action! 

This game had so many brilliant performances from both sides. Dawid Malan and Tim David with the bat for the Hurricanes. Mujeeb was just sensational with the ball! A five-fer. Terrific stuff earning him the Player of the Match as well. Whichever side you were on, you gotta feel for the guy! Max Bryant and James Bazley then with the bat for Heat! Meredith, Boland, Short with the ball for the Hurricanes! It was an absolute cracker of an encounter! 

So the Hurricanes will get their revenge in the reverse fixture! It's a fourth loss for the Heat in five games now and Hurricanes getting back to winning ways! They move to the third spot on the points table now and Brisbane find themselves sixth in the bottom half! They desperately needed this win, almost there, but yet so far! 
Scott Boland has done brilliantly well to come out and defend 7 runs in the final over! It's a run-out and the Hurricanes have won this game by a solitary run! Boy what a finish we've had. What drama and it's been an absolutely brilliant contest this! Just a hit would have undone all the hardwork from Boland but he's used all his experience into this over! Superb effort and the Heat will be disappointed that they couldn't finish it off! It's been a nail-biting encounter and Hurricane have avenged their defeat! But what a margin! We've witnessed something very dramatic and special, a low scoring thriller tonight! 
149 /8 score
cricket ball icon Scott Boland
19.6 Scott Boland to Mark Steketee, OHH THE DRAMAAAA!! Bowled full toss, the batsman slices it towards the point, Steketee goes for the run to tie the game but a sharp throw from the point fielder taking the shy at the non-stickers end hits!! The umpire goes upstairs straightaway!

Steketee puts in the dive, the replay showed that the bat was in the air as the zing bails lit up and Hurricanes have managed to come out on top of this nail-biting encounter!
19.5 Scott Boland to Mark Steketee, bowled back of a length and a slower ball, the batsman hits that towards cow-corner and they come back for a second!! 2 runs needed from the final ball!!
19.4 Scott Boland to Mark Steketee, bowled slower ball, the batsman waits for it and just gets bat on it, no run!! 4 off 2!!
19.3 Scott Boland to James Bazley, tries to go for the yorker gets the full toss, the batsman manages to get just a single!! 4 from 3 now!! Super-over anyone!?
19.2 Scott Boland to Mark Steketee, bowled full on the stumps, the batsman rocks back and makes contact and gets the single! 5 runs from 4 needed now!!
19.1 Scott Boland to James Bazley, bowled full and on the stumps, the batsman works that towards fine leg and takes a single! Down to 6 off 5 now!!
Brilliant two balls to start off but then Bazley getting a mammoth hit into the stands! Boy that's a biggie and he's playing a blinder of an innings under pressure. Down and out and he's stood up and taking the Heat home. That should be the shot that will give them the belief that they can finish this game. Ellis has looked to keep it wide outside off but he's missed by a margin. But he's got it right eventually and finishes well! It's 7 off the last over!  Heat will back themselves! But you never know!

Scott Boland to bowl the final over
144 /7 score
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
18.6 Nathan Ellis to Mark Steketee, In the blockhole, the batsman fails to get some bat on it and its a dot to end the over
18.5 Nathan Ellis to Mark Steketee, wide yorker executed to perfection! A dot ball this time! 7 from 7!
18.5 Nathan Ellis to Mark Steketee, WIDE!! Bowled wide yorker, the batsman did not look to reach for it and it was just on the guideline! Down to 7 off 8!
18.4 Nathan Ellis to James Bazley, bowled full and on the money, the batsman works that towards on-side and takes a single
18.3 Nathan Ellis to James Bazley, A MAXIMUM!!! Bowler looking to repeat the wide yorker gives it a full toss as batsman shuffles across!! He gets the meat of the bat and belts that over cow-corner! Down to 9 off 9 now!
18.2 Nathan Ellis to James Bazley, bowled full and wide once again, the batsman moves closer to reach the ball and misses it! Down to 15 off 10 now!!
18.1 Nathan Ellis to James Bazley, bowled full and wide, the batsman looks to get some bat on it and misses! Down to 15 runs off 11!
Meredith has been magnificent tonight! Consistently bowled 145+ speed and his lengths have been good as well. Good change of pace made too. He's not given anything away and it looks like the batsmen are taking it to the end. Steketee getting a crucial boundary there! Brilliant shot down the ground. Missed the yorker and pays for it. And it's another boundary to end the over! Steketee has turned it on! This game is going down the wire! Just the over that Heat needed. It's 15 off 12 now. Pressure on the Hurricanes! 

Ellis will bowl the 19th 
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