120/9 (20)
118/8 (20)
HUR won by 2 runs.
Player of the match: Nathan Ellis
That will be all from me, Divyansh and my partner, Pragadeesh. Stay tuned as we have another BBL game today, the last of the group stage. If Thunders wun that game they will qualify, if they lose the Hurricanes will qualify. 
Match Summary-

Hobart Hurricanes win it by 2 runs.

Macalister Wright 56 (56) | Faheem Ashraf 2/19 (4.0)
Jimmy Peirson 39 (37) | Michael Neser 4/35 (4.0)

An Absolute Thriller. The Hurricanes have done it, they have defended 120 and now they can qualify if the Thunders lose. 

David has defended 10 in the last over. Brilliant captaincy from Wade though, he did not hold back his best bowlers and bowled them up front. And they got the wickets at the perfect moment. Ashraf got Hain in the 17th and Ellis got Peirson in the 18th. these two wickets changed the game.

They deserved to win this as they were on top of the game early on, they got the top order in the first 6 overs. The Heat were 4 down with two new batters in the middle, Hain and Peirson. After that these two brought them back in the game with a well paced partnership of 73 runs. 

The moment where they lost the game was they did not take the power surge at all and then they lost Hain and Peirson in the span of 6 deliveries. With the last two overs as the power surge and 10 required off 11 balls, Paris got a wicket and then Kuhnemann could not take a single with the field inside the circle. That resulted in 4 dot balls. After that David bowled some good yorkers, barring a full toss which brought more excitement as Bazley hit that for a six. But 2 more yorkers after that and they sealed the win.
Greatest game of this season so far. Hurricanes win it and they are in contention for qualifying.
118 /8 score
cricket bat icon James Bazley *
10 (9)
cricket bat icon Spencer Johnson
0 (0)
cricket ball icon Tim David
1 /13
19.6 Tim David to James Bazley, TIM DAVID YOU BEAUTY! The Hurricanes snatch a win from the jaws of defeat and stay alive in the tournament. Yorker length delivery on middle stump, Bazley digs it to long-on and takes just a single
19.5 Tim David to James Bazley, full dipping in outside off-stump, Bazley swings but can't connect. 4 needed off the final ball
A full toss from David and Bazley dispatches it. 4 required off 2 balls.
19.4 Tim David to James Bazley, SIX! Misses the yorker and it ended up as a juicy full toss, Bazley deposits it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum
Spencer Johnson, RHB, comes to the crease.
David stopped it with a dive and then ran out Kuhnemann. 10 required off 3 balls, boundaries needed. 
19.3 Tim David to James Bazley, RUN OUT! Low full toss on off-stump, Bazley digs it to the left of David. Kuhnemann wants a single but Bazley sends him back. David dives, collects with one hand and completes the direct hit at the non-strikers' end. Kuhnemann was a long way short of his crease

Matthew Kuhnemann run out (Tim David) 0 (4b, 0x4, 0x6)
19.2 Tim David to James Bazley, another yorker length delivery and it's been hit straight back
Bazley turns down the single. 10 required off 5. 
19.1 Tim David to James Bazley, yorker length delivery on middle stump, Bazley digs it down to mid-on and genies a single
Tim David (1.0-0-6-0) is back into the attack.
The don't take the run on the last ball. Just 2 runs off the over and a huge wicket. 10 required off the last over and it's Bazley on the strike. But who will bowl it, Parker or David?
111 /7 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Kuhnemann *
0 (4)
cricket bat icon James Bazley
3 (3)
cricket ball icon Joel Paris
1 /29
18.6 Joel Paris to Matthew Kuhnemann, FOUR DOTS IN A ROW! Low full toss angling in, Kuhnemann gets under the ball and digs it wide of mid-wicket. Bazley denies the single
18.5 Joel Paris to Matthew Kuhnemann, another dot. Back of a length following the batter, who was giving room. Kuhnemann just pulls it down to short mid-wicket
Another dot ball. 10 required off 8 balls.