180/6 (20)
156/9 (20)
HB won by 24 runs.
Well, that's that from this contest. Hobart Hurricanes needed to do set two things right, bat well and bowl well and they did just that straight out of the books. Plenty to ponder for the Melbourne Stars as they pick up another defeat this season and before things get out of their hand they need to start winning a few games from here on. Thanks for tuning into Sportskeeda, on-behalf of my dear friend and my fellow textpert Sooryanarayanan Sesha, this is Pradeep signing off, take care and see you in the next game!
Hobart Hurricanes won the game by 24 runs!

It was a stunning display of bowling and batting from the Hobart Hurricanes, they were clinical in all departments. They chose to bat and posted a huge total on the board and Melbourne Stars to chase 181 they needed to get off to a brisk start, getting awarded the five penalty runs, they started off the chase with 5-0. 

Stars in the powerplay didn't make it count as Stoinis and Clarke bought their time to get their eyes and they didn't set the tone right from the word go. Stoinis later on departs trying to go after the bowling as the pressure was building. Maxwell should've been taken straight after that by Lamicchane who ends up spilling a sitter but he doesn't make that count and then goes for another big shot against Meredith who pegs back Stars by removing their skipper.

But Joe Clarke who was in the middle for quite a sometime started to find the middle of the bat and punished the Hurricanes bowlers and scored a blistering half-century who along with Burns put up a fifty run partnership as well. Things were in total control until then but Clarke tries to do something out of ordinary as he skips down the track to hoick and gets stumped and then Burns follows him later. 

Dre Russ and Cartwright in the middle, they need 60 odd in the last 6 overs but on any given day, you'll put our money on the side where Dre Russ is in the middle to score that money but that didn't happen today. Even after getting a reprieve Russell fails to keep going as he holes out later on and then it was all down to Cartwright to take them but they needed one too many in the final over with 28 runs need but he goes as well in that over and then the procession begins. 

Melbourne Stars needed to do well with the ball which they didn't and then later on they needed to get off the blocks immediately in the powerplay that didn't work out either and they didn't finish well too, three things that dented their chances this game and another loss sees them just above the Renegades on the points table and they need to pull off a win here from somewhere to keep their hopes alive here.
What a thumping win this for the Hobart Hurricanes, they completely derailed this chase for the Stars, with Russell and Cartwright in the middle around the 16th over, they were looking to chase this down but a collapse of all sorts mean Hobart Hurricanes win the game by 24 runs!
156 /9 score
cricket bat icon Clint Hinchliffe
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Qais Ahmad
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Brody Couch *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Thomas Rogers
3 /29
19.6 Thomas Rogers to Clint Hinchcliffe, SWING AND A MISS! It's a Merry Chirstmas for the Hurricanes as they take all 4 points up for grabs! Slower delivery on a length in the corridor, Hinchcliffe swings with a gay abandon but is beaten by the lack of pace on it. What a performance from the home side - Hobart Hurricanes beat Melbourne Stars by 24 runs!
19.5 Thomas Rogers to Qais Ahmad, very full outside off, Qais reaches out and drills it down the ground for a single towards long off.
Brody Couch, RHB last man in the middle!
Collision in the end between Wade and Rogers but Rogers manages to hold on to it as Hinchcliffe makes his way, it's been a procession for sure.
19.4 Thomas Rogers to Clint Hinchcliffe, OUT! DEAR OH DEAR! ROGERS HOLDS ON DESPITE A COLLISION! Swung off a length on the off-stump as Hinchcliffe backs away but he gets no timing on it. He balloons it into the air before Wade and Rogers both run towards it square on the leg-side. Neither bails out and both go for it as they collide but it is the bowler who manages to cling on! A disaster averted there!

Clint Hinchliffe c & b Rogers 1 (2b 0x4 0x6)
19.3 Thomas Rogers to Qais Ahmad, length delivery well outside off, Qais has to reach for it and drag it across the line towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
19.2 Thomas Rogers to Clint Hinchcliffe, DROPS A DOLLY! They've caught some stunners but Thompson has dropped a soda here! In the slot again on off, pace off and Hinchcliffe backs away for a swing over long on. Thompson runs in from the deep and sits low before making a meal of it in the end.
Qais Ahmad, RHB is the new man in, he'll be at the non-striker's end!
Now Cartwright goes and with that the hopes of getting those 28 runs as well and just formalities remains for the Hurricanes to pick up a much needed win!
19.1 Thomas Rogers to Hilton Cartwright, OUT! THERE YOU GO! Another excellent catch and the Hurricanes have looked near-flawless on the park today! In the slot in the corridor, perhaps a hint of pace off as Cartwright shanks it a country mile into the sky. No distance on it though as it drops on Brook running in from the deep and he pouches this skier to great effect.

Hilton Cartwright c Brook b Rogers 26 (18b 2x4 1x6)
Here's Rogers [3-0-26-1] to defend it!
Melbourne Stars need 28 off the final over!
Cartwright smoked Meredith for a maximum of the very first ball of the over and Stars kept their hopes alive but Meredith comes back to pick two back to back wickets after that, completely denting the chances of chasing this total!
153 /7 score
cricket bat icon Hilton Cartwright *
26 (17)
cricket bat icon Nathan Coulter-Nile
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Riley Meredith
3 /37
18.6 Riley Meredith to Hilton Cartwright, slower bouncer outside off this time, Cartwright stands tall and rolls his wrists to control his pull towards backward square leg. He keeps the strike and understandably so - it's all on him now to pull off a miracle!
18.5 Riley Meredith to Hilton Cartwright, FOUR! SMOTHERED! Very full outside off as he aims for the yorker, doesn't quite get the length right as Cartwright reaches out to cart it disdainfully through extra cover to rocket it to the boundary.