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Mighty Efate Panthers 72/4 (10 ov)
Ifira Sharks 59/8 (10 ov)
Mighty Efate Panthers won by 13 runs.
With that we're done with proceedings from the Vanuatu T10 Blast. Do join us next week for the final two games of the tournament. Or if you're unable to wait that long for your dose of cricket, join us later today as we take you through all the action in Finnish Premier League starting at 1 PM today. Or you could just head over to our coverage of the Darwin T20 League where Prasen Moudgal and Abhinav Singh will take you through all the action.

We hope you've enjoyed the action today though. Signing off for now, this is Habil Ahmed, with my colleague, Kartik Iyer. That's all(for now), folks!
Mighty Efate Panthers win by 13 runs
A relatively easy win after what was a comparatively small target set by the Panthers. A great bowling performance to complement what was a vital 35 runs from Viraliliu in the end. Gives them the victory in the end. The Sharks fall short by 13 runs, with them never really looking like they were in the game after losing captain Nalin Nipiko very early in the innings.

That propels them into the finals and avoids what could have been a nervous week for them. What that does, however, is it makes the clash between the MT Bulls and Ifira Sharks next Saturday a virtual semi-final and the winner will take on the Panthers later in the day. 
9.6 W. Viraliliu to O.Yoseph, dot ball. Doesn't even bother attempting the shot in the end.
9.5 W. Viraliliu to V. Vira, run out by the keeper. It's all over for the Sharks.
9.3 W. Viraliliu to V. Vira, dot ball
IS - 57/6 after 9 overs. 16 required off the final over, seems too much to ask.
8.5 T Tamata to J Vira, slogs it over backward square for four runs. That keeps them in the game.
8.4 T Tamata to J Vira, swing and a miss!
8.3 T Tamata to A Stephen, hit in the air and taken by Rasu in the end. Good catch running backwards.
8.2 T Tamata to J Vira, pushes to mid off for one.
8.1 T Tamata to A Stephen, hits it on the leg side. Good piece of fielding keeps it to one. This is going right down to the wire.
IS - 49/5 after 8 overs. 24 required off the last 2 overs.
7.6 S Sala to A Stephen, He's run three of that last ball. 
7.5 S Sala to J Vira, he hits it up in the air. And the fielder parries it back to the field before it could cross the boundary. But was his foot on the line? Nope. One run! Outstanding effort on the boundary saves a six.
7.4 S Sala to A Stephen, pulls a short ball to long on. Just one.
7.3 S Sala to A Stephen, dot ball! The match seems to be going away.
7.2 S Sala to J Vira, slower ball and he hits it to midwicket. Fantastic effort goes in vain. 
7.1 S Sala to W Yamak, slower ball and Yamak skies it. Rasu picks up a simple catch. As easy as taking candy from a baby! That's 5 down, Is it all over now?
IS - 43/4 after 7 overs. Need 30 runs from 18 deliveries, we are in for an exciting finish.
6.6 J Rasu to J Vira, cuts it away, Misfield gets them two runs.
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